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Boss Wretch May 5
And when you're questioning your worth in the way that we all do
And your version of amnesia starts to seep on through
And you know that you are great but you can't remember why
I will be there by your side
It doesn't mean you're weak
Or that you got low self-esteem
We all got hearts that forget why they beat
We are brilliant, we are unique
But we forget so effortlessly
Boss Wretch May 1
You think losing you boyfriend or girlfriend is bad???
Try losing your best friend...
I miss you too buddy...
Anmol Mago Apr 23
I wish you to know
the things that hurt you
haunt me too
the sorrows that you conceal
behind your unassuming smiles
I wish you just knew somehow,
I have dealt with those demons too

And so I assure you my mate,
you are not all alone in this pain

you never were ...
To the countless friends I found at He Po,
Thanks for being with me, when I needed you all.
Nova Mar 15
We were just kids
Who grew up too fast.
We grew too apart
For our friendship to last.

We laugh and we talk
Like nothing has changed,
But I hear your tone
When you speak my name.

It was all a lie;
The good and the fun
But at least for awhile
It was a good one.

I don’t understand
How one can move on
From a friendship that ended
Before it begun.
This is based on real life. My best friend and I are kind of growing distant, and it’s sad. She has many other best friends, but I don’t. Without her, I’m lonely. This has happened to me too many times now. It’s worse now though, because there’s nothing physically keeping us apart. We’re just slowly watching each other become strangers.
thispanman Feb 28

This goes out to my BFFL (Best Friend For Life)
If this day never came then I don't think I would have Met You.
But I'm glad that this day came and I got the chance to Meet You my dear friend .
I really love this day.
It's a fair life and I blame no one and nothing.
I've had my share of love and he loved me in every way a woman could've been loved.
He touched my soul long before he could touch my body, he claimed me long before he could physically claim me.
It was unexpected...falling in love with him but it was worth every second I spent with him. He had set of dark brown eyes that used to melt me away with one look.
And when those lips used to touch mine, it was a complete firework show for me, it was like two moulds fitting as one.
His embrace...when he used to embrace me it was like heaven on earth. The safest place I could ever be.
The love I had for him was and probably still is unexplainable, I loved a person so much.
He'll be that part of my life that was the best but I had to keep him a secret forever, for we were not meant to be and it's okay.
He will now always remain as a memory at the back of my mind that I'll recall time to time till I rest in peace or probably not who knows? Human mind is quite a strange fellow.
Or probably he'll be the story I'll tell my daughter when she would've her heartbreak, he'll be the one I would use as a comfort story for her. I'll tell her how I loved him, how much I loved him that thinking bout him still takes my breath away.
How loving him nearly destroyed me and how I overcome that to the point where I met her father and yes I love  her father, the depth and way may differ but I do love him and her ofcourse and her other siblings.
I'll tell her how greatful I am to have them in my life to love again not the same love but better.
I'll tell her how life goes on nevertheless what happens and whether you life your position in it or not. You will end up loving what you have and learn that how people will remain in your hearts forever but not in life how you will keep on loving them, you will continue living.
It hurts to breathe.
All I want is for all the pain to go away
But it's reluctant
and sticks with you as if there's a
glitch in the system,
and it's stuck hovering above you.

Or maybe it isn't a glitch maybe
it's just life's reminder
of the fact that you'll
never be happy

you'll never be okay
you'll be forever in pain

well that is until
there's no more
well that is except for peace.

I went to many people
who promised they could fix me
but it is because of them I am broken
They make me relize my fault
my failures

I pleaded with them to make the pain to go away
they tried, oh how they tried

But my der best friend,
you are the reason I made it this long
Thank you,

But I can't deal with the pain anymore
If you want something done right
you must do it yourself.

So I will
This is the note my best friend gave me, before he committed suicide 12/12/19 at 2:26pm. His Parents knew he was suicidal, nothing sharp was in his room. So he grabbed a pen and stabbed himself in the neck, and laid on his bed. Bleeding, until there was nothing except peace.
Reign Summers Nov 2019
The weirdest thought came into my mind just today
If I had five minutes left with you, what the hell would I say?

The thing is, we'd have so much to talk about
That we wouldn't even know what to shout

Our inside jokes I can't count to say
Laughing at the weirdest things, remember "Wednesday"

From my bratty siblings to that guy in the corner seat
I'd burst from unsaid comments if for one day we didn't meet

Thirty seconds to the bell, and we're still not done catching up
Not a day goes by when I haven't told you all that's up

You annoy me to death, but I far from hate it
If I have something to share, you're the first to hear it

The way I almost die when you start  a story but stop in the middle
I've got everything figured out in my poems, but you're still a riddle

Honestly I don't know where to begin, although it's all in me
There's so much to write, but you probably know it already

Just like if we had five minutes left to talk
We really would not know where to start

We'd just spend them staring around
But we'd communicate so much without even a sound
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