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Emily Aug 16
Best friends stick together.
Best friends know what's what.
They know everything
About the other's heart.
But sometimes disagreements
Make them fall apart.
They still remember everything.
They always keep it there,
I'm their heart they hide it,
They still deeply care.
Best friends aren't forever.
Best friends aren't for keeps.
Best friends aren't eternal.
But best friends are a dream.
Best friends can be selfish.
I'm sure that we all fear,
Losing our very own.
Even if we do, it's not the end of us.
We will always find the ones we truly care.

Emily Aug 16
My best friend is anorexic.
So I feel it is my job,
To make sure she eats once or twice a day.
Sometimes she gets upset with me.
So I listen to her words.
"She is skinnier than me"
"I'm pretty fat"
I roll my eyes and disagree.
She tells me she is right.
But the fear I have is there.
She won't listen to my words.
Almost eighteen and ninety pounds.
I'm scared that she will die.
I wrap my fingers around her arm,
And tell her I am scared.
She says she's fine and rolls her eyes.
It's not that she doesn't care.
I know deep down she fears.
She'll die from her self torture.
But I see where she comes from.
I understand the choices.
I'm little hypocritical.
I don't eat, and force her to.
I know that she sees that.
They say nothing, I am fine.
It's not like I am her.

This is actually about my best friend.
دema Jul 31
three little kids
spend every friday
after school together,
make fashion runways
out of eachother’s
building halls,
went from going
on field trips together
to each discovering life
in separate ways,
one grew more popular,
one grew more reliant
and one more in peace
with her surroundings,
how can it be that
they learn to accept
that bodies grow and
distances increase
but not that hearts change?
reflecting on my 2 childhood best friends
Arisa Apr 4
"i can't do anything right"
she says to me

"You can do plenty."
I say to her.

"not really"
she says to me

"Well, you can be here with me."
I say to her.

"anyone can do that"
she says to me

"No. Only you."
I say to her.
A conversation.
Souf Mar 22
"What you did to me is unheard of. Unspeakable. You are repulsive. Goodbye."
I can't deal with you no more.
You were my best friend.
Called me a b** and h and so, so much more.
At this point,
if you don't know those two words,
then you haven't been in this sort of situation.
He was my best friend.
My best friend.
It's still burned in the back of my mind.

isn't it,
when the person you trust the most
doesn't just bail,
but hurts you.
The person you loved the most
makes you stay up crying in bed.
The person you loved the most
makes you feel afraid of going to school
or unlocking your phone.

At this point,
I have given up.
My real friends are my old friends,
the ones everyone thought I would dump forever.
But, they always lurked in the background
of my life.
They may have been shoved to the side,
but never did they fade.

These are the friends that were by your side
through the hardest times.
Before you meet the one friend you
get crazy close with in one night and
trust grows on trees,
think about your old friends.
The ones you might be mad at for a stupid,
stupid reason.
Give them a chance.

Don't let the others fade,
just because you found a new "them."

You've replaced them.
But, the replacement will fail to serve.
My bff bullied me and im just glad to have real friends to be surrounded with <3
gabi Feb 15
we sit in the thoroughly burning sun
on the scratchy *** grass
legs tangled like headphones
heads pressed together
pressed together
guys i love my bestie
TD Feb 14
roses r red
pinky promises r us
ur such a great friend
do it again Russ❤︎
-love lily
You’re loud
And demanding
Sit on my lap then walk away
Knock over the mail and
Laugh at me
You love to make a mess
And sit on my desk
But you refuse
To make yourself at home in my bed
You are strange
Chew on a strand of grass
And stare at the sky
Run my fingers through your hair
Black and soft like velvet
I’ve known you for years
And loved you every one
Brush the back of my hand
Make me smile
You are the best friend
I could ever know
But you will never speak to me
Because you are a cat
My cat is being a **** so I wrote a ****** poem about her.
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