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DElizabeth Apr 13
I'll never forget when
we were so young,
you lived next door
& we did everything together.

I'll never forget
that time I came over for your
birthday party
& we accidentally locked ourselves in the bathroom,
crying & screaming on the floor
because the handle broke off
and we thought we would never be found.

I'll never forget
when we were sent outside
of the classroom because we talked
to each other too much.
We sat on the side walk
in silence.

Staring at a crushed, sticky candy apple
glowing bright artificial red in the beaming sun on the pavement
leftover from last night's
school carnival.

I'll never forget
how we could play outside
A L L   day long
until the sun went to sleep
and we smelled of freshly cut grass
with wild flowers behind our ears.

The way we would
swing so high until the tips of our toes
would touch the leaves at the top of
the trees above.

And we'd laugh nervously
when we swung back down
as our stomachs would release
a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

I still remember...

And I still smile...
I wish you the best in life (:
Moonwriter Apr 2
Somedays I wonder to my self if things move
on some where else
People come and people go
but the true people stay through the cold hard snow
So if you got Friends I hope they can stay with you all to
the very end
From the first time
We fought like hell
I know you'll end up
Being my best friend
From times when I used to see you
walk past me in corridors,
to all the adventures with you aboard.
From the fun, we had in the hallways,
to the shenanigans in the dorms.
2nd bench shallow dreaming,
To the ice cream breaks under the Sun with you.
From the ****** wardens to cigarette butts,
we went through all, me and you.

I still want to jam to those old classics with you,
Hoping to see you again in your blue night suit,
remembering our handprints on your wall.
All those fights, all those tears accord,
the period of my life I will always adore.
Blessed to have found the greatest friend in you,
Don’t forget our celebrations are due.
And yes, I LOVE YOU TOO.
To the ones who are still here, and I mean you the one sleeping on my couch.
Gangothrii Jan 26
We sought to see the world so wide,
To blaze a trail that was oh, so bright..
Our dreams bore wings so feather light,
And we let them soar up the clear blue skies..

Thought paths we chose were so apart,
We clutched and held all that was dear.
Time that stole through the memories held,
Faded  but seived all that we felt.

You held my hand at time so hard,
Bent double over the laughter riots we shared..
It ripped us when the other was sad,
And chimed in together when absolutely mad!!

A friend , A foe, my sister or soul,
I know not what you mean anymore.
Vow I do for what it's worth,
not a day goes by, that I miss you the most.
For a friend who means more than life.
July Gray Nov 2020
hey i heard you are doing better
im glad
for you

im not doing better
it's worse

im tired of drawing lines on my arm
running out of time all along

they told me it'd be ok
well what if everyone was wrong


do you still need me

you sent me a post
"send this to the person that saved your life, even if they didn't know it"

im glad you're better
im glad i could help

but dear god i'm still falling apart
she has anxiety. i have anxiety (plus gender and sexuality issues~)
she's getting a therapist. i still can't talk to another person about my mental health without breaking down.

i am getting better though. it's a process, but it's coming along.

July Gray Nov 2020
Tell me, what's it like to be in love
I'm worried I've fallen in love
If a girl is the one I love
How much longer will I be loved?

You're planning for the future
We'll still be BFF's in your future
I've never trusted the future
And I don't trust you

Two words and what
Get disowned and kicked out
Maybe just hated and ignored
My future is uncertain

Trust isn't something that comes easily
I trust strangers over my friends
Friends that could be enemies
Why do they still assume I'm straight

A hundred sexualities and yet
Only one is always expected
Not even a majority anymore
Assumptions are dangerous

I only know one other queer. A gay
"It's inappropriate to say those things"
I'm in love. Who cares
What is appropriate

I'm tired of tiptoeing around
Hoping someone can hear the sound
Of my uncertain feet
Walking around pits of anger

Potential disaster
You tell me "go faster"
I'm tired.
But not physically
the title really says it all.
Mari Oct 2020
We believe they
are true friends
until that day comes,
when you really need them.
and they won't be there, of course.
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