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Sam Cecilio Aug 31
I had fallen on a deep slumber,
I saw myself running on a wilderness.
I was surrounded by a lion and a tiger
By these fears I got so restless.

I panicked and ran away
But the wild animals were immobile.
I tripped on a stack of hay
I don't know of what to feel.

The lion steadily ran towards me
But my heart wasn't agitated.
I have never felt this wary
Although I know I wasn't dead.

There were no shivers on my spine
As these animals came near me.
All my dreams have to intertwine
As I bring back my soul to reality.

I ponder of not feeling anything
As I dreamt of the wilderness.
What message does it bring?
I presume it's never foolishness.
The poem may sound weird but this is based on a true story. This is based on the persona's dream and she's still puzzled with her dream because she doesn't have any idea on what message it wants to convey.
neha yamba May 24
when the world was cruel
and you impair

you were alone
and had no give back

when you were bulldozed
for aims you never had

your personality was rescind
and disguised to regular

when you had no choice to
leave and move ahead
you bore the odium of nugatory pack

when you were so good
and gave all your best

you were loathed
and clepe as bad

times when heartbroken you cried to sleep
your head under pillow
words unavowed bide

You turned cold with FIRE inside
it would have been better
On the way, during travelling
There’s a lot of obstacles
Lots of breakers, lots of crackers
Lots of turns and lots of miracles
Lots of ups and downs
Lots of animals and peoples though
And even conditions of roads
Are not up to the mark.

But there one thing in our mind
We have to reach anyhow at the end
There’s no matter if fact that
What time it needs.

So, why we stop
After some failures?
On the way of life.
There also obstacles
Miracles, sane and insane peoples
Crust and trough too.

Why we aren’t so crazy
As much as during travelling
Why we aren’t keep in mind that
Anyhow we have to reach our beach

Never stop, never!
During the way of your aim.
Be so insanely crazy about your game
Think why you are doing so.

Keep in mind that  
Plant takes a long time
To become a prolific tree.
They also suffer a lot as we do.
Sufferings are different but pain is same though.
Its all about how people change their aim after some failures and disappointed. And also about how everything in our life teaches us some lesson but depend upon us how we see everything, as a lesson or as a ordinary thing.
Johnny walker Mar 19
Just read a poem gentlemen wrote that opened eyes me to
trolls who on poetry sites are using the emoji that
of a thumbs
Trying to destroy peoples love of poetry writing how pathetic these so-called trolls are they have nothing better to do In
Other than try and destroy other peoples lives and enjoyment shame on
them they disgust me they run
though the Internet
like a plague Infecting
everything they come
In contact
Internet trolls who infect us  like a plague everything they come In contact with
Aim for
the Moon, because
even if you miss, you'll land
somewhere among
the stars!
Don't give up and go on!!!
SgScrib Feb 11
All that remains is the picture in the frame.
Its the time to work on your deeds,
Focus on your aim,
One step towards respect and fame.

Stop putting others on the edge of blame.
Forgive others, forgive yourself.
Today and tomorrow is not the same.

Today what is yours, will be someone else's tomorrow,
Life is just a game!
Don't let the child inside you to cram.
Recite prayers instead of needs,
And all your sorrows will fade.

As in the end, remember
All that remains is the picture in the frame.
Ayush Bajpai Jan 27
When all the hopes prove to be meaningless then something happens such that it left everything and keeps aside the whole world for that particular happening.
Fragile, futile, fermenting morals keep coming in the way and make us asinine in front of ourselves.
They ask, whether, "You could do it?" in such a way where saying an 'ayes' shall **** us in that guilt.
Things look recalcitrant four or five years from the past that, under no circumstances, it is something not to be happening but the supremacy always proves us wrong and changes the things in a moment so what are years?
Love is not something that enhances or gets less but it's the trust and care which aggrandizes and misunderstandings which disparages.
Even from the most hopeless paths, we see many dunes in the upcoming [back and forth] time and see no light; but there might be another 'someone' whom we are searching for and that is sitting and waiting and thinking behind that dune, 'it is not gonna end, and for me it has ended up.' Just a few steps can give 'light' to you and that 'light' something real unending.
Not just time but that faith and confidence that resides in one that urges to go with a hopeless heart and that changes everything and cause the whole surrounding to also believe, that due to these deeds, "It Comes."
The poem depicts the phase that an individual passes when she/he feels hopeless but decides to work hard and then time changes the situations for her/him and she/he achieves everything that is needed...
karo Dec 2018
if we aim high
oh we may
land among the stars
wouldn't it be
Comet, aim for the heart
For long it has believed in
The shooting of stars, it
Has been deceived, no star
Wishes it anything, only
The moon wants it to exist.
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