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LearnfromBOBD Dec 2022
All I see is war
Far above the party floor
I can see no one with gun
Only partying and having fun
All I see is fear
No one sees it here
And no one ask me where
And it’s all near
All i see is pain
No plans or aims
Everyone feels the same
About anxiety and uncertainty,
Affliction and agony.
All I see is hope
Of the unknown tomorrow.
To take away our sorrow
Bad feeling comes no more
In My Mind’s Eye
The images pass by

I can let them simply fly
If my will I don’t apply


With purpose that I claim
I can imagine with an aim

Create my new designs
And break from life’s confines

For mind’s pattern - freshly made
Is with matter overlaid

Use the eye within your mind
And prosperity you’ll find
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One of the single most powerful skills YOU can learn is how to create with your inner vision.  Use your Mind's Eye consciously and with focus!

We all use our Mind's Eye, but many do so "lazily" and guided by fear or anxiety in the images and feelings they imagine and "see".

It's true that we imagine differently and some "SEE" more clearly in images and color and sound than others, but we all have been blessed with a Mind's Eye because we are human.  This is a KEY to prosperity in your life.
John McCafferty Dec 2020
Creative minds shine through silent shadows
Freer thoughts run along the edges
Of boundary lines untied
Distracted less distressed
Confinement now a guest
In a safer space to play
Separate states arrange personal traits
To trust the chance of expectations
Enforce the plight of set objectives
Opportunities arise to compliment
Though every aim cannot be met
We suit our direction and intent
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
JL Dec 2020
To look is not to see,
To hold is not to be.

To have is not to possess
And to own is not to free!

But to hold and yet see
What it means to set free,
With no aim to own, must be
The true nature of love..
Focus on your end result
To feel more energetic
And engage your inner powers
From your system cybernetic

Yes, seek for goals and targets
You are built to be magnetic
As a self-correcting expert
When you act more cybernetic

Cybernetics helps you truly aim
But only if you have a goal
So don’t go with the current
But grab your life and take control

Do those actions that truly count
Stay calm and not frenetic
Keep your eyes upon your dream
Use your system cybernetic
This is Prosperity Poem 96 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
You can sign up for free weekly delivery of poems at Prosperity Poems (.com)

When still in high school I read Pscycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz.  That book changed my life for the better in a huge way!  If I remember correctly, it was recommended by my High School wrestling coach, Mr. Hale.

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon, and he came up with an amazing discovery.  We have an inner world or image, which is as "real" as the outer world.  In fact, when we create something in detail in our mind (a blueprint), this attracts physical matter to it and it "Manifests" in what we call our outer reality.

So I would play out certain wrestling moves in my mind, as instructed in the book, and I got better at those moves!  So I also used the process for test taking, dating, running, giving talks, and much more.  

The official definition of Cybernetics is below, but it leaves out the most important part.  It's the science of communications and control mechanisms IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE A SPECIFIED TARGET.  

the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.

So the thermostat in your house is a cybernetic system - when the temperature it low, it kicks on the heater to bring the temperature back to the target level.  A heat seeking missile is programmed for a specific target.  You need a target or goal.  A "nothing-seeking" missile achieves nothing.

There are thousands of machine examples, but more important for our success is using Cybernetics to achieve what we want.
Bullet Sep 2020
What you want
The wealth of worth
Your health, take care of your self
Love that can glow for ourselves
High measures for your dreams

May they act clean
Following through harmonies
Singing Soul is what I dream
But I’m aiming too close @ the Saran Wrap
Moonlight Aug 2020
It is my dream to soar high into the air, just like a bird free to fly,
I want to flap my wings, begin my journey to new heights,
Glide through the snowy white clouds and reach the sapphire sky,
Where, neither gravity nor gloominess can hold me down.

Yes, some dreams are unfathomable
But hey, dreams do show what we want
Believe in your dreams and aim the sky,
You will get wings of your own.
Shed the fear and feel free to fly.
To dream is to dare,
It may seem impossible but atleast try.
min Jul 2020
you’ve always been a house cat —
even compared to a lioness
or a cheetah or a tigress.
no matter how hard you try
for your voice to be louder,
they’d still underestimate you,
so you aim to be
just genuinely you;
that’s all that matters.
be you. that’s the most beautiful version of you.
Gunnika Mehra Jun 2020
I rest, I rest,
Under the sun.
No way, no way,
It can't burn.
I look up,
It looks down.
The glare, the glare,
I speak out my prayer.
The sun, the sun,
I want to be there.
The grass silky beneath,
As I blindly stare.
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