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A fool who failed to realize his flaws, flabbergasted at the thought how he has yet to reach fruition; can such fallacies formulate for this long?

Even foes forge wars against such fundamentalism. But you, a felonious man, has no fear of anyone at all.

It's futile to fight such a closed-mind fiend of a man, fraud and fictive thoughts has already permeated such a mind;  for his ways are fragile, fruitless and foul like a dead tree of figs.
Close minded people are hard to communicate with.
jerelii Mar 22
I found
that real connection
to communicate
with people,
through poetry.
March 22,2019
लम्बी हँे रात काली, कल होगा फिर सबेरा ——२
धड्कन बढालो तुम दिलके अप्नी रातमे कोई जगेगा

गातँेरहो गीत तुम अप्नी कल कोइ सुनेगा
धड्कन बढालो तुम दिलके अप्नी रातमे कोइ  जगेगा

लम्बी हे रात काली कल होगा फिर सबेरा ——२

उम्मीदँे फरियादँे तुम गा कर सुनाव ——२
दर्द भरी पलको तुम रो कर सुनाव ——२
बातँे बारसातके तुम हस् कर सुनाव ——२
खाब भरी पलको तुम गा कर सुनाव ——२

गातेरहो गीत तुम अप्नी कल कोइ सुनेगा  
धड्कन बढालो तुम दिलके अप्नी रातमे कोइ जगेगा

लम्बी हे रात काली कल होगा फिर सबेरा
गातेरहो गीत तुम अप्नी कल कोइ सुनेगा
समरती पाऊ आकर कल तुुम्से  मीलेँगा
खुली आँख आकर तुम्से वातेँ करेगा
दिप साफ आकर तुम्को राहँे दिखाएगा
गाते रहो गीत तुम अप्नी कल कोइ सुनेगा

लम्बी हे रात काली ,कल होगा फिर सबेरा
गाते रहो गीत तुम अप्नी  कल कोइ सुनेगा ——२
Genre: Inspirational Gazal
Theme: Level Up
CommonStory Jan 26
I know we've lost emotions
We've reached a higher level of interaction but  it takes more than time to
show our emotion in emoticon
Like laughter is just a click away
72 different reactions all a smile face while we blindly display these and somehow still feel out of place

We arr more than signs
Emojis and emoticons
A higher of communication
And somehow it still gets lost in translation








But im sitting dowb typing out how i feel without a doubt


Feel so


And empty

I must send

****'s and emojis

So shorty

Can know me


Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 1/25/2019
Navigate sewers
swinging dagger,
poor, poor poo rats.
Clout is the end
all be all means.
This is the beginning.

Tavern town, invite me in.
Odd jobs for experience.
Not long after, gold pieces.
Make my way, eternal ring.

Navigate mansions
slinging war spells,
poor, poor private (army).
Clout is the end
all be all means.
This is the rise.

Tell me, now, I'm slipping into
myself like I always do.
I see the needle point.
How many times will it run us

Tired, now, of the games you play.
I need a heart to communicate.
Tired, now, of the games you play.
I need a heart to trust.
Benton James Dec 2018
You showed me your drawings,
And to me they said
a thousand words.

I, on the other hand,
showed you my songs,
And they painted a picture for you.

It's funny how we show each other what we mean.
Even if we use different mediums,
Our message is the same:

I love you.
I always will.
I always have.
I've fallen in love with my best friend, and we're enjoying it. I love learning about her so much and connecting with her.
Jordan Ray Feb 2018
Don't you dare give me the cold shoulder, because I've told you, I don't like it when you hold it all in.
Information's my key, so don't keep it from me, cause honestly, I want to know what's in your head.
And are you aching, constantly breaking, faking, and I don't know what I'm supposed to believe.
The truth is in your eyes, I don't want to see you cry, simply lies to cover up your privacy.

But baby don't you wish that we....

Could talk.
George Krokos Oct 2017
The heart is the medium by which we communicate with love
and if it also becomes pure the Divine descends from above.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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