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Karly Codr Jan 15
i love when you notice something
you don't expect to
like the little gold flecks
in someone's dark blue eyes
or the way someone's eyes
light up when they see someone they love
or hear their favorite song
those are the things
that make me happy that i'm alive
seawreck Nov 2020
Your little things like dancing while eating something good
Are the things that hurt me more than it should
So please I can't take it anymore you are too precious to be in this world
Don't get lost, don't feel upset
Know that there are people who loves you
I know I can't be there to personally console you and thats the biggest deal breaker to not to feel the physical comfort of someone's love
But I'll support you and love you no matter where you are no matter where I am
Dave Robertson Oct 2020
Remember every now and then
to redress the balance and acknowledge
that there are hedgehogs,
cooked breakfasts,
stomach aches from laughing
and the dumb comfort of an afternoon snooze
Why is it that
being childish
is always discouraged
why can't people
the child inside them
why can't people
just see the magic
around them
like a child does
why can't people
love a the
little things of this world
Nalinee Sep 2020
Every little thing around, a piece of poetry.
Identifying its right form, a life's mystery.
Blending ourselves into its verses, a task that needs mastery.
Singing it aloud and heartily, a great victory.
Mei Sep 2020
Cheer up now, being too little in the eyes of people is nothing compared to what your thumb can do,
Always remember that you can make a moon disappear at the back of your thumb in just a wink of an eye.

So when you feel that you're of less importance, that's nothing to be really scared of.
There  are few things little things that we don't often see its worth but cause unimaginable destruction, Just like how a tiny dew drop
and a distant sun ray from the sun can burn a whole forest.
Roro Aug 2020
I planted a seedling
Thoughtless, unplanned, without a care
Now a magnificent tree
Brightening the dark forest of my memories
Standing tall, pine needles displayed
In rain or shine, winter or blaze
Maybe I’ll plant more friends for her
Or maybe she’ll be set on fire
But I hope after living my life
A colorful forest of trees is what I’ll find.
You know that
There are always
Even when the clouds
Are most dense
But they will always
Go away eventually
Sometimes you have to
And remember things
Like these
Christian C Jun 2020
I was going to compose a parallel poem
mirroring the ways you show you care
but you have made it evident
that I will never be your home.

You would
thoughtfully answer my never-ending stream of questions
carry me to bed with a blissful blanket of sleep and softness
grant me the honor of wearing anything you owned, and smile at my choices
actively correspond with me, more in the span of a few weeks than your standard for a lifetime
trust me to take care of your bright-green banana-of-a-boy
assist and twist and crack my spine further
track and plot my heartrate to find a trend in tempo and tone
and always provide the nearness I need to breathe
and feel
and be

I did not need to pen a poem
to know that you care, albeit reticent
but you have made it evident
that I will never be your home.
Christian C May 2020
I would
eat the squishy grapes for you
warm your cold hands
share with you the last of my rice and beans
massage your stiff neck
get up from comfort to pour you a glass of cool water
assist and twist and crack your spine further
treat you to your favorite ramen, donating my extra noodles
tiptoe across the creaky floorboards to not stir you
and always give you the space you need to breathe
and feel
and be
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