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fray narte Jun 27
With me, you don’t have to dip every word on a honeycomb or flip through tattered pages looking for unused metaphors or make sure that every line is in its most poetic form. Darling, I don’t even want poetry or structured sonnets and all that cliché crap with coffee cups and sheets.

With you, I want the raw — the grammatical slips and the illegible penmanships and the 3 am honesty and the ****** up, messed up thoughts when you’re angry at the world. Darling, with you, I want the things poets don’t write — things poets don’t read.
Heavy Hearted Jun 21
Seeing Simple Sacred Scenes,

and then staring at those

Special someones

Silently and Solemnly-

I hold tightly onto that sight.

*That vision of those three old friends,

at the end of that ally,

Waiting. In the soft June rain


just waiting for me to reach them.

for their friend.
Genuine friendship is warmer than gold- when we were young and now that we're old
To love you is to watch my tone
To love you is to charge my phone
To love you is to quell each maybe
To love you is to FaceTime the baby
To love you is to laugh off fights
To love you is to prolong goodnights
To love you is to praise each quirk
To love you is to hide at work
To love you is to get the gist
To love you goes beyond a list
you should graduate. you should see the proud look in your parents’ eyes when they see you get your diploma. you should have the joy of crazy car rides with friends. the joy of getting your first car. the joy of being accepted into college. you should see the dewdrops on the leaves in the morning. you should see the butterflies fluttering away. notice the tiny things. redo your hair. start wearing makeup. sing along to your favorite songs. you should be happy. you have a lot of friends who love you and care about you. you should get the joy of seeing your favorite people and laughing with them. or eating pancakes late at night. or decorating your new shoes and loving the results. you should grow up and become that lawyer. grow up and become whatever you want. you should see the smiles on people’s faces, the things you have to live for.
In the past year I fell in love
With parts of you
The way you drink iced coffee
No matter the season
The way your eyes get when you’re tired
And they’re more green
Than brown
The sound of your voice at 6am
Low and rough
But still playful enough to tell you’re joking
You never take anything seriously

The way you laugh at your own jokes
Even if nobody else finds them funny
When your eyes crinkle
Because you refuse to get glasses
I wouldn’t trade it for the world

These things are not mine to love
I don’t have your heart
But I hope the girl who does is happy with it
I hope she wakes up everyday
And counts the small things
That make you unbelievably you
I hope she holds onto your heart
Brings it gently to her chest
And thanks a god you don’t believe in
For being lucky enough to hold it
Arianna Jan 25
Lion with the eyes
Of a serpent: onyx night,
Two gleaming stars bright.

          Le Lyon des beaux yeux
          D'un serpent: une nuit d'onyxe,
          Deux étoiles brillantes.
Note: Syllable counts in French might be erroneous, but I tried, haha...
Arianna Jan 25
Your fingers at rest
Curl inwards, sweet rose petals
Folded in winter.
Pyrrha Jan 11
The feeling of being soaked by the rain while listening to a sad song is enticing,
But have you ever run around in the rain listening to something uplifting and simply feel it?

I love the rain
When I'm mad and sad
When I'm happy and excited
The cool drops animate me and make me feel alive
I'm doing my best

I'm falling in love with the little things
Jaxey Jan 3
A rainy day
A dead rose
That picture on the wall
My little sisters test
Hanging on the fridge
The project I used to stall
My Polaroid camera
A broken mug
My mom's excuse of fun
A walk outside
A kitty in my lap
The trophies I forgot I won
A forgotten poem
A silent scream
A whisper of the untold true
Little things
Little dreams
All ending with you
You were my untold story
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