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I would
eat the squishy grapes for you
warm your cold hands
share with you the last of my rice and beans
massage your stiff neck
get up from comfort to pour you a glass of cool water
assist and twist and crack your spine further
treat you to your favorite ramen, donating my extra noodles
tiptoe across the creaky floorboards to not stir you
and always give you the space you need to breathe
and feel
and be
Thomas Apr 27
Steam rising upward
Blurs the lamp in your glasses,
The tea is perfect.
Thomas W Case Apr 14
In prison
when you have no
money, and you can't
buy commissary, and
the hours and the days drag by
like a tortoise searching
a garden.
It's the little things that
make the time bearable.
Someone gives you a package of
noodles or a cup of coffee,
or a bar of good soap.
Kindness in hell goes a long way.
It's the simple pleasures that
I took for granted
that I relish now:
Steaming hot water,
a bed with a real mattress,
and a library with thousands
of books to read.
I have writing paper,
ink pens, and reading glasses to
see with; it could be worse.
Mari Apr 10
You'll find
when you start to
appreciate the
little things
in life.
And he told me:
Burn the soup with you
It is a privilege that no one else has ...
My boyfriend and me, trying to cook a Menestrone soup :D
lua Jan 15
the sink's faucet drips into its empty metal basin
as the fires from the stoves all burn out
the lights are off
but the glow of the moon
high in the sky
leaks through parted black-out curtains
and it dances along the edges of the marble countertops
there is no sound
only the muffled hum of cars outside
as they drive past
and i lay unmoving
on my kitchen floor.
fray narte Jun 2019
With me, you don’t have to dip every word on a honeycomb or flip through tattered pages looking for unused metaphors or make sure that every line is in its most poetic form. Darling, I don’t even want poetry or structured sonnets and all that cliché crap with coffee cups and sheets.

With you, I want the raw — the grammatical slips and the illegible penmanships and the 3 am honesty and the ****** up, messed up thoughts when you’re angry at the world. Darling, with you, I want the things poets don’t write — things poets don’t read.
Heavy Hearted Jun 2019
Seeing Simple Sacred Scenes,

and then staring at those

Special someones

Silently and Solemnly-

I hold tightly onto that sight.

*That vision of those three old friends,

at the end of that ally,

Waiting. In the soft June rain


just waiting for me to reach them.

for their friend.
Genuine friendship is warmer than gold- when we were young and now that we're old
To love you is to watch my tone
To love you is to charge my phone
To love you is to quell each maybe
To love you is to FaceTime the baby
To love you is to laugh off fights
To love you is to prolong goodnights
To love you is to praise each quirk
To love you is to hide at work
To love you is to get the gist
To love you goes beyond a list
Alyssa Brianne Feb 2019
In the past year I fell in love
With parts of you
The way you drink iced coffee
No matter the season
The way your eyes get when you’re tired
And they’re more green
Than brown
The sound of your voice at 6am
Low and rough
But still playful enough to tell you’re joking
You never take anything seriously

The way you laugh at your own jokes
Even if nobody else finds them funny
When your eyes crinkle
Because you refuse to get glasses
I wouldn’t trade it for the world

These things are not mine to love
I don’t have your heart
But I hope the girl who does is happy with it
I hope she wakes up everyday
And counts the small things
That make you unbelievably you
I hope she holds onto your heart
Brings it gently to her chest
And thanks a god you don’t believe in
For being lucky enough to hold it
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