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Thewallflowerguy Nov 2021
Standing on the balcony, that seems like it was made for you and me
A litte bit drunk, a litte tipsy
None of us knew how magical it would be

Underneath the umbrella that's too small for the both of us
Getting soaked in the rain
A little bit of a fun, a little bit of pain
This girl is driving me insane

Without talking to her, the day seems incomplete
A little bit of ****, a little bit of sweet
This girl makes my heart skip a beat

She is immensely special, if only she could see
A little bit of distance, A little intimacy
These are the moments between me and she
The moments between me and someone special
Merlie T Jun 2021
Each time I return to the market
I bring home with me
two bouquets of fresh flowers
to fill a vase found long ago
in childhood with my loved ones in Mexico
from a shop near by, once meant for tea
A porcelain elephant
now holds cold water for fresh flowers
Aseel May 2021
I told him:
Making me happy is not easy
Since my happiness hides
Between the smallest details
In the tones of my favorite song from the next car window
Under the buttons of my sky-blue dress
In how berries taste after 18 hours of work
In strangers smiles and between the lines of my beloved ones letters
Under the golden rays and on the iced cotton *****
In things that can’t be sold or purchased, but made and felt.
In you
Vanshita gogri Mar 2021
Go,tell your mom how beautiful she looks,
wearing an apron and chopping a tomato
or simply just adore the way she cooks.
Go,tell a knock-knock joke to your dad
or start a tickle fight with baseless laughter so tight,
but take a picture, while he laughs like a little child
because this magical moment would be the only reason you smiled.
Just sit with your grandparents for a while when they tell you,
all the embarrassing childhood things that you did
go knitting and gardening with your grandma today,
or just paint her nails, while she tells you her young age tales.
Go,tell your siblings how supportive they've been;
maybe in growing up or a career to begin,
maybe by giving a much needed Choco chip ice cream after a breakup or just a shoulder to lean.
Reminisce those beautiful old days with your friends over your go-to chai ki tapri
thank them for always sticking around
may it be
from the first day at school, the endless gossips, the after class fun ,college fests to a legit job interview
Celebrate when your friend's youtube channel hits1k,
appreciate them when they bake a cake for the first time,
listen up while they tell you something very dear,
dance and sing with them while they are ******* euphoric.
just be with them in their thicks and thins and remember how they have been there too.
because amidst the hustle,
our hearts will only be pacified by these little gestures, small appreciations and the feeling of being connected to the people we love,
maybe its about loving and showing love that our hearts will always crave for.
-vanshita gogri
laura Mar 2021
it's so hard to find happiness
with everything going on.
we realize we took things
for granted while we had them.
so when something makes you
happy or excited,
enjoy it no matter
how small it may seem.
it's been a while
seawreck Nov 2020
Your little things like dancing while eating something good
Are the things that hurt me more than it should
So please I can't take it anymore you are too precious to be in this world
Don't get lost, don't feel upset
Know that there are people who loves you
I know I can't be there to personally console you and thats the biggest deal breaker to not to feel the physical comfort of someone's love
But I'll support you and love you no matter where you are no matter where I am
Dave Robertson Oct 2020
Remember every now and then
to redress the balance and acknowledge
that there are hedgehogs,
cooked breakfasts,
stomach aches from laughing
and the dumb comfort of an afternoon snooze
Why is it that
being childish
is always discouraged
why can't people
the child inside them
why can't people
just see the magic
around them
like a child does
why can't people
love a the
little things of this world
Nalinee Sep 2020
Every little thing around, a piece of poetry.
Identifying its right form, a life's mystery.
Blending ourselves into its verses, a task that needs mastery.
Singing it aloud and heartily, a great victory.
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