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Vera Aug 2017
Cicadas hum quietly,
amongst the summer choir.
Locked doors,
birds on their wire's.
Keep from harm's way,
but thorted by desire-
Blinds colored gray
block out humanity.

These dreams speak to me through insanity,
a tv plays white noise,
my mind is in calamity.
As nightmares creep in through my eyelids,
amid the darkness of this quiet house.

This is my Strauss-
wooden floors entirely silent,
the thoughts inside are violent.
Recalling Baptist Hospital.
No cart rhythmically on call,
a nurse alloting me two pearls to swallow.

Making the sea of seretonin flow,
making happiness through my body grow.
I take my trazadone
no longer resembling a pearl,
my toes curl.
At the bitter taste,
following the nightmares that make haste
to follow me to bed,
praying I don't wake up dead.
Priya Prathap Apr 2017
With everyone around
Into night and sleep
She crawled into darkness
With her sleeping pills !
Plugged in her earphones
She repeated her
Favorite tracks
Music always served
As her sleeping pills !
bipolarbandaids Jun 2016
sleeping pills
and flying over window sills
nicotine and mary jane
flick and then lighter flames
one for here and one to go
alcohol that over flows
ecstasy and acid dreams
lots of methamphetamines
piles of my razor blades
unsafe amounts of ***** *******
oh Lord i might be dying
i dont care 'cause now im flying

— The End —