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Aug 2 · 159
An emergentsea
See thisease
ply beneath
The softestsign
We carri
Un-fin(e)d allyou’re
Carefully delivered
Jul 25 · 84
The Delusional Ascent
Gabriel burnS Jul 25
You’re a blunt trauma from a sharp weapon
You’re the highest of the low-hanging fruit
You’re a dark day to a vampire waiting for the sun
You’re this year’s May that I might as well not...
You’re such a hidden button during ironing “I can’t even…”
You’re the diagonal towards the end of an up-down-down-forward-back-back combo
You’re the most unexpected choke one gets by their own saliva
You’re a Ferrari keeping quiet about a handling defect until it’s too late
And me… I’m just as perfect as you are…
Only not as articulately pronounced…


Ти си натъртване от остър предмет
Ти си най-високия от ниските плодове
Ти си мрачен ден за вампир, който чака слънцето
Ти си тазгодишния Май, в който май не бих…
Ти си така скрито копче по време на гладене, че даже не мога…
Ти си диагонал към края на комбинация от горе-долу-долу-напред-назад-назад
Ти си най-неочакваното задавяне причинено от собствената слюнка
Ти си Ферари с премълчан дефект при завиването докато не стане твърде късно
А аз… съм точно толкова съвършен, колкото и Ти
Но по-неотчетливо изказан...
This time I'm making a step across the line in the sand!
Jul 10 · 282
Gabriel burnS Jul 10
the sky is death
the sky is closer than you think
you’ve been living upside down
you cannot fly or swim
the sun takes all
the sun will swallow you

light rented your body
and it will take it back
nothing can ever be stolen
for nothing is truly possessed
you are just as cursed as you decide
and you can be as blessed
Apr 25 · 187
Odd One Out
Gabriel burnS Apr 25
I’m walking around the sun
Witnessing a new dawn that’s
always there and I
Can never reach it
Walking around
Such a distance
It’s hurting to see it just
Wondering what it is
And me, I’m not even considered a planet anymore
As if my celestial body does not have
A correspondingly celestial mind
I am both present and gone
Merely taking up space
In someone’s classification
Of spacetime

*   *   *

Ходя около Слънцето
Гледам новата зора която винаги е там
И никога не мога да докосна изгрева
Толкова далечен
Боли да виждам съществуването
Като присъствие
Без да знам какво е
А дори не съм смятан за планета вече
Сякаш небесното ми тяло
Не притежава съответстващо небесно съзнание
Едновременно присъствам и ме няма
Само заемам пространство
В нечие определение
За времепространство
Плутон - край...
I translated my poem into Bulgarian
Mar 31 · 286
Gabriel burnS Mar 31
What leaves won’t leave you
What’s rooted holds you
What flies sees you exposed
What lies stays a child
What dries up won’t remain dry
What’s come to pass shall roll again
Old songs don’t go when new ones play
Things drip and flood, dance out their pace
A snaking river knows its way
No tongue to speak or eyes to see
This realm spins to realign
So every sunbeam finds its tree

*   *   *

Което те напуска, няма да те пусне
Което корени е пуснало, държи те
Което лети, те вижда открит
Което лъже, дете си остава
Което пресъхва, няма сухо да остане
Което е минало, пак ще се търколи
Не изчезват старите песни пред новите
Неща капят, заливат, танцуват си темпото
Лъкатушеща река пътя си знае
Без език да говори и очи да види
Тази шир се върти до подреждане
За да може всеки лъч да намери дървото си
Translated my own poem from Bulgarian, my native language...
Jan 10 · 304
Alchemy Mirror
Gabriel burnS Jan 10
It’s obvious why we tend to become stuck on the details
And I mean “when”
It’s no surprise it’s through the surface
That we explain what can’t be seen
Yet can be eyed by heightened senses
The softest to know, the hardest to describe
It’s not a place, that knowledge, but “a” time
sink to resurface
Jan 5 · 513
The moon is a question mark,
A door of the night
And I am none of its answers
But I enjoy the conversation
Jan 2 · 211
unidirectional motion
if ever there was a decent descent,
then I was thus sent to collect the scent
of the passing sand… not to make amends -
alas, too late for that, but hand
the Feeling…
... looks like I'm on a streak...
Dec 2018 · 648
Embodied In Bloom
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
bare bore-feet tread as one, the ore of Eurekan stone,
bearing belief in the Philosopher’s;
drilling the marrow of the underskull mine
never stopping to wipe a forehead,
and yet, never a chore
as the springing of sweat
dried up long ago
drained with the dread
Dec 2018 · 2.6k
Shadow Spill
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
The light tail of the tail light leaves me blue in the dark hues
… when it carries away what I belong to…
Unfolding the tar-black sky of asphalt, the longest arm of missing you…
My body is now the distance between us, big and empty,
The bigger, the emptier, thinner than air…
As time piles up, my ladders turn into pointless meters
Measuring the ratio of nothing in everything
Dec 2018 · 211
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
light blue - as in light enough to fly; blue enough to fall; a pull in both directions; pooling inflections of the light-wave sifted through the dark weave; near-symmetrically mindful of the sent and received
Why June when it’s December...
Just... thinking ahead...
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
In Fall with You
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
In time I saw
That there are many Autumns
Yet one and only one
is Fall
And summer fell for you season-less
Dec 2018 · 107
For the Joy
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
She's the master, I’m the piece,
On the game board,
Teasing victories
But the lords are sometimes
Slaves to these
Strategies to winning
And I’d love to have just
An attractive game to watch
No care about losing
As long as I'm into it
As I intuit choosing
The right moves
That move the hearts
All around
Dec 2018 · 194
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
Reach out
To the moth-heart
Nov 2018 · 646
Relative Veil
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
Winter swallowed the Sun
like a pill refusing to go down

My system needs the coolant
of putting distance between myself
and the global glow-ball
To avoid the catastrophic kind of melting
Nov 2018 · 126
Beneath the Clouds
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
I want it to rain
slowly intensify
I want to feel every drop
Exploding in tears
Becoming one
Connecting Earth to sky
Dripping like liberated hope
going home from work
Drawing an image of how chains
are a bad metaphor for anything
I want it to rain
and I invent and recreate
a collage of the greatest downpour
in my head I find the space
to soak everything that wants to be soaked
and it rains
the way it was always meant to be
it rains
Nov 2018 · 3.5k
The Room Chooses its Key
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
Ash outside
Sparks - encased
Just deny
If the world peeks
Through the keyhole

For it was meant for
It was meant for One

Whose eyes unlock the door 'cross the threshold
Nov 2018 · 1.5k
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
… A moth whispering confessions high towards the ceiling… worshiping a false god and its dooming light… as the moth wings are burning with unrequited love… flapping self-fulfilling prophecies...
My wings are growing and I wonder… are you to be my lightbulb...
Nov 2018 · 397
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
Je te veux

Comme le nageur a soif d’air

Je te rêve  

Comme la flamme rêve le ciel

Je t’adore
Ma folie,

La coleur vraie de mon coeur
Nov 2018 · 150
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
I have two hearts now
one for each of your eyes;
one inside my body,
one in yours

twice the joy
twice the pain

I haven’t seen all that much during my years,
let alone done…
but I’ve felt for lifetimes ahead
and you are… truly…
the best of it
Nov 2018 · 215
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
We are building New Babylon
out of carcasses and bones,
repeating the design flaws
of ancestors,
undoing our future,
sealing the destiny
for generations to come,
We are the very stones
built into these walls,
the same ones we throw
when we turn on our own.
And these stones
are what our hearts are made of.
Our thoughts are but paper
forgotten tomes, decaying pages.
Redundant and irrelevant
is what we have become.
Behold the great construction
of our ultimate destruction.
...just dug up this oldie from back when I used to write like this...
Nov 2018 · 474
The Whole Wide Whirl
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
...thoughts and feelings are soulless soldiers
bleeding my blackness like ink
leading the cracks to the brim
And do they dip deep, indeed...
they come out the other side thinning
and thinning still
and thinning
and seething my fabric
as my quietness parallels the tempo of serration
the wanting of you:
to flow and embrace
my every erasure
with the renewal
the slow violent blossoming
flowing and growing
into our fragrance
Our one world
Nov 2018 · 131
Crude... Into the Grinder
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
heart, a softened shard
thumping deeper than itself
I insert music in my ears
Picking things, living and inanimate,
snatching from all around me;
I put reality in my pocket,
kidnapping eyes
as I build my time-armor
to crunch the kilometers
so hard to swallow
feeding the cogs of routine
daily and hourly bits of myself
...crudely put in shape...
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
Like fireflies in the dark
I see your tears with closed eyes
You’re the bird in my heart
Who never stops singing
Amongst the dagger ribs
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
cat-eyed passion
lurking in the tall grass
all ears for years
but I knew...
Caught a whiff
early on
and she still stayed hidden
teasing and teasing
looking for the right time
such alien patience
and dedication
equal only to madness
Oct 2018 · 197
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
carbon - the backbone
of our density
so unexpectedly flexible
that the marrow
is woven of poetry
Oct 2018 · 751
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
October LEAVES
A word slips out
The door
To haunt my trees
Pleas in gusts of
Oct 2018 · 3.9k
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
I’m not broken
I’m a puzzle not to be solved
I’m a bird of…
Preying on rain…
But the clouds elude my webs
I’m the underside of an antisocial umbrella
What with the moisture-averse lovers nowadays
I shoo them off and twist my spokes
And finally I’m no longer pretending completeness for the sake of my surroundings
Because She comes clad timeless
Comes with the thunder
And She tastes like all or nothing
Sep 2018 · 2.5k
Live Hues
Gabriel burnS Sep 2018
I’m raining backwards in the morning
You are the rainbow; how do I reach you
Sunbeams entwine with rain drops
And at dusk I’m falling back down
Painting encounters
Past and future
Onto stars and clouds that
Dream awake unblinking
The atlas of your lips
A crude translation from my original in Bulgarian...

Sep 2018 · 1.9k
Gabriel burnS Sep 2018
screeching blackness
the music is over
the veil has fallen
I am the needle running in circles
spinning its wheels
running on empty
for hours on end
for days ongoing
waiting for the hand to
tear through the shadows
the white noise
flip the vinyl world
and guide me on track
where all I touch
is your songs
where curtains are wings
and my sky is your melody
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
The Pick
Gabriel burnS Sep 2018
she said she was broken
needed fixing
came for the fix
I said “look honey,
I don’t do clockwork”
Aug 2018 · 334
Gabriel burnS Aug 2018
Drooling on my heart
clawing for the treat
those eyes in ambush
lying in uneasy wait
on the brink, sharpened teeth
savoring the foretaste
breathing in the promises
I will not delay
the inevitable

lips all blades
my skin a sea of pins
bristled for the kiss
tongues coiling for the cut
the cold caress and warm
metallic flavor
sweetness in the air calls
******* the shadows
de-scent... the scent... descent
Aug 2018 · 2.5k
Comes Around
Gabriel burnS Aug 2018
away from the touch of salted caramel
my bones cut deep into the flesh of today
like all other tissue beneath the skin
is undressed from the whole
finding the only way
to you
keeping my promise
to reach you again
Gabriel burnS Aug 2018
… our bodies in our clothes like holstered guns…
love is when you draw... and shed the holster
… that sweet crunchy click blowing your pupils
the arching trajectory of the safety-off smile
Aug 2018 · 156
One-Way Mirror
Gabriel burnS Aug 2018
vanity is makeup-like, an airtight mask
eroding, alas, the skin underneath
Jul 2018 · 735
Gabriel burnS Jul 2018
Falling with the rain
crashing on the pavement
I’m coming down
From high… the highest clouds
Taking the long free fall

I cannot stop falling
for You...
Jul 2018 · 214
In a Nutshell
Gabriel burnS Jul 2018
love is evolution window shopping for eyes
shopping for genes
Jul 2018 · 2.9k
Dark Gray
Gabriel burnS Jul 2018
I felt it crumbling
I felt it falling with the rain
The invisible
I felt it falling
Bits and pieces
Shreds and ribbons
The clothing of my wings
As God unpacked the wraps with haste
Like a restless child
Tearing down the gift
Together with the wrapping

I felt it falling
Scorching on the skin
Of frail reveries
Soaking wet I felt the taste
Of gasoline
And drowned the rain
Into my eyelids
Gabriel burnS Jun 2018
in the realm of man, beauty is a weapon that maims everyone within its reach… and ends up killing the one who wields it…
Jun 2018 · 1.9k
Rise Above
Gabriel burnS Jun 2018
don’t let all those flowers deceive you
clouding judgment with flower dust
and the charm of colorful aroma
they have agendas of their own
and you are but a step in their ladder
Gabriel burnS Jun 2018
Do the blind dream of blind horses
And of long monochrome, dark on dark, black glows in the unequivocal hell.
Do the blind dream of blind horses
Steep hills, winds and skies,
And nightmares unnamed.
Do the blind dream of blind horses
And longings unseen,
And blind arms like snakes,
And the sorrowful dark scream of the flesh.
Do the blind dream of sighted horses.


Author: Pavel Vesselinov
Translation: Gabriel Burns
I present to you a Bulgarian author whom I met only recently, and whose works had an instant effect on me. Without further ado,
Pavel Vesselinov.

*** the original in Bulgarian***

Сънуват ли слепите слепи коне
и дъги едноцветни, мрак върху мрак, сияния черни в разногласния ад.
Сънуват ли слепите, слепи коне
стръмни баири, ветрове, небеса
и кошмари, без имена.
Сънуват ли слепите слепи коне
и желания неизразими,
и слепи ръце, като змии
и тъжният, тъмен, вик на плътта.
Сънуват ли слепите зрящи коне.
May 2018 · 178
The Other Way Around
Gabriel burnS May 2018
And when I turn to stone someday
You will become Medusa
The very moment that you lay your gaze
On my skin of cold-hard gray
May 2018 · 190
Gabriel burnS May 2018
And some might say
I've lost my way
But who are they
To judge
When numbers rule
Our nights and days
A life of Midas' touch

And all of those
Who quantify
All the good and woe
Will be too vain to realize
They are their own foe

And some might say
I've lost my way
A sentence I'd forgive
But it's the dreamer, not society
Who, the way forward, shall cleave
I dug this up from the dust...
May 2018 · 313
Gabriel burnS May 2018
She handpicked the hearts as fruit
And  never said whom she would choose
But  torn they were from their vines
Oblivious to their use
In making finest timeless wine

And only history would know
This taste that would endure the flow
Of time, of memory, and mortal minds,
One destiny, herself, designed
...this one is from 2015, I think...
Gabriel burnS May 2018
You might wanna keep tabs on this one...
kinda like "keep your friends close", yada, yada, yada...
May 2018 · 229
Forward Incompatibility
Gabriel burnS May 2018
Everything is so slow when I have no bridge to you… everything is the pace and longevity of the kiss I dream your lips in… but time is a reverse-caress…
May 2018 · 184
Gabriel burnS May 2018
I’ll hang myself from your earlobe; an example to all consciences
That are the high hanging fruit in the wind
Unknowingly melting icebergs worth of salt in the eyes of a fox
May 2018 · 267
Always Hungry
Gabriel burnS May 2018
Ask Margo why the Salt is always hungry
Why Lime is everthisty
Envious of big bro Lemon
Who, on his part, admires Orange
'midst the Cubes of Ice complaining
May 2018 · 2.4k
Something Still...
Gabriel burnS May 2018
I hadn’t spoken for so long
a tiny spider had moved in
at the corner of my mouth
eating my words

my tongue laying limp like a
slain dragon at the bottom of the cave
like a king who passed away right there
on his throne having given the last order

my arms almost as still as uncontested borders
only palms carry out maneuvers
and fingers patrol the manifestation of expressions
commanded by thought fibers
like puppet soldiers

and the lines in the sand are words
born of themselves
telltale heartstrings stalking now the realm
just outside the eye orbit
May 2018 · 229
Gabriel burnS May 2018
Beneath the facade
The opposite awaits
So few though, I let in
Because my friend,
This heart of mine,
It may not be a temple
But make no grave mistake
For it’s neither a brothel
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