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Isaac Aug 2021
what fantasy should I play into today
watch the fruitful image become laced with dust like Pompeii
what fantasy should I play into today
become just another burnt-out cigarette in your astray
my life is simply a fallacy, nobody truly cares for me, losing my sanity in the name of chastity
my life is unsatisfactory, nobody truly can handle me, confidence beat up no battery, take another shot of vanity
woah, I feel it start to form
woah, the new queen of the swarm
woah, x marks the spot no storm
woah, no longer can conform
to society, their ideology in breach of me
and my values, firmer than statutes
life can bruise, covered in the cool hues
and my bad news is I can still lose
but why focus on the lack and knives wedged in my back
rather not focus on that
discard the cracks and sneak attacks
rather not focus on that
my walls are up and they keep you back
Pasquino Jun 2021
“And I’m almost there– I’m almost there”
wouldn’t it be a shame if they died then,
wouldn’t it be perfect for the script
if they collapsed without air or prayer?

“But, I feel some pain– I feel some pain”
wouldn’t it be a shame if it swelled then,
wouldn’t it be perfect if the dagger slayed
and they cried out in the pouring rain?

Oh, dear architect– dear architect
what an odd and sad masque you play.
Your poetry and lonely sights
have brought on your own despair.
Bullet Apr 2020
The architect of the universe
Acts a little sketchy

We speak on our 60 waves movement
The other 40 percent we tell is all struggle

Infinity shares its rip tides
Star light ties down wishfulness

Night life and sun light
Body watering our drive to continue

Soul brought to you by love
Free will lines our aerial focus

Sinning and singing it all out
Hope sends these sonics out to our universe
Circling around our desires in our designed contentment
To living freely to only die just to wake up to infinity
Koushik jana Feb 2020
hey architect,
You've been given a vacant terrain,
somewhere  crowd of green grasses
a meeting place of tall trees.
Go straight from that vacant terrain to the paper.
With sunlight, air movement and some related content, You draw some 2D lines.
Each line carries the meaning.
You also make them in many different shapes.
At the same time, hundreds of calculations and ideas are exchanged with new thinking.
A 3D form of imagination that builds on thin lines.
Where you can imagine gestures used by users, shuttle of light somewhere, and fair use of green etc.
which make meaningful sense of that space.
Which actually constitutes invisible mass.
Then you are there to make your invisible mass visible,
At the end, it becomes visible.

First I am the architect
Using matter, pure and fine
I make the life that I intend
But in pattern, and design

Second, I am the builder
Taking steps to make it real
Shaping matter to my form
I create my life ideal

Then third, I am the owner
Using all I’ve built, with cheer
This is what I’ve labored for
I’ll enjoy life while I’m here

Then fourth, I am the teacher
Sharing truths that help and bless
Truth One: You are the architect
Of the pattern you express
This is prosperity poem 34 - you can see it on a background here -
RaeAnn Mar 2019
You were an architect
Who built sturdy walls around me,
And hung up perfect pictures...
Ones I mistook for truth.

Had I been less content,
In this dollhouse you created,
I would have seen the one next door...
The one you built for her.
Jenna Jan 2019
i am an architect
though my hand has been guided many a time
i have etched my own path
into a tome of starlight
but it is a path i will walk alone sometimes
and that’s okay

i am a writer
though my heart has been swayed into submission many a time
i will continue to be
the main antagonist of my story
but i bleed ink from my fingertips and i will write my own chapter
and that’s okay

i am a warrior
though i’ve wielded my sword many a time
i have seen many wars
and fought many battles
but it’s still the small victories i celebrate most
and that’s okay

i am a dancer
though i’ve tripped over my two left feet many a time
i have broken many bones
and danced still with a smile
but my feet grow tired and i must rest sometimes
and that’s okay

i am an artist
though my hands have often been stained
my heart is my masterpiece
and i’ve put it at the forefront of my choices
but maybe it isn’t the kind to go in a museum
and that’s okay

i am damaged
i am battered
i am bruised
but i am trying
and i am healing
and that’s okay
Gabriel burnS Nov 2018
We are building New Babylon
out of carcasses and bones,
repeating the design flaws
of ancestors,
undoing our future,
sealing the destiny
for generations to come,
We are the very stones
built into these walls,
the same ones we throw
when we turn on our own.
And these stones
are what our hearts are made of.
Our thoughts are but paper
forgotten tomes, decaying pages.
Redundant and irrelevant
is what we have become.
Behold the great construction
of our ultimate destruction.
...just dug up this oldie from back when I used to write like this...
Emmiasky Ojex Oct 2018
Sweet architect!
I hope you are listening to the clamors in my head
I hope you see the pain I feel in my chest
I hope you see that I really am trying my best

Sweet architect!
I hope you’re seeing the tears my eyes harbor
I hope you realize that my heart sobs
I hope you see me in my origin as someone with naught

Sweet architect!
I hope you see my soul is a mess
I hope you see me try again and fall back on earth
I hope you see my laid back at night trying to reach the heavens for help

Sweet architect!
I hope you see me wishing I could change
Become a better person in this age
I hope you see that I have been damaged

Sweet architect!
I hope you see the need I need
I hope you see as I fall on my knees
That I need a whole new knead

Sweet architect!
I hope you know that I know that you’re the only one who can
Help me with all of earth’s troubling time
And let me live the life I deserve

Sweet architect!
This is not my cry to you but a plea
Like a poor child to a rich King
I reach out to you for a meal!

Sweet architect!
We both know these chains are not mine
But I got them while I was trying to make it in life
Please help me break loose and survive

Sweet architect!
I know that you are all where
At days when you are needed
You’re always near

Sweet architect!
I now plead with you to come; save me and my mates
From this trouble we have to eat on our dining plates
And move us from where we are to our original place!

From a friend that cares,
©Emmiasky Ojex
Have you ever had those weird questions in your head and feel as though no one can help you solve 'em?

If you have. you will understand this!
Spiralize Oct 2018
Stars twinkled,
Lights flickered,
The night knew, she was special..

Water reflects,
Snow protects,
Beauty within, she is the architect..

Heart felt light,
Soul seemed bright,
Solitude incite under the moonlight..

Dwelling in emotions,
The sky's notion,
She stares at it, outside she is frozen...
Inspired by a painting by a friend - Gem
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