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Gabriel burnS Mar 2020
The first of March,
The day where red and white entangle
In the tradition of Bulgaria
Into a token summoning good health,
And luck, and non-material wealth
To the body and the spirit of the wearer
Be well, my friends, and fellow feathers,
Around the world, from near and far,
May fortune bring you well
1st of March
Lynx Nov 2017
I love her
I love her so much
Her long hair
Her cute skirt
I love her
I know she's only pixels
Only lines on a piece of paper
But I love her
She's so sweet
And selfless
and brave
I want to be like her
And that's why I love her
Even if she isn't real
This is a poem about waifus. Specifically, I wrote a poem about Marta Lualdi. She's from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, on the Wii and PS3. I recommend playing it!
Marta Rampini May 2016
we made love under
our own stars,
creating constellations
with our touches
and aligning ourselves
in each others orbits
Marta Rampini Feb 2016
each night i spread my fingers
longingly across the sheets,
waiting for you to reach them.

i sometimes think of them
as vines searching for  
water across the river rocks,
only to fall short of the
stream by a few,  
heartbreaking inches.

i haven't stopped hoping
that you will wrap your
arms around my waist
in the dead of night, or
your lips softly kissing my neck or cheek
while i am asleep.

even though you are a hundred
miles away and the closest
i can get to feeling
you are near is
when you appear in my dreams
and in my thoughts,
i know that our love
is like a compass,
and we're getting closer
every day.
i love you
Marta Rampini Jan 2016
it's past midnight, and you're asleep now. i'd do absolutely anything to be in your arms right now - being wrapped in you, so close to you. i long to feel your breath against my neck, and your smile against my back. i would give anything within the universe to wake up with you, and watch the sunlight drift through the cracks in the curtains in the early morning.

i have fallen in love with you so deeply, so infinitely. the earth seems boundless; our love can travel the world with us. i want to climb mountains with you, walk cobbled streets holding your hand, ride bikes through tuscan villages and swim in foreign seas with you. i want to eat crazy foods and drink fancy wine with you in cities we've never heard of, and then have a home to return to when we've come back from our adventures.

i want to come home at the end of a long day to a warm nook filled with love and music and you, to fall into your arms and be entangled with you all night long. i hope for a future filled with nothing but our love and all it can produce, for love is the meaning of life.
12.6.15 ~ 00:57
Marta Rampini Jan 2016
we talked about our eyes today.

you said mine were a forest green
while you stared into them,
and it surprised me because
normally you cannot decide exactly
what shade they are.

i said yours were always
the same blue,
like the reflection of the sky
in a stream.

maybe one day we can
run through the forest you saw
in my eyes, and swim
in the stream i saw in yours.
Marta Rampini Dec 2015
watch the flight of birds
as they float across the tears
of the lost sailors
circa 2013
Marta Rampini Nov 2015
i read poetry in your eyes - the
gentle love words float from your
seafoam blue eyes and into
my healing heart, and i can
read your words wherever i go,
as long as you love me,
forever i'm yours.
x missing you x
Marta Rampini Oct 2015
for the past few days, you've occupied my thoughts -
they drive me insane, and make me miss you lots

memories of intertwined fingers while walking on cobbled stone,
or your lips painting love across my collarbone

only remind me we have weeks left to go
until our next hello
quick thought
Marta Rampini Oct 2015
i crave you so much
that my body aches,
and it's hard to
believe that there are
mere days between us

but the overwhelming
truth is that all the pain
will dissipate the
moment your lips touch
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