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One of the most moving photos I have ever seen
was that of a young lady
laid face down on the grave of her
who didn't make back from the Vietnam war
the most heartbreaking picture I've seen but so many like her who lost there loved one for what reason I don't
I was a teenager when the war was shown every day on the news I never understood It and most who lost there lives were not much older than
That picture of that young lady laid on her sweethearts grave and all around her endless white crosses of the fallen have left a lasting Impression on me
And tells me It just goes to  show all It takes one little spark before we know it we would be ordered to start killing each other what a sad world we
live In
The most moving photo Ive ever seen a young lady laid on her sweethearts grave surrounded by endless white crosses she lost her loved one to the Vietnam war
EmVidar Mar 3
her friend had vanished with him. leaving us alone on the couch. cautiously I turned to the blue haired girl. leaning her head back towards me, I wondered what was on her mind. asking and in her response she smiled. "I'm not looking for love or anything, just something to write about". so stupidly I kissed her. and she
broke my nose
This poem is about being used by people who couldn't be honest. A story had floated around my school and people hadn't bothered to ask for her side of the story. Unfortunately she hadn't responded the way she had hoped and ended up losing a part of her
I'm brOKen Jan 7
To it ceased,
My folds increased
I cut the folds
Left me deceased

It's my disease
Makes me a beast
My lines of symmetry
Showed my cemmetry

That's not right-
A polygon,
With too many sides
One for everyone
For their delight.

A side for you,
There's enough so feast
I'll be what you want
The least of these
Caitlin Feb 3
I'm told I don't see your true colors, I see you through rose coloured glasses.
I try to convince them that they don’t know the person I have grown to love.
The only person I’m fooling is myself.
Sunshine Dec 2018
Always look on
the bright side
Even if you
have to use a flashlight
Arcassin B Dec 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Peace less,
Heart in pieces,
What's the thesis ?
Fill in the creases,
Follow directions,
What's the lesson?
Too many lessons,
They don't teach,
Fake smiles,
Theres no reason,
Leave them speechless,
Flow through some trees,
No one gets a prize,
No being nice,
But I suffice,
No troubling me.
all by lone.
I see life on the other side.
was a prisoner in my home,
but it wasn't my home,
happy I survived
all by lone.
I see life on the other side.
was a prisoner in my home,
but it wasn't my home,
new beginnings have arrived...
Follow ya' lil' heart and everything will alright,
I know that sounds corny but its in this thing called life,
No you ain't , gone settle for less like the others,
Too good to be undercover,
There are new things to discover,
Don't follow the others...
all by lone.
I see life on the other side.
was a prisoner in my home,
but it wasn't my home,
happy I survived
all by lone.
I see life on the other side.
was a prisoner in my home,
but it wasn't my home,
new beginnings have arrived.
Willow Nov 2018
Picture  a Rubix Cube.
Boxes fixed on an axel
Colored stickers plastered on each one.
If you are missing a piece,
The whole cube will fall apart.

The Cube will collapse.
Did you know?

In your mind, I bet the cube
Was shaped in a perfect box.
Symmetrical sides, 90 degree angels.
Maybe the colors in order, maybe not.
Either way, all parts in tact.

Picture a Rubix Cube.
Each box apart of me,
All Connected, with near infinite combinations.
Every side says something.
What can I show you next...

Is all in clarifying the question.
Why don't you just ask?

I am a Rubix Cube
And you will never solve me.

If you want to try
All you need to do is ask.

Just ask for the answer key!
Marie-Lyne Oct 2018
For there are two sides of life
and it's okay if
you belong to one side
Mary Frances Oct 2018
I am a collection of shattered,
broken glasses.
My sides and edges are sharp
and may cause a wound
to whoever dare to hold me in their hands.
You may think that only my large shards can hurt but the truth is,
it's the small ones that can create the most pain.

Despite these things, is your love still
willing to embrace my brokenness?
exist Oct 2018
either i have butter fingers
or happiness is coated in butter
because i can’t seem
to hold on to it
sad “happy” sad “happy”
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