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Jay M Mar 2019
Mere mortals may laugh,
Alas, I am no mere mortal;
For I am strange,
I may act innocent,
But I am a caged beast,
Or at least part of me...

The other part is kind,
A truly gentle creature,
But if you dare underestimate me,
I shall be your undoing.

- Jay M
October 29th, 2018
Lulu Sarmiento Aug 2020
Do you think you can handle me?
I can’t even handle myself.
Oh dearie me!
What a shame!
The Messiah Jun 2020
You're yes or else
you're no;

no middle way
to go;

you're anti Christ
or pro.
I see You in leaves.
A light side contrasts the dark.
Bringing joy with Hue.
George Krokos May 2020
The wheel of Karma has many sides and layers
and in a person’s life involves numerous players.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Passion May 2020
Be bold                                                             ­                                                   
Be stubborn                                                         ­                                               
Never fold                                                             ­                                             
You were born to run                                                              ­                        

                                      ­                                                          You pice of ****
                                                            ­                              You ******* failure
                                                                ­                        You’ll never make it
                                                              ­                   You could never endure

Thoughts flow faster then my hands may move how could I capture what does rapture me? Can someone help me I am so torn and this struggle is real but no one lintels can you please listen and take time to read this little things I have to say. At times this is an outlet other times its just a hobby but I want to be accepted but I know I won’t be. But thanks for reading I hope you liked the show. I got to go but I’ll be back later.
Corrinne Shadow Mar 2020
For a ride,
I'll show you
My darker side.  

Mild flavor,
Sweet to savor,
Untouched lips:
A lady's favor.

Innocent though I may seem,
Never doubt the wicked gleam
That's only ever once been seen
By light of eerie moor moonbeam.
Devil Atticman Feb 2020
Love is more than tender words!
Love is to have spoke them first.

In love, which many feel to all,
Still one before another falls.

Is love the 'life' and 'death' in dance;
A shield that not let either pass?

Know that love drives every hand,
So 'love' met 'love',
And razed their lands.
dati dizu dan dato chipu
Fie Tarp Feb 2020
It’s been a while
I thought I was happy
I am happy, but something still holds on
Panicking, sweating and embarrassed
I don’t like you but I miss you sometimes
I will not forget the terrible things you did and still do
You broke me and I will not forgive you
In a glance, I see the happy and beautiful person I fell in low with
On the other side
It hurts to see you like that
On deep water, and I don’t know you anymore
I’m nothing to you, just a stranger
It’s been a while and here we are
Lemon Nov 2019
I'm a user
              A loser
                        And an abuser

I'm a giver
               A taker
                          And a heartbreaker

I'm a hurter
                 A nurture

A sister
          And a misser

But most of all
                      I'm human

A mistake maker
                         And problem causer

An ungrateful brat
                              A hard working rat

I'm somethin sweet
                              And somethin mean

Just the right amount
                               To destroy or build anything

So keep this in mind
                            When becoming my friend

For I dont choose who I destroy
                                        They choose me instead
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