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Kyle Duran Feb 1
From the doorway
to the table and chairs

Things are starting
to happen

At ease never
felt so lasting

Welcome being

Shine when
credit is due

Our minds harbor
true forms

It just takes
time to foster

When found
wear it proudly

What do you think?
ohellobeautiful May 2019
us humans—we are a
powerhouse for change
a true celestial force
to be reckoned with

did you know
that when we clap
down here on earth
our neighboring planets
are affected by it?

so when we cry until
we cant feel our face
or when we laugh
until our bellies ache
the whole Universe
feeels us shake

our vibrations
are so much louder
than we think
we are so much more
powerful than we
could ever see
our thoughts
literally become things
all of consciousness
is woven into a blanket
of all that we think

and mostly
we are unconscious
in how we guide
our self talk
but it’s never too late
to remember
what we forgot

create a whole
entire new you
with the new
patterns you grew

so let’s make more room
for healing our lives
by rearranging our mind
into a catalyst for light
Hayley Cusick Jan 2019
space is never ending
between you and me
stretching and bending
finding ways to grow
quietly moving
and expanding
I just can't seem to get close
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
The light tail of the tail light leaves me blue in the dark hues
… when it carries away what I belong to…
Unfolding the tar-black sky of asphalt, the longest arm of missing you…
My body is now the distance between us, big and empty,
The bigger, the emptier, thinner than air…
As time piles up, my ladders turn into pointless meters
Measuring the ratio of nothing in everything
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Night’s open black book,
Tells million stories of light;
Ever expanding!
ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
in the depth of
my sea of losses
lies a flicker of fate
and it dances to flames
that still echo your name

a moment is a movement
in the endless waves at sea
but the instant that we met
the world was as still as can be

i can feel the wooden floor
beneath my sandy, bare feet
and goosebumps lined my body
as your eyes locked in a gaze with me

all i see are blues and greens
combined with all my hopes and dreams
when your tongue spoke foreign tones
i felt my heart synch to your beat

i ******* breath inside your teeth
and feel your rhythm in my feet
forever was occurring
in one momentary
glimpse of We

our bodies became illusions
i saw no ending inside of me
no beginning to your vessel
for we had blended into
e v e r y t h i n g
E McNamara Mar 2018
My mind the ocean
Waves crashing, always changing.
Ships sinking,
Sitting on the ocean floor, forgotten.
Ships thriving,
Discovering new land, flourishing.
Ships sculpted,
Brand new, setting out to sea-
Freshly crafted.
The ships like my sailing thoughts,
My thoughts are always sailing.
I lay here waiting in my skin for the tearing of the membrane
that seperates this world from the next one and I let myself
get carried along by a fresh stream of reasoning until I
flare up in the dark like a new species of amoeba

this balancing and spinning around on an atom and just not
falling off it becomes boring at times and maybe because of that
sporules once landed here to grant us the possibility
of another possibility

I lay here waiting and I manage not to drown just like only
an almost newborn baby can and being born in 1983
means nothing here in the swelling infinity
of the abnormal

my skin has been waiting for new atmospheres for decades
and the touch of unknown forms makes me shudder with
raw impervious happiness because invisible energy
effervesces alongside my arms and the eyes in my skull
could be anyone’s right now

suddenly the waiting is forgotten and I wallow myself
in the gathered fairy tales of every soul that preceded me
carelessly astonished and uncapable of understanding
the seriousness of this absurd life

inside me irrational poetry dances
like a tribe jumping around a bonfire

outside the universe
dances her own eternity
round and round
Peter Kiggin May 2016
Mrs Little Spider.

spinning little spider making all your webs;

you make em coz you're hungry then you make some baby little eggs.

what's wrong little spider you're looking very old;

your children have all grown up but you look sad sitting on the window sill gettin chilly and cold.

settle down little spider I'm sure you know that life to you is held so very dear;

and when you go to heaven you know that your children and I will shed a little tear.

so good night little spider with your spindly little legs;

I've enjoyed your company very much and thank you for keeping the flies away with your beautifully symmetrical perfect spinning webs.

Goodbye............................. Mrs Little spider.
Invocation Aug 2015
It was the same when I gazed into the abyss
The eyes of the unknown catching my attention
Haunting in that I could not tear my eyes away
Every moment we lock into eachother I'm losing my memory
Every sight of your smile and the taste of your laugh on my lips

My heartbeat quickens when we touch, and I lose the ability to speak...

And you might be a grand idea or a chemical in my brain
You might be my savior or a heavy dream
You could bring me out of misery or take me to the depths
Whatever you want, whatever happens is my fate now

I'll leave my companions to stay by your side
I'll enjoy the silence of each our minds working separately
It's okay if you don't try to impress me
It's okay if I don't astound you
I'll take extra steps to be careful this time
I'll take my inner light and wear it on my skin

It's okay if you don't notice my chest heave when you're near...

And you could be a grand idea or a chemical in my brain
You could be my savior or a heavy dream
You have the power to raise me from my misery
But with a small word you could send me to the deep

Whatever happens
Whatever happens is my fate now...

You've got to be a grand idea stemming from chemicals in my brain
You're a savior in my heavy dreams
You use your power to raise me from my misery
And drag me from the dark deep

You're the humming in my lips that drives me to sing
You're the burning in my legs that moves me to dance
You placed your hand into my head and left prints
Now there are places still feel you
There are places you belong

You could be a grand idea or a chemical in my brain
Causing me to break down and go insane
You could be a savior or a heavy dream
You save me from myself
Whatever happens is my fate now
Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head
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