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Asominate Nov 2018
It's always the good ones that go to waste
Can't undo the past yet deleted files I still chase
Loss of identity, leaves me traumatized for phases
Only just a little child, way too young for these foretaste

I miss the time where I taught persons actually cared
I miss the time when I taught that people were there
I miss the time when only Satan was evil
I had to find out that the bads ones were the people.
Just another vent poem from yours truly. For the like hundredth time now. Just saying.
Sometimes I feel like I'm too young for all this "wisdom" contained in my skull.
Gabriel burnS Aug 2018
Drooling on my heart
clawing for the treat
those eyes in ambush
lying in uneasy wait
on the brink, sharpened teeth
savoring the foretaste
breathing in the promises
I will not delay
the inevitable

lips all blades
my skin a sea of pins
bristled for the kiss
tongues coiling for the cut
the cold caress and warm
metallic flavor
sweetness in the air calls
******* the shadows
de-scent... the scent... descent
Cool down
Absorb by nature
To stay awhile
For a little bit longer

As the wind pass by  
The Green Leaves of Natures
Dances through the rhyme
Bask of time

Get awe and wonder
Thrilled in trill
As you would admire
To climb the highest falls

A glance of it
For a foretaste of good time
Would not be a kiss goodbye
It’s a treasure of a lifetime

An hour of silence
Let your dreams remind
While you’ll be captivated
As yourself search inside

It’s beauty
It’s pride
As you are surrounded by
And embraced by nature

created on 11-30-2013

note: Tagbibinta Falls is located in Maragusan Compostela Valley Province.
          A nature made and one of the great tourist spot in Compostela Valley  Province or in the Davao  
          Del Norte as a whole.

— The End —