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Days at home and I have started hearing things,
My furniture and home appliances seem to talk to me.
My bed says "Come and lie down,
Enjoy tea in me,"
My pillows say,"Hug us,relax everything is going to be fine.
As I entered the kitchen my toaster jumped up to warn me of my wife's mood,
Too late, we started arguing and the vacuum told me to **** it up,
To make matters worse the washing machine put a different spin on everything.
The T.V and my mobile threatened to die if I did not give them rest,
Furious I banged the front door,
The door **** advised me to get a grip,
But the door screamed I was unhinged,
At that my fan soothingly said it would soon blow over,
At last the curtains ordered me to pull myself together.
Was lockdown can play havoc on your mind.
Many questions have been raised on my nature
The most of them by myself, but also by the people;
The funny thing in the huge number the questions assume:
They can be answered by one word: Vacuum.

From those questions, some may please me
Like "What art are those that may lead thee?"
Or "What limit has been reached by your knowledge?";
They are rare but I like when I'm asked on my storage.

While there are questions I barely like
Like "Why are you a person whom we barely like?"
Or "Why are you so different and not alike?";
Let's answer them by a single strike:

My nature is like the nature's nature:
There's no place where's no creature;
So, what I'm fighting is what the nature's fighting,
Where is darkness there must be lighting:

Vacuum, I'm all fulfilled with emptiness,
If there's ten planets I need a twentieth,
I wish to fulfill my eager to be fulfilled
Even if by the pressure of that knowledge I'll be killed.
Michael H Sep 2019
What a ******* *******,
you really ******* are.
If ***** were made from hydrogen,
you'd be a ******* star!

Fuel for ******* hatred,
Burning without end.
Ensconced by ******* vacuum,
because you've got no ******* friends.
Nigdaw Jun 2019
I wrestle you out of the cupboard under the stairs
Every weekend
Scaring the ******* out of the cat
Who by now knows what is happening,
Perceived as a fight to the death
Filled with electric noise, until finally
I tame the monster and put it to bed
He elects to hide
In the kitchen, under the table.

We dance the waltz of cleanliness
Over carpet, lino, round litter trays
Up stairs and across bookcases
Just you and I, an odd couple
Locked in a battle against dirt and dust
The build up of bacteria (yuk!)
Cleaning away the footprint of a week
On the possessions of our life.

My wife doesn't know about us
You and me and our OCD
We share for an hour, or so, while she's out
Shopping, drinking coffee, with her mum
Ours is a secret affair
******* cat fur out of the crevices,
When I am done we part company
Hiding our passion behind closed doors
Until we meet again, next saturday

My love.
Pyrrha Apr 2019
My love fills the vacuum of space
It melts the ice caps in the north
Reaches to the center of the earth
Stretches from sea to sea
Yet my love still can’t seem
To find you

My love screams above the thunder
It sings softer than a lark
Turns lava into rock
Fills the stars with light
Yet my love still can’t seem
To reach you

My love grows roses in the sand
It turns shadows into sunlight
Makes salt taste like sugar
Takes strolls across the universe
Yet my love still can’t seem
To touch you
Jon Thenes Apr 2019
(not ringing)
Bringing shrill
in a sense vacuum
a violence

Mewing, gut string taut
shock shell
instrument strung
along the centre of a tester tube

Abused sense-fully
with over leaden silence
packed tomb
provision tank
a violence

admin crowding
crowning grin
audience of labcoaters
a tinny able
a stint completed in this pressure test
out come;
all fists and winning
soldier born
a re-spun sinner
Guinea Pig
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
The light tail of the tail light leaves me blue in the dark hues
… when it carries away what I belong to…
Unfolding the tar-black sky of asphalt, the longest arm of missing you…
My body is now the distance between us, big and empty,
The bigger, the emptier, thinner than air…
As time piles up, my ladders turn into pointless meters
Measuring the ratio of nothing in everything
silvervi Dec 2018
Forgot how to poem
Forgot how to rhyme
Tryin to find ways
To express myself

My void on the inside
Doesn't leave me much
I can't really say how I feel
Can't really reach it or touch

Got some physical pain
Cause the body knows
When the emptiness within me
Grows and my soul hurts

All this vacuum is there for me to hide
What I feel so bad about and what I mind

I don't see it all but it is there
It's invisible but I am tryin to share
Feeling empty after a bad incident in my family. Trying to find ways to express this inner void. I know that eventually I'll find peace again and poetry always helps to speed up the recovery
Pamela Chan Dec 2018
Left right up down
Zoom in zoom out
A slight expression of
Just press the button
In a vacuum
No need to listen
No need to respond or react
In order to be correct
in a vacuum
The mind pulls itself away from worries
The heart stops worry
In a vacuum
0300 in the morning
Too tired to mumble
Just four hours to go
Back to reality
Eyes close
Must take a nap
Cyber Let’s meet again tomorrow.
Sehar Bajwa Sep 2018
And when you feel I’m slipping lightyears away
i will remind you how my world still
revolves around you.
i will brush out your dark holes with
constellation kisses as we lay counting stars.

And when you feel lonely
i will traverse galaxies to be by your side
as i share the secrets of my universe with yours.
i will hold you closer than my gravity will permit me
and I will crush all the space debris that dare look your way fragment by fragment
as I heal your craters with moondust.

in the darkness of your eclipses,
I will wait in the shadows to watch
You rise again.
We will waltz under meteor showers
and wish upon shooting stars as we dwarf Jupiter
With our amorous infinitudes.

when you feel vacuum within you
I will carve you a supernova heart
giftwrapped in spaceflowers
To fill the void.

I'll love you to Eris and back
As you reinvent a Big Bang for me
Where I started with nothing and suddenly have everything.
a universe too small for my love
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