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Simon May 2021
I tend to follow the key notion of something that balances on a single harmless 'tightrope.' Something that can't look down (even in the slightest of quick 'desirable' glimpses). Because if you do...then you will pay the price of simply having then seen something that has yet to make proper sense. This idea, hints at a single notion...that had yet to fully introduce itself to the main issue at hand...that starts with one thing and one single thing, only... You become entirely something that you’re not, when and only have seen what that single notion truly speaks about. And what the very idea truly speaks of (once you know this...), you can then fully begin to not feel scared anymore. Because being scared when up high on a single piece of material (that definitely, regardless of what it looks, or seems like, fully resembles without a doubt… A harmless…tightrope.) Now, you all the sudden start randomly walking forward on that seemingly harmless tightrope, and suddenly as by no far-stretch of the imagination to handle, properly, and appropriately), you start immediately using your incredible creativity to simply imagine the straightest line, imaginable. All so that very creativity could then of course help you align a single (properly hopeful) imaginary linear line (for your own line of sight to slow down your own pace of everything in your entire self). Slow down concentration (to help you see more visuals and the insights that piece together faster, where you'd find the pattern a lot quicker, then before). Even going as far as to simply (also) slow-down your own focus (where that will fully determine the very readiness in itself, you reacted upon), just so you could then better prepare yourself accordingly (ahead of time). While now VASTLY concentrating on not single-handedly falling for your dear life! Then you have yet to properly read between the lines. If you succeed in doing that very thing... You will see (not just why 'I write'...) But how you succeed in finding the missing key (inside your very self), that actually makes you witness the very dynamic meaning simply as too... ‘Why Do You Write?’”
We all write for the same number of reasons as for why we simply..."write whatever comes to our minds", or even more simple... "We write whatever comes from the truest depths of our souls!" (As they say....)
ryn Apr 2021
Will he
from a

Will he
be the
of bated

Will he
to the calls of the
nether after?

When he
indulges in
romanticised notions
of untimely
Dez Apr 2020
Write about your feelings
Write about your dealings
Write about your emotions
Write about your notions
Write about anything you want
Write about what does haunt
Write about your life
Write about your strife
Write about your happy times
Write about it all in rhymes
Gabriel burnS Aug 2019
An emergentsea
See thisease
ply beneath
The softestsign
We carri
Un-fin(e)d allyou’re
Carefully delivered
FRITZ Feb 2019
amniotic caves. brushing up and flavors darting round your tongue.
     dancing and
          fresh soft and smelling like snow they
               melted in the sunlight of your eyes.

                                       eye am sound.

a birth a vacancy pushed. major arteries walled surrealist retaliates so often shot subtle and then rearranged.

can you hear me?

                               from out of the ooze eye return.
Gabriel burnS Jan 2017
Love doesn't rhyme;
the rules imposed,
the frames we chose,
do not apply,
although we try
to tame its flow
we sink below,
we seek
salvation by escape;
we bravely dove
but there's the threat
of drowning

the rhythm
and the melody
it's giving us,
all random...
but do we
lose ourselves
to find them,
or is it them
we lose
to find ourselves,
I cannot help
but wonder...
My love you are not romance but dance of life
Let us explore all beauty of life just step by step
Whether we are on flowers thorns or edge of knife
But we should never ever lose audacity of pep

So be ready to accompany me on a strange path
Where we touch the heights or go down the drain
Which may bring in all luxuries of life or wrath
So love is purely matter of heart and not the brain

Let me embrace my love once with real emotions
Let us enjoy union of real existence in real ecstasy
Which may be award of our pure innocent notions
Which may make us more accommodating and free

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
SassyJ Feb 2016
Crossroads (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
== Crossroads ==
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Complexities we create

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Insatiable was the menu we served exclusively
The culinary gourmet, marked in Michelin stars
The 5 course preparation of paradise on a dish
The interval of forks, spoons, knives and platters
For I drool it all, still you can’t see the stained print
I reverse the stilled portrait and you stare amused
Tainted as the stringed moonlight crawled unearthed

Take this bulb, for I have smashed it see this bruise
The blooded finger prints, the imprint of fine justice
I breath the freshness of the mist but it evaporates
My mind cascading  to the pitted grounded roots
The sun rays blows to blind, its my lidded perspective
The unparalleled horizon casting on glittered aisle
Send them all home, the show is paused,cancelled

Reality is the diverse of confusing notions and illusions
A multiplication of complexities that we have created
The absolute happiness remains a psychological concept
The happen stance of nature entwined with freedom
To exist yet persist and bloom like a yeasted dough
Encircling reputations, reflections to heavy to bury
I come back home to announce a new found hope
KL Taguiam Dec 2015
We all have seen
and different situations
that questions
everything we have learned,
and heard.
It is up to us whether to
label those things
as mere fallacies,
or to uphold them
as utter truths.
But this isn't always the case.
The process of acceptance
is not always easy.
It involves a lot of self-berating,
listless moments,
melancholic states,
and finally,
reluctant adaption,
to the current norms,
and societal views,
that forces us to change
our views,
our versions of truths,
our perception of reality,
and our own self-image.
We must always beware
those situations; let it not
deter you.
For, dear, you are
what you are,
and what you believe;
your conviction,
your truths,
your freedom from
these mind-altering moments,
will not be taken away from you.
Do not let yourself
be washed away
by the waves of
To the gullible. May this piece never offend you.
Stellar Notions Jul 2015
who is stellar notions?

if only I knew

full of rapid emotions

just as angry as you

riding black oceans

with no land in view

I'll just keep my devotions

as a secret

or two
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