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Seanathon Jan 5
Short the conscious span
Clicks mere seconds on a clock
Which ticks and talks more
Quietly than by we know
No conversation lasts long
A lot of what I write and struggle with is just the basic human emotion of emptiness. The realization that the new car, new friend, or newly arrived Amazon package will not fulfill your true hearts desire. This is life. God is God. And no enticing conversation will ever last.

Sunday Seven (or S7) is a series of tanka verses (57577) which I completed one cloudy Sunday afternoon. With topics ranging from the faithfulness of dawn to the depths if the ocean home, I hope you enjoy reading them and can appreciate the height and depth of this variety.
Jac Jul 2019
promise me
when you come

i will go on my knees
and beg,
to not make it a one night

stand with your values
handle with care
please do not leave me in despair
Gabriel burnS Jan 2019
The moon is a question mark,
A door of the night
And I am none of its answers
But I enjoy the conversation
Isaac Nov 2018
You can literally lock into God,
The creator and source of all reality.
That is the answer right there.
That is what he has been getting at this entire lifetime.
That. Locking into him, relationally.
Conversing intimately every new day and unique moment.
That is the hack to reality.
It is how you can win in this reality.
Written 3 November 2018
Seanathon Dec 2016
All that I want, and think that would be best to be, right now, is out in front of me. Presented here within these words, which I crafted deep from within. And to say that I in some way, am too much for you right now. That is cowardice towards what ere could be. So don't claim to know what a word really means, when you want to craft alongside a wordsmith like me.
Remeber... I'm not a machine.
Cori MacNaughton Sep 2015
In the wee hours
as the crickets chirp
and frogs and owls converse
a forest symphony
outside my window

I am reminded why I came here
not so long ago
for the glory of the Milky Way
the Moon and all the stars

as far away from light pollution
as we could have come
for the river
for the woods
for the quiet

And on those days when I would trade
our winters for a song
I think of all the years it took
to bring me to this place

I walk the woods in gratitude
for all our many gifts
and think
the owls feel the same
I wrote this as I went to bed last night, around 3 AM, and at least three large owls were calling to one another.  One was very close, another a bit farther away, and a third I could barely hear; if there were others, they were beyond my range of hearing.  The frogs, crickets and other sounds of the woods gave the background for the sound tapestry.  

Interestingly, as I finished the poem, the owls apparently moved on, as if they had done their job.  ;-)  We have a number of different species in our woods, and I'm not certain which these were, but they were clearly larger owls.

Written 28 Sept 2015, All rights reserved.
Kaye B Anderson Apr 2014
"I love you."

Their true feelings spoken, There's something to be said,
To share their feelings - they're no longer weak.
As they lay there in bed.
As they lay there unafraid to speak.

They can't see their future without one another.
A deep a relationship, they are almost there.
Emotions still roar like thunder.
Hopes and Dreams, they now share.

Not just sleeping together, but Making love.
They hide no secrets, Tell no lies.
Each other - They're proud of.
Arguments now lead to Compromise.

It's their first time.
Emotions take over.
Touching, Kissing, Feeling,
Passion - the wait is over.

Their feelings for each other, yet again, grow.
Every one gets along fine.
Questions, Answers, Conversations flow.
Nervous - Meeting the family for the first time.

He says he wants to be more serious - She agrees.
Relationship is stronger.
Arguments forgiven.

Would we happy with each other?
What we have, is this right?
Frustrated with each other.
First fight.

He is lost in her beauty.
Many Dates passed, the first now a memory.
Dates and Dinners, Drinks and Movies.
Date two, Date three.

The first kiss - He gave her.*
A memorable night.
Both on their best behaviour.
A romantic dinner over candlelight.

No hesitation shown.
Arranged first date - No-one stalled.
Spoke for the first time on the phone.
Nervous -  Dialling their number, *first call.

Exciting emotions unlocked.
The start of a relation.
Numbers swapped.
Shared a conversation.

**"Hello, Nice to meet you!"
Backwards Love.      ***READ POEM BACKWARDS***


A story told backwards, A poem written backwards. I started from the bottom to the top. From " Hello, Nice to meet you!" all the way to "I love you"

This poem can be read 4 ways:
1) From top to bottom.
2) From bottom to top. (backwards)
3) Read only the sentences in bold, from top to bottom, and of course,
4) Read only the sentences in bold, from bottom to top.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The name that came to mind for this poem, is 'Backwards Love', since writing this love story backwards was my intention. Though because it can be read four ways, I also thought of the title 'Love - Four ways'. What do you think?


   Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved by Kayelee (Kaye) B. Anderson.    
Warning: All of my work (poems/creative writing posted on is protected by Copyright laws and I will not take any copying (stealing) of any of my work lightly.

— The End —