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Gabriel burnS Aug 2019
An emergentsea
See thisease
ply beneath
The softestsign
We carri
Un-fin(e)d allyou’re
Carefully delivered
Eloisa Jul 2019
And I dreamt in colors
Different hues I’ve never seen before
With us in a room bursting with every shade of the rainbow
Sparkly, bright, shining with life and affection
And an easel seemed to be waiting for
a lovely portrait
With love and lust blended on a bright palette
You began painting my canvas with soft and gentle strokes
A stream of kaleidoscopic liquid flowed
in my body and seeped within my heart
Sweat and tears splattered on the floor
A portrait was painted with pure love
and passion
And now I wore your paint deep within my skin
With your color pigments embedded in my soul
I didn’t want that dream to end
annh May 2019
Her thoughts, gathered on the in-breath, are misplaced on the out-.

As her memories float free of their moorings, ninety summers fill the late-afternoon room with a kaleidoscope of people and places: a young girl in a home-made dress plays tag with her brother in a Provençal orchard; a dark-haired teenager waits at a station fiddling with the yellow star pinned to her cardigan; a Milanese tailor embroiders freshwater pearls onto a snow white wedding bodice; and - over by the window - a dashing young cavalry officer, with eyes which reflect my own, stands in the shade of a blue jacaranda.

‘J'ai oublié,’ she whispers as I nuzzle her cheek goodbye.

You may have forgotten, Bubbe, but I have not the stories you have told me.

‘We are a kaleidoscope of complicated intricacies. A million different facets of light and darkness.’
- K. M. Keeton
sweet ridicule Apr 2016
Dancesong soul your
gentle yet competent –oh so competent—
fingers are mesmerizing with
chipped baby blue nail polish
adorning the clear keratin
you often forget exists.

you also quickly cease to remember that
You Exist.  kaleidoscopic and symphonious
tremors of life can break
you in violent waves or soft
eucalyptus scented embraces
oscillating between ecstasy and
euphonious melancholy
is Okay.

raging with life
stay vivacious and full of
sweet scented oils and soft yet strong
--oh so strong—
for my dearest friend
AM Mar 2016
if a flower blooms each time
my heart is falling for you
then I will turn this world
into a kaleidoscopic garden
yovanny andres Apr 2014
her kaleidoscopic eyes puts a spell on me, a spell that makes me paralyzed in every single move that i tend to make.
a spell that puts maximized intensity in the analysations & fantasies that's keeping me awake at night and dreamy in the morning rise.

— The End —