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Maria Mitea Sep 2020
You made love feel so beautiful,
so wonderful, and so difficult to have,
when all is left is burning hope,
when all is felt is pain and despair.

and the days seem lightless,
and the nights are darkless,
and the dreams are dreamless,
carrying it higher and higher.

waiting for the september leaves to fall,
waiting for the rain dressing in snowflakes,
waiting for the wildflowers to grow
in between jagged rocks perennial love.

Why God,
When spring comes love’s back in the sky?
Gabriel burnS May 2020
Autumn leaves
But not her leaves
Where she lies

Beneath the ribs
She roots her trees
Deeper than the skies
And deeper yet
And deeper still
Than the living chains
Of freedom

Perched upon the windowsill
Her eyes tow wings
Whose whispers sing
The name of her reverie
Тръгва есента
Но не и нейните листа
Където е останала

Изпод ребра
Вкоренила дърветата
По-дълбоко от небето
И все повече
И още по-...
От живите вериги
На свободата

Накацали перваза
Очите ѝ теглят крила
Чийто шепот напява
Името на нейния блян
Gabriel burnS Oct 2019
Солта е (гора) иглолистна

Целогодишната истина

Чиито очи цветовете Ти не сменят


Salt is… (a forest) coniferous

Truth perennial

Whose eyes don’t ever shed your colors
silver on gold
Yani Oct 2018
Have you ever stumbled upon a flower,
       next to her, you were seated;
       a gaze you never gave,
       and time passed by just like that.
She didn't bloom as you expected her to be,
       shining under the sun's rays,
       a bud that didn't open -- yet
       existing yet not appealing -- she was just about to bloom.
Have you ever stumbled upon a flower,
       as the sun was setting, you stood up;
       "please wait," she was begging
       yet you never loved her so you left.
The shy flower, yes it's tiny
       no one would pick her, no one was there;
       twenty feet, her perfume travelled;
       it was her time to flourish at night.
You never loved that flower,
       neither picked her petals nor sniffed its scent;
       she ended up saying "I love you,"
       with lost worth, is she the unlucky one?

She was a tender perennial, you unlucky one.
Tender perennial: They take a little extra work, but they are worth the effort.
mint Apr 2018
you felt like an eternity
beating hearts
desperate need
an hour long conversation-


why... can’t I remember the sound of your voice anymore?

you made us into mayflies, love

an eternity looped into one day

you were so skilled at that
twisting time to suit you

and i was always here thinking that it just wasn’t our time

but our time was forever
but our time
is nothing
Fridge Jul 2016
I  will sing,
For all the quiet and everyone that is blind,

I will live,
To shout in front and not be mute behind,

And If I die,
remember everything I heard and see,
remember most of all,
with youth by my side,
That I died free
Part 1 of 9.

Perennial - Long lasting
Leal Knowone Mar 2015
you shook my status as mere mortal,as you opened up Satan's portal, achieve true greatness
true power, the omnipotent godliness, begging the end when the end should begin
different yet accepted by the black sheep, and the wolf, pit against the weak
archetypal situation bleak,beware of what you dream for,entrails spread across the floor
you'll pray for death, when they all find out, the wicked darkness from the dragons mouth
now I live in the borderlands,blood and **** within the sand,Blood of every man
we've lost the keys to the kingdom. we must stop running in place, be the change you want
day dreams, must be a reality. sanity chosen inside the minds of the insane
being lost a perennial classic. you want them to see the little movie in your head
Christ posse, blue birds, and the doors is painted red
how do your dreams match up against this created reality you exist in now
the city of the dead, the cities have all burned down
Wuji Seshat Oct 2014
Help, Lord; for the godly has ceased in me;
For the faithful frail part of me has died
And this world’s corruption eats at my Will
My Will to Love, my tongue that’s silent
Our lips are our own: but where is my Divinity?
It does not reach for the stars
But is hidden in the shadow of my errors
I am oppressed by myself, my bad habits
And while I sigh for the needy, I am powerless
To help, to redeem this fate
The Words of the Lord of Love are pure
But purified now I am not, I am lost
Help, Lord; for the humble and the meek
Need a new kind of energy, strength, hope
When the vilest men are exalted, the most compassionate
Suffer the unbearable isolation of poverty
How long wilt thou forget me, Lord of Love?
How long wilt thou hide thy face from me?
I have been looking for you everywhere
In everyone, but only see glimmers now
Having sorrow in my heart daily
Consider and hear me, O Lord my cherished God.
Brock Kawana Apr 2014
Dear America,

Do not call my generation stupid.
We were the first group of kids to learn a computer.
Think about that society: A group of kids learned this intricate machine.* Yes, I'm talking about the O.G. Apples with the green type where you had to save with a floppy disk and if you put a magnet to the screen it went purple forever.
Yes those, same kids grew up and created everything you see before you now.

Do not call my generation ignorant.
In a short time span of years, as children, we learned about oral relations with interns and terrorist attacks.
From Clinton's impeachment to the World Trade Centers/Pentagon/Flight93 Somerset.
As children we learned; emphasis on the children part.
Our minds grew knowledgeable of a world at hand long before society gave us credit.
We grew up.

Do not call my generation lazy.
When we were sixteen and just received our license, gas rose to the highest it had ever been in our country's history.
We got underpaid and  disrespected jobs:
cleaning up bathrooms and serving your foot-longs.
The ability to travel on our own, it was our new found freedom.
Like the early travelers roaming new found lands:
Our wings were spread.

Do not call my generation weak.
We are the same group of people who entered college or the workforce with the worst economic fall since the Great Depression.
You ask, "What did it do to you?"
Buried us in more and more debt until it consumed our life.
But, we became enlightened.
We majestically thrived in the chaotic times by finding out who we are, what we are capable of and that life will take us our journeys before we even see it coming.
The light still shines even when you are buried the deepest.
It does not matter what you throw at us next.
We will rise and conquer. It's the world's hidden secret.
I'm proud to live in this time.
I hope you are too.
Never giving up is our morale.


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— The End —