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Ryan Clark Apr 2016
I saw the sun
in your eyes.
Like a moth to the flame
Burn me to my demise
How could we feel the same?
We were so blind...
Like Icarus in the sky
from such great heights.

We were such fools
to think we'd survive,
I don't know why
you'd let our light die.
Whats a boy to do,
without you by my side?
Guess I'll pack my things
and ride into the starry night.

Don't know where I'll go
but I'll be all right.
Burn a candle for my soul
in the pale twilight.
Now I head down this road
Yet my head still hangs high
Because I Will find myself
a Home

another song i wrote in poem form
Ryan Clark Jun 2016
A gust of wind
blows a lone leaf.
Without its roots
it solemnly flies;
Finding nurishment
in these new lands.
Tis a bitter sweet sentiment
for the wind
shall soon return
wisking away
the lonely leaf
and sharing it
with the world.

Every new place
brings new blessings.
A temporary warmth
that sooths
the soul.
It finds companions;
Yet truly
owns no home.
The moments are fleet
as a single heartbeat.
Another gust,
and again,
it flys alone.

the lonesome leaf
shall one day sleep
beneath the trees,
Taking root
in a loving place
for it to keep;
by the stars.
Untill the day
it makes its way,
Its 3am here in Madrid. Ive spent the past 30 minutes thinking this up. Ive tried to write others recently but its been hard to find my feelings. I want to put something up and i feel this is as close as it gets. My heart is a poet, but I'm lost to myself and forgot how to translate its language
S Bharat Feb 2020
The Wind

She bites me
And wispers, "You're freak."
For I say her,
"You're cool" when happy.
When sad,
"You're bleak."

S. Bharat
Diksha Prashar Sep 2019
Hypnotized by
Beauty of his
Curly brown
Magic twist,
Not a player
A true man
What he is?
A simple touch to him,
Twinkling eyes
Megawatt smile,
I find myself
Hoping to ride or die
True gem
Worth while
His beauty hypnotized
The wayward smile
Gabriel burnS Sep 2019
parallax movement of the clouds
beneath the dome of now departing summer
my eyes kept anchor till it tore
and so my wish was written
into the cloud, the vessel of my message
before I bid it farewell and let it go
a bottle in the sea whose lips
caress your shores


Фоново движение на облаците
Под купола на отпътуващото лято
Очите ми държаха котва, но се скъса
И тъй желанието мое бе написано
По облака, съда на моето послание
Преди се сбогувам и да го пусна
Бутилка във морето чиито устни
Милват твойте брегове
"Пътуване", translated into Bulgarian
renée May 2019
Look at you,
You’ve forgotten the solace of your mother’s warmth, the succor of your father’s love form
Look at you,
Begotten by one worthy pair and yet having failed to grant them an ample heir
Look at you,
Failure, you wayward daughter with eyes caught in the confines of dreams
And yet you’ve seen everything there is to see.
Sharon Talbot Mar 2019
These words keep arriving by post,
By phone and through the air:
They say, “I love you the most!”
And he’s always unprepared.

I dismissed them until I knew
What they could mean,
What they could do.

They let a young boy believe
In a dangerous fantasy
Of the young or naïve,
And give himself to ecstasy.

He’d already given himself away
To a girl who “merely loved” him;
He was swayed.
He was wounded by a whim.

How could his young heart
Know the anguish of love spurned?
Of changing minds and false starts?
That passion fades as quickly as it burns?

He was “crushed” when it ended;
His response, pure and true.
Still that phrase he insanely defended!
“I love you, I love you, and I love you”!

How hollow to me it still rings!
My beloved son in pain.
What makes a girl do these selfish things?
What is it that they gain?

Young hearts now seem to lack wisdom;
They’re so eager to believe.
Yet they haven’t the caution
It takes to give love and receive.

Summer, 2006
As a teen, our son kept falling in love with girls who used his feelings and then threw him away. This is just one episode!
AuEcologica Mar 2019
Wayward off you go towards where your feet take you
Wayward daughter, wayward son
To the end of the world, we go
Towards the edge of soil and liquids
To the end, we go.

Stubborn deceit,
                           love is a foreign air—
                                                            ­ we become the clothing we wear.

Wayward we go, to imagine our immortality;
to our sorrow; to our horror; to our heartless core, we found nothing more.

If our fate is to climb to the stars, a rule must be set never to forget the dirt, from which we were born. We become the clothing we wear.
Wayward Mar 2019
What is it about you that holds me smitten? Is it,

These hands,
These hands that send me to ecstasy.
These hands that entwine with mine.
These very hands that hold me close to you.

These lips,
These lips that caress my body, loving me, kissing me.
These lips that whisper "I love you".
These lips that entitle me as yours.

These eyes,
These eyes that look into my soul.
These eyes that hold promises of tomorrow.
These eyes that are drunk with love, love for me.
These eyes that see me and accept me for who I am.

This heart,
This heart that cares for me.
This heart that would chose me over and over again.
This heart that loves me.
This heart that belongs to me.
Oh the fantasy.
O hope y'all experience a love like this
Stay weird, stay wayward!
Much love xoxo
A M Ryder Feb 2019
Wayward in the depths
Soon the shark shall strike frame
Only then will we understand
How the thunder and rain
Could explain love and pain
In ways Shakespeare never could

Hoping only that
In the eye of every beholder
Is an artist who draws
Gentler conclusions
Than the ones we have about ourselves
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