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Con-artists are con-men
Artists they are
In relationships they are mixture of three traits
Psycopathy or sociopathy
Machiavellianism too
They only care for themselves
Not sorry for their actions
That hurt others
Avoid feelings of guilt
Blaming the victim
Justifying their actions
Such great people they are
They are artists with a con
It's for the peace of the spirit of the deceased
Con-artists may deride
For the peace of the spirit
I abide
joren's Feb 2019
I only like ice in my water
Because you cant water it down
Things stay the same and
the ice will just drown
homogeneous mixture
A tasteless substance
perfect diluteness
Be honest to me and
Help me get through this
is it clear to you now
Why I still pursue this
well its important to me. This poem is about thinking clearly or something like that. I read this a lot to focus before I write other stuff.
Gabriel burnS Oct 2018
carbon - the backbone
of our density
so unexpectedly flexible
that the marrow
is woven of poetry
Safira Najee Jun 2015
I am an odd mix of things lovely and foul, tame and wild, open and guarded.

Conscious Dec 2014
Pumpkins and sweets
Not a good combination
Scary ghosts and children
Not a good combination

Three knocks on the door
"Trick or treat!!?"
Smiles appear
All becomes a good combination

Tonight good lies in evil
Blood becomes red wine
Wolves hug sheep
Piggies enjoy their homes
Vampires drink water

And little red riding hood's grand ma gets to eat the treats

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Eleanor Rigby Oct 2014
The first time I loved you was
because you were caring and kind.
The second time
was for the exact opposite.

And the last was
for a mixture of both.


— The End —