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Milan Thomas Jun 5
I’ve always felt like I was looking for something impossible to find.
Searching for something or someone to fill this imaginary void, this emptiness left behind by fleeting lovers in the night.

So many times I’d thought I’d found it;
In a strangers touch , or a temporary moment of passion between bedsheets, naked bodies intertwined warm and present.
But that was never it, it could never be that simple.

It wasn’t a void that could just be filled by a attractive stranger
No matter how sweet his words or gentle his touch.
All that meant nothing.
I know that now.

I know that because I know that it’s you.
It’s always been you, of course it has.
Everyone else was just...just a pause button on us, a momentary plot twist, a what if moment.

Like one of those beautiful picture pages in a storybook,
Pleasing to the eye but all I wanted was to get to the next chapter, the next part of our story.

It was right there in front of me ,
black and white on the page but still I couldn’t see it.
But as I lay here listening to the whispers of the stars in the darkness, nothing could be more clear.

Every path I took, every turn in every road
Every current in the ocean lead me back to you.
James Apr 28
i am the moon
you are the sun
crossing paths
but always fading away
n Apr 14
sylvia plath watched all her figs rot
because she couldnt decide
which to eat

im watching my figs
and i dont want any of them.
not right now.

i know i need to eat.
i still want to eat.

i just don't feel hungry.
Eva B Apr 12
On the side of the path where overhead
treetops meet to tickle
each other, the roots
from two trees are knotted

Meet me by that knot.
Kiss me like you said
you would.
Steve Page Feb 28
Each line,
each sound enters a secret combination and swings wide a door of opportunity to me who follows
And as it appoaches it's close, the line turns and holds open that door, just for a few moments, before moving on,
and if you're quick enough, if you time it right, you who follow can take the weight without the skill needed to open it, and so you say your thanks
and then you too can pause as you look back and pass the weight , the opportunity onto a someone who follows on.

And so we follow, on to the turn of the next words of revelation,
timing and attention crucial to maintaining the flow of opportunity
until every now and then a mis-step necessitates a stretch, a reach and catch of the door, giving effort to reverse the swing and maintaining the offering of access
and in return we might receive a thank you from they who follow us.
And smiling, we follow on.
Ursula K le Guin: 'I see my job as holding doors open, opening windows, but who comes in and out the doors?'
Ameed Feb 25
nothing matters anymore
different paths were taken
emotions will degrade themselves
e v e n t u a l l y
la fin = the end (from French)
P panda Feb 25
Curious he seemed,
glaring at sky.
The five year old thought,
the stars followed him.

From the car window,
He glazed upwards.
Eyes sparkled
And he again leaped forward.

Mother see! the starts are following me.

Heart so supple
mind so clear,
The five year old felt the love
no one could hear.

Anxious, that if the night sleeps
the stars will loose their path.
Distressed with the thought,
he sat and to the window he leaped.

Eyes sparkled,
curious he asked,
Mother will the starts come home ?
and back he looked and smiled,
beholden that the stars looked at him.

The sky black,
full of stars
followed him
along the endless paths.

Little did he know,
the darkness waits for none,
down the road,
his stars were gone.
The only guarantee
If I had done things differently
Is that I wouldn't be right here
With you next to me
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