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Sophia May 20
is built from
and valleys
hills and creases

a body
a vessel
a shape
a form

mountains and valleys
beige yellow green and red
body is an arrangement
of forking paths

constructed by the devil
he is beautiful
in his sharp knife body
created from dust
before it could settle
Maybe you’ve known me your whole life
Maybe I just met you last night
I just hope I’ll be all you’ll ever need
If I’ve already met you,
I pray that I notice you the moment
You notice me
If our paths have yet to cross
I pray I’m ready for you
And that you are open to all of my possibilities
My insides are full of infinite beginnings and endings
you get to decide how you choose our fate

I just pray that I am ready for surrender
I have held up this sword and shield for so long
I don’t know
what I’m fighting against anymore
I’m afraid I’ve been fighting my demons for so long
That I don’t even remember how the war started
But I promise I’ll fight for you
I’m not sure if I want you to be a warrior
Or a lover
Can it be both?
Can the two swim together in balance,
Or do they battle to the death?
You can come and go as you please
Just promise you won’t do me like the rest
Steve Page Apr 26
Countless paths
Alternative routes
Only one guide
can see you through.
The way ahead is rarely clear.  Options are great, but I need guidance.
Yaser Apr 18
That which you see
with your third eye
Is that not the way
the spirit dies?

Not for an age
now have I seen
the dead that now
watch over me

Which way which way
can one turn?
For the eternal paths
I seek and yearn
lie awake
aways so far
and sit scorched with brimstone,
blood and char

Where new meets old
and the old, arcane
Strange as the sound
of unfell rain

Aeons pass
and aeons weave
even so as
the deepest seas

Death and dread,
a misty gloom
may one day come
to plague us soon

Be born within
but die without
as you watch the tormented
twist about

and to that which you see
with your third eye
be warned and be told
that the spirit lies...
Gabriel burnS Mar 31
What leaves won’t leave you
What’s rooted holds you
What flies sees you exposed
What lies stays a child
What dries up won’t remain dry
What’s come to pass shall roll again
Old songs don’t go when new ones play
Things drip and flood, dance out their pace
A snaking river knows its way
No tongue to speak or eyes to see
This realm spins to realign
So every sunbeam finds its tree

*   *   *

Което те напуска, няма да те пусне
Което корени е пуснало, държи те
Което лети, те вижда открит
Което лъже, дете си остава
Което пресъхва, няма сухо да остане
Което е минало, пак ще се търколи
Не изчезват старите песни пред новите
Неща капят, заливат, танцуват си темпото
Лъкатушеща река пътя си знае
Без език да говори и очи да види
Тази шир се върти до подреждане
За да може всеки лъч да намери дървото си
Translated my own poem from Bulgarian, my native language...
Po Mar 18
A wonderful craftsman indeed
Upon fate’s request,
Dutiful as always.

Articulates time,
By seconds he fixes hours,
By hours he polishes days,
By days he rewrites years.

For it’s own amusement?
Perhaps, fascinated of
Time’s spontaneous remedies
For the heartsick.
Thank you.
K Mar 15
I never understood how lovers can return to strangers
But I do now
We crossed paths the other day
Not a word was spoken
No unsaid words either just silence

I felt nothing but my shaking hands and butterflies
Not like the cute butterflies but the bad ones
Just like that were strangers again
Maybe were pretending we both don’t care
That we don’t feel it
But I’m afraid maybe this is for real
Poetic T Mar 14
The diversity of ones
path, is a well
trodden one. But we
must sometimes try anew.

For without walking upon
other routes, we'll get
lost on the path
we've walked aimlessly on.

Though we may get
lost, we'll find our
footing. And then a
new scenery will awaken.

And through life we
may change our direction.
Each footstep will always
give us different perspectives.
there’s a twinkle
little star
Will my footsteps lead me there?
The world’s spread out before
colourful carpet under
my feet, my say.
I am
the queen of my road,
I choose
the paths I wander...

little star,
twinkle more
I put my young hands
in that light of yours
Sing to me
the map of Life
Show me the trail
I will to live.
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