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JKirin Jul 2021
Cherry petals through currents of air
travel far to get caught in your hair.
Just as I travelled, woeful, worldwide
to find home here, at last, by your side.
Thrown off balance when first meeting you,
I resisted but fell for your charm
and strong heart that can never wish harm.
Blooming trees around you—what a view...
I reach out, set the pink petals free
from the waves of your locks—a brown sea.
Like a siren, you call—my head dips.
You're the one in control, don't you see?
My mind races, my pulse wildly skips
as I steal a warm gasp from your lips.
about finding home in another man, worshipping him under blossoming trees
Savio Fonseca Jun 2021
What I love about love,
is that.... it's full of Passion.
U begin with Hugs and Kisses
and end up, without your Fashion.
I spin out Romantic Verses,
whilst composing Poems on Love.
Life wouldn't be the same,
for Me....if it wasn't for Love.
Love makes Me feel Invincible,
as it takes away all My Pain.
Love becomes irresistible,
In ways I just can't Explain.
Love makes Me feel Safe and Sure,
by taking away My Fears.
Bad Memories just disappear,
as it dries up all My Tears.
You pretend to be happy even when your sad inside and I fall for it
Act like you don't need my company & yet you do
Blame me even when nothing is wrong & I say sorry
I believe whatever you say even when I know it isn't true
It's like you cast a spell that addled me when with you
Maybe I'm desperate
Maybe I'm sheepishly falling for you even when your flaws are more sinister than the devil's own
Unconditional love orchestrated by all means your irresistible
Give me reasons to believe this is genuine love and not an infatuation.
Grace Jan 2021
When you sing,
the wind responds
against my shoulders;
a lasting ring.

An echo
coming from the empty surface
of the Ocean.
A voice, capturing a soul
too weak to resist such melancholy.
She has desolation hidden in the hollow harmony:
the broken spell has me wanting it more.

I take a step into mellow waters,
salt sticking to my skin,
burning my eyes,
fulfilling her command.
Soon the Ocean's at my neck,
my chin,
lingering above my parted lips.
I hesitate,
wait for her song to call once more.
The water floods in.
I am suffocating,
but I want to.

It's such a peaceful thing,
watching the sky disappear above you.
I was sinking to the bottom
of a hungry abyss.
Inspired by The Siren, a novella by Kiera Cass.
When she danced
it was as if
fairies sparkled
all around her
and there was this glow
about her face
To him
it just made her
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