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MindMooring Sep 27
Your resistance
will just make my
dreams Irresistible.
Chicken Feb 23
I can smell you
just like a rose
all your petals
so delicious.

A raw moment
with every part
every layer
I can't resist.

You are insurmountable
edging near
dare not start
no end in sight.

Might try to stop, but
I wont, it's too late
there is nothing
that I can do.
When ya got the hots for someone. and it's that type of hots that you cannot put off, no matter what you do. no matter what anyone tells you. the idea is crazy. still got insufferable hots.

Distraction all the way home.
Amanda Feb 18
Despite the way I try
I cannot help it
I like every little thing about you
I can't help falling in love with you
MarKat Jan 21
Pleasing and Delightful
Poetic Justice
Swirled on the tip of your tongue
Unravelled by the glaze
A intellectual treat
The taste of your thoughts
Keeps me wanting more.
the school counselor
what a cliche
but your nonchalant attitude
is irresistible
you're young too
it's quite uncommon
how'd you get this job, if i may ask?
ignorance is bliss
as they say.
nonetheless, i haven't seen you much
except in the halls sometimes
but you called me downstairs the other day
and i noticed how you're not so perfect
as i imagined
you've got a beard to hide your acne scars
slightly overgrown eyebrows
but, very broad shoulders
dressed to the nines in a suit every day
blue or gray, to be precise
when you spoke to me
asking if i was skipping class
you were awfully close
not that i minded
i'm also not sure where you were looking
i hope at my lips
rather than my eyes
eyes are the window to the soul
and we both don't want to know
what my true intentions are
wrote this on the metro coming home.
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
Reach out
To the moth-heart
What choice have I?
Presented with my dreams in waking light.
What hope have I?
I could not resist you with all my might.

What choice have I?
When looking at your face makes me crumble?
What hope have I?
In your stare I forget to be humble.

What choice have I?
When the years denied me beauty like this?
What hope have I?
When I’d given up on the perfect kiss?

What choice have I?
You’re fire and light of the brightest star.
What hope have I?
I can’t believe just how gorgeous you are.
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Udit Vashishth Sep 2018
Those hairs were spread around that angelic face of hers.
A face that has just left an everlasting impression on my conscience.
A face that has just transformed my ordinary looking roof into a divine ambience.

Those hairs
Sometimes enhancing the aura of my luminous body that illuminates everything so bright.
Sometimes blocking the way of my only source of light at night.

When she left
I started staring at the moon
surrounded by the clouds.
I flinched for few seconds & for knowing what I imagined,
I'm leaving all of you for thinking out loud.
It was a matter of few minutes but it carved an everlasting impression on my mind..
K Balachandran Aug 2018
It’s unstoppable.
Rushing, water plays her flute;
All become zombies!
Right now verdant, beautiful state of Kerala, in South India is in the grip of swirling flood waters like never before (in recent times) Land slides,deaths and destructions  are rampant..This water rich state is flummoxed by this backlash
Amanda Jul 2018
I became your hidden habit
You tried hard to conceal
You didn't think about
How being a secret made me feel

Was it easy for you
To constantly shove me aside?
No matter how you hurt me
Always came back to your side

Did you like the attention?
The hours given to you?
Enjoy blameful tears of mine
Now I'm glad we're through

Don't mistake me for a fool again
Tired of your games
Know who you really are
I'm not diving into flames
It is the things I desire that which will destroy me in the end
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