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Paul Butters Aug 25
A massive moth outside in the night
Flings itself at
My bathroom window.
Another Icarus
Sorely tempted by the electric light within
My house.

A swooping vulture
It tries again and again,
Fracturing its fragile wings:
Battering itself to exhaustion.

Perhaps it curses some Moth God
And feels a failure in life,
Totally frustrated
At not being able to reach its imperative goal.
Not knowing
That had it succeeded
It would now be

Paul Butters

© PB 25\8\2019.
Yes, I took my annual bath. hehe
I burn and burn and
Burn and burn
Thinking there must
Be an end

It's only science right?
That fires end
They extinguish
What is there

Left to burn anymore?
Can't find that
End, flames finding
More to feed

On and on and on
We wonder
We pray sometimes
Not sure who
Pyrrha Aug 21
Moth or butterfly?
It isn't the caterpillar that decides
I'd be a moth
saffronne Jun 12
a butterfly;
look but don’t touch.
a moth;
look but don’t touch.

now tell me, you had to touch either,
knowing no matter which one you chose,
it would still be killed,
tell me,
why did you choose the moth?
pretty creatures get to live,
it’s a hard time to be a moth.
Andrew Jun 10
I was a moth,
drawn to you
like a candle-
until you blew out
the flame.

- A. I. Myles   o9 June, 2019
We all have that person who we are drawn to at some point, whether it be a friendship or relationship, that just ends in a way that blindsides us.
jcl May 10
which one was i, the meddlesome moth or the bumbling butterfly
was i instinctively drawn, to an open flame, on a lonely night
or, caught in intricately, meticulously, woven spider’s web
how could i avoid either fate, all men are dumb and succumb, as did i
both end the same, in death, only one is fast, the other slow
how sweet it was, to have kissed her lips, to have been, her lover
Isabel May 5
She sits
Atop a myrtle bush
She cannot fly
But sends out her desire
Her future dreams
Through the unsuspecting air
Her belief
In distant generations
Borne upon the breeze
Hope of the unseen
Messaged across the barren lands
And am I powerless?
This is inspired by a moth we came across in the Scottish Highlands whilst working with Trees for Life (look them up!). The female is wingless but sends out pheromones to bring the winged males to her to breed. It was also inspired by the Extinction Rebellion/ climate change protests which were happening at the same time, so dedicated to the marvellous Greta Thunberg.
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