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Spicy Digits Jun 21
And so it rebelliously expands
Contrary to bespeckled pros
Redshifts and penumbrae smiles
Continue to baffle the old men.

Hellishly heated, the entirety
Combusts to life.
Dark energy and axion matter
Gently caress the growing universe
like a nursing mother.

And here I lay, wine in hand
Never feeling more small
But perfect in my insignificance.

Unseen protectors of cataclysm
Whip for us that blood orange
That purple flame
Spin for us
Pose for us
And show us your heavens of glass
Cerulean brother
Cinnamon sister
ibkreator Aug 3
Human has been a passenger
to its limited mind

now it must become the driving force
to steer it forward

or keep crashing into its limits
ibkreator Jul 4
No target
bes greater

empty space
full of itself
ibkreator Jun 16
A truth
be wanted


A truth
be unwanted

be truth
all be
the imagination believed

a choice be yours alone
a choice be the only truth you have  
all be true as ones attention be put to it
and becomes more true as  it
trains your vibration to its resonance

you see
what you create
to look at it
you look
at what you create
to see it
thru projection
you illuminate  reality
from behind your head
its light becomes you
you become it
the shine takes its form
thru the formless self
Gabriel burnS Mar 10
They say that scale can break the laws of science
A crime so high in magnitude
Yet they cannot police
This bully that reality turns out to be

We met by means of tunneling improbabilities
The kiss of a miracle
Punishing the God complex
Of the self-righteous
Because the real laws, unknowable,
Dwell in realms higher than dogmatic notion
Whose knowledge is the surface of an ocean

Hence judgement cannot be
Wrought by the swimmers
And their fear of mortality
That guides them through the waves
And so their laws are the transgression

And We
Are the justice of the storm
...might be a quantum phenomenon...

It's funny to me when I hear scientists say that in a situation, such as "at the quantum level, particles act so bizarrely their behaviour breaks the laws of science."
No, it doesn't. It doesn't break any universal laws, just the current knowledge on how everything works; it just means we don't know enough yet, apparently. Don't make it sound so arrogant, as if we know the most important things, and reality dares disobey our extraordinarily accurate perception of things. Just accept it's probably not enough currently.
feel the devotion
of every cell
sing through you
there is nothing more true
than the heaviness you hold
and the light that unfolds
through the catalyst
of you
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