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sometimes i get sad
foraging through what can seem like
a big pile of never-ending-mishaps
and some days the weight of life
lays so heavy on my chest
that i want to give up
and just marry my bed

but then i remember
that i am the universe in motion
and if wildfires have the right
to burn everything in their paths
and if the sky can cry for days on end
then why would the rules for me amend?
for i am made of the same elements as them
the air i breathe and the stars i see
are all alive, inside of me

so i stop and feel

i mean, what is real?
my problems are
and i am forever
my soul exists in a place
where honey love is all i taste
where i fall asleep dancing
with rainbows in kaleidoscope skies
to the rhythm of the phases
of our monsoon sun rise

opening up
my heart and eyes
my lips may tremble
with the power of time
but i will kiss the clouds
in the morning highs
to remind the world
of it's eternal light
along with mine

i let it all go
and i realign
Shakti Asana Jul 28
I want to be the potter
and you the clay
I want to work you with my hands
My fingertips pressing
now....against the keys
the board stiff under the sensitive pads
as I feel you press back against me
your lips
into me.

The clay
soft and supple under my hands
forming you,
widening you again and again
my muscles working
against your stiffer aspects
as we spin together
wetting, re-wetting
and smoothing
my hands against
your silky slick
strong and yet pliable
seeking relief
from standing strong
and unyielding

You are a deeper container
than I anticipated
and I, a roaring flood
sweep you

but you hold...

What Joy!
What Relief!

we never expected
to contain one another
without harm!
without fear!

our lines
flow together
the potter
the clay
the hand
and the wheel
we come together.

I love how we feel.
Flinging this out there without knowing if it is good or even qualifies as poetry. Who cares for merely good? If I feel it, receive it into me, and form that experience into words that I share, well, fine. We shall call it poetry.
Who judges the one in the arena? No, not me.
Self-conscious awareness kills the poet gasping for life inside of me.
Click "Save". Post. Live. Breathe.
in the midst of chaos
as we climb through
the rubble of what
we once thought
was holding us up
we will see that
maybe it was our
own bare hands
and worn-out feet
that picked us up
to defy defeat
and if we can be
still enough
quiet enough...
climb far enough in
the noise of the world
will disappear
and all that will be
left to hear is the
golden light
shining through
the cracks of all
we held on to
Star BG May 12
an expansion of self
my poem flows,
becoming like a liquid
inspirational waterfall of verse.

tickle highway of air first
to land at home of page
where words can blossom.

Heartbeats are fused inside
tapestry of vellum.
as I write in song with pride.

Emotions deep swell up
to touch a readers eyes.
And moments melt away
as grace fills my passions.

Inside expanded self I sing,
hoping someone
will join in accompaniment
with their graceful moving eyes.
i swear
the Universe
inside of us grew
as we danced along to
all the pain we once knew
i have just always
felt (more) comfortable
walking through (chaos)
it always (lead)s me
back to (me)
may more chaos lead me
but maybe
it’s a beautiful thing
that we can never be perfect
maybe in fact, there is bliss found
in the idea that there is no limit to
being more of something we want
or less of something we don’t

maybe humans arrived
with the purpose to be
perfectly imperfect

so that as we grow our awareness
to the expansiveness of our souls
we quietly choose qualities
we want to be more or less of
throughout all of our lives

to be more compassionate
to be less ******* ourselves

i mean look at us
already carrying so much
so much worthiness and beauty
but still always wanting to be more

and i don’t think it will ever stop
i don’t think there is a limit
to what we can ever be

so in a sense,
in our current now state
we may feel imperfect
as we think of all we hope to be
and know we aren’t quite there yet

but isn’t knowing
there is more to see
more to grow
more to know

isn’t that
what we came here for?
Keiya Tasire Mar 6
Until There Was Only Light
I looked at the darkness within
Two eyes of Light
Gave me a blink.
I smiled.
Watching expanding light
Dancing and whirling
Embracing the darkness
Until there was only Light.
Embracing the darkness
Dancing and whirling
Watching expanding light
I smiled.
Give me a blink
Two eyes of light
I looked at the darkness within
Until there was only Light.
Today I meditated to process and clear some heavy emotions.
Nathalie Feb 3
As I sit here
in the quiet
of my room
I can feel
the expansion
of my heart
the depth
of its soul
I know
the tears
are flowing
from love

The purity
in which I
dive fully
gives rises
to a peace
so sublime,
yet so alive

I am moved
by the beauty
in which I
Kissing the
most intimate
part of
my being
and melding
with the invisible

In that space
I am
giving myself
to this dance
filled with
and divine

tell me
who drew you in 
and made you think
the bones and joints
within your knees
the veins and nerves
mapping out your entire being
were not already complete?

who made you see
through their broken glass
who made you think
it was okay not to ask
to ask you how
it made you feel 
when they realized
they weren't going to be real
to you or to your swollen heart

you were just so beautiful to see
they just couldn't let you be
and when they fed you their falsities
they made you think you had to stay
as if half of you had gone away

when in truth—you were noting short of gold

and you should have been told
the one thing they couldn't be
was everything they knew
you needed them to be

and when this realization hits
they don't even have the heart to admit
you were everything they wanted
but couldn't be

so they just had to taste it 
they had to feel your breeze
and they take and they take
and then they leave...

but darling don't you fret

for they will never forget
the love they found in you
the love you still hold true
the love that's grown too

you needed them to help you through
so now you see that the best part of life
has always been about loving you
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