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the sound
of your laughter
folds me
into a paper bird

but i can only fly
when you hold me
Your soul is within
The universe is without
Both are infinite
Gabriel burnS Jan 10
It’s obvious why we tend to become stuck on the details
And I mean “when”
It’s no surprise it’s through the surface
That we explain what can’t be seen
Yet can be eyed by heightened senses
The softest to know, the hardest to describe
It’s not a place, that knowledge, but “a” time
sink to resurface
  Jan 9 Gabriel burnS
eloquence has

spun its singular


caught at an evaporating


through domes

that brave the shape of

a skull's curvature.

confutatis maledictis.
The moon is a question mark,
A door of the night
And I am none of its answers
But I enjoy the conversation
Not all tree roots
need to be long or thick
to be strong mighty ever lasting.
trancending time and space

The strongest tallest trees
have SHORT roots tightly close interconnectedly
with many tree roots
by one amazing fact

being rooted from underneath very close to one another
Huddled in short proximity
it's how the strongest tallest trees thrive stronger live longer.
across time and space
lungs on earth for humans.

Nature teaching showing why
even poets lost in solitude
are as derooted weak trees
they shrivel and die

Here at Hello Poetry
we may willfully become stronger tightly rooted together
to grow taller stronger mightier
or perish for lack of unifying interconnectedness.
huddled root to root

I perceive a disconnection on H.P, among many poets
with thick long roots yet unable to stay connected with
one another in rampard discord  
some expecting benefits without any other concern but arrogance
and selfishness

Trusting unison powerful
indestructible succeeds interconnectedness.

Why not huddle up together
closer so noone deroots us.

i hunger for your view on this.
Nature is teacher at best
intermingling tightly
so closer in proximity
poet to poetess poem to poem
so that i may follow you
confident follow me
huddled up
root to root.
revised: 01-07-19
Union is power
I thank everyone who reads
very few honor me with your reposts
and i feel like a star when your own awesome impecable poetry
ignite brain storm magnificence
pure mind bending magic
i am learning from your greatness and i feel honored. In fact i learn even from those who jump the gun to judgements instead of asking me questions i am very sociable.
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