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Aug 2019 · 132
Euphonious Voice
Keith Mitchell Aug 2019
hypnotic euphonious voice
pulling me
deep crevice
inner darkness
somewhere between
black hole
light folding out
absolute nothing
take away
energy plus light
glue between
organic biological treasure
skin cell facade
glowing from the inside out

just you

love that light
Aug 2019 · 120
Uncertain Creatures
Keith Mitchell Aug 2019
we are certainly uncertain creatures
dancing in the night of our dreams
no more accuracy
than a hot air ballon on a windy day
concern to certainty
the heart gives none
it only shows the path
souls veracity spoken
universal language
science physics
linguistics of the heart
universe wrapped around
your private cellar
boldest red heart
complimenting the golden glow
welcoming sanctum that is you
where patience resides
connecting a mirage
mere reflection of rooms and 6 obstacles
mirror maze of self-doubt
where you mostly see yourself
once in a blue moon
great flicker of a distant star
the light enters
moment of brilliance
confidence stands tall
offering of truth
in that moment seconds turn forever
timepiece in a Dali painting
when eyes are locked
burdens dissolve into lightness
Aug 2019 · 181
Keith Mitchell Aug 2019
goddess that fell to earth
spiritual connection
transmission in dance
souls wiggle
out of darkness
subjective conclusion
withering flowers
carbon silhouette
universe in charge
energy moving and swirling
nothing is the same as it was
just a moment before
energy and heart calling
wondering what is pulling me
to do this or that
struck me...
brilliance in front of my eyes
just a tuesday morning
just as as moon dodges our view
from time to time
sun shining showing her brilliance
once again stunned
what passes me
synchronicity of the lesson
what the heart loves
you can feel it
beauty of the ocean
stars in her eyes
by her light speed
love and joy
Mar 2019 · 477
Soul on Fire
Keith Mitchell Mar 2019
yawning chasm
space defined by solitude
you show up
for you

eyes searching the sky
for what appears
heart floating in the distance
what your looking for

sometimes ablaze
brilliant illumination
your inner space
turned inside out

other times adrift
floating around
sinking into the unknown gorge
portal to the subconscious

spot in complete harmony
trees swaying love in the air
grounded by earth
water providing the flow

you’re on fire
you being you
souls on fire
fearless pursuit
Feb 2019 · 188
Self Love
Keith Mitchell Feb 2019
minute atoms
make me up
positive and negative
energy swirling
churning out dreams
defiantly protecting my perception
space is where i fly
endless freedom
balancing on tension
lucid divide
ionic bond
are we not rare
earth elements
disciples of Mother Nature
drifting in the vast
bestowed powers and abilities
seeking the magic
you have the power
share warmth
share love
share a hug
heart yearning
touch so deeply felt
just show yourself
self love
reflection to follow
Feb 2019 · 561
Aphrodite and Selene
Keith Mitchell Feb 2019
first glance
beast out of the darkness
frozen in time
majestic seahorse
carrying Aphrodite
grace rising effortlessly
abysses grip released with ease
wielding her magic over moon goddess
while she imagines the first eclipse
illuminated ring circling
shades of darkness
dominating the sky
goddess Selene rests her motion
etching love in eyes
through lasting heartbeats
reflecting the rings
true brilliance
setting the sky on fire
one in the sameness
Feb 2019 · 261
Aphrodite out of the Abyss
Keith Mitchell Feb 2019
silhouette remnants
flash of nova
goddess so super
seed of life
energy unfolding
all directions
brilliance  cast
true warmth of benevolence
nymphs rise
abysses grip released
luminescent fireflies
dancing with blithesome delight
pensive and observant
full moon
calling all into play
sun hiding
only witness
dark side of the moon lit
under a solar eclipse
universe lines up
quasars reflection
soul of goddesses
Jan 2019 · 305
Super Blood Wolf Moon
Keith Mitchell Jan 2019
out of nowhere
flowers dancing
windy night
air crisp chilly
super blood wolf moonlight
offering brilliance
flicker twinkle spark
dreams are flying
mesmerizing eyes in the distance
peddles melting away
imaginary heat radiating
being blasted
mirage of photons
tickle all senses
magical cloak
hiding the source
that is you
Jan 2019 · 200
Brassaï at the museum
Keith Mitchell Jan 2019
day at the museum
passing people
some with intent
who will notice
slight bow
eyes flutter
do you notice?
all while
black locks bounce
blending away
figment of imagination
Dec 2018 · 236
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
unwavering guarantee
once found
nothing last forever
crash n burn
leather is no match
inevitable skin burn
relentless search
easier finding a creature
trench in the ocean abyss
without a flashlight
if you’re lucky enough
to find someone loyal
cherish the preciousness
hold it tight
grab that hand
don’t let it go
all the same
holding on to hopes
emergency cord
plunging parachute
one love
Dec 2018 · 284
Loyalty Ripple
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
sitting on a fence
realm of stásis
heart floating in one direction
common sense in the other
eyes stay wide
deep and far reaching
universe just outside my reach
fingertips yearning
someone there
no hoops to jump through
circumstances appreciated
never expected
rising in the moment
appreciation of gratitude
sparkle in your eyes
your touch
meandering kisses
oral rapture
touching my heart
vibration a ripple
far reaching effect
brilliance of you
Dec 2018 · 347
The One
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
the one
precious thought
unfounded possibilities
unimaginable imagined
unassuming figure
crushed perception
beauty hearts desire
with just a glance
deep stare etching
hearts scarred tattoo
touch so gentle
gentleman’s dream
turned upside down
heart falling echoing words
manipulative skill lonely girl
picture left behind
presentation of facts
keeping your secrets
trust yourself
trusting no ******* possess me
till out of sight
among my mind
pirouette effect
leaving me flat footed
starring at the same moon
you gaze upon
******* plots of love
Dec 2018 · 310
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
but not there
Dec 2018 · 233
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
perception of beauty
fluttering wings abound
nymphs in the sky
nymphs in the abyss
goddess training grounds
dancing photons
brilliance unfolding
critical ingredient
what would you see
smeared paint
palette knife magic
flowing and dripping
Dec 2018 · 234
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
You are so beautiful
Fierce in appearance
I can imagine
Stepping on you
With bare feet
Here and there
I can hear my screech
Your thorns
Thwarting an invasion
Imagining with delight
The love of a country
You are Legend
Magic starts
Seeds waiting
For the sun to shine
Floating in the dark of the night
Like a puffy cloud
Brilliant photons
Start raining down
You thistledown
As if it’s just your dream
Blown by the wind
Dec 2018 · 610
Wandering Glider
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
wake up and go
blue sky
puffy clouds
wandering glider
slightly above
ocean abyss
water reflecting
flickering dreams
lucid moment
thistle seeds
floating around
leaves have fallen
rolling green hills
straddling the way
amber leaves
forgotten from landscape
beautiful memory
dreaming of wings
Dec 2018 · 711
Ladybug Luck
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
my open window
looking out with anticipation
cloudy day
waiting for rain drops
precious sounds of life
trickledown into a thunderstorm
crackle of light
reaching from the clouds to the ground
cloud condensation nuclei
magic droplets start to fall
clouds pass
anticipated blue sky
sun raining rays
creatures buzzing
bird wings flapping
luck of the universe
bringing loveliness into my vision
kismet of my ideas
when reaching for the unknown
ladybug lands on me
providing the luck
elytra open like a mechanical contraption in my dreams
protecting precious veined wings
off you go with exquisite elegance
graceful motion
your moves
grand jeté
Dec 2018 · 272
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
boy soaring
aim for infinity
periscoping love
feeling coming from all directions
raining down
visible to the naked-eye
Kama muta cite goosebumps
riding your space vehicle
opened hatch
hidden sanctum
missing throbbing molten heart
what tugs you here
then there
compelling omnipresent
hand reaching in
or is it reaching out
universe within delivering
vision dialed
even ratio
seeing yourself
inside and out
universe is unfolding
moore's law in reverse
things around spreading tenfold
humbling you
like a grain of sand
lost on a beach
Nov 2018 · 736
Saturday ride
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
threatening rain
check it and go
risk with puffy clouds everywhere
respecting Mother Earth
comes back
red tail hawk
shimmering leap side to side
floating in my way
bobbing and weaving
prediction of tranquility
bird of prey mirroring
duck here duck there
we’re in harmony
just a second
lane carved by fall leaves
Nov 2018 · 545
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
dream within a dream
me just stomping around in my subconscious lucid dream
corner turned
it’s us just short
passionate embrace
spiritual kiss
eyes ardent as before
combination solved to this complex situation
can we start with a friendship
just a freak in your mind
is that the extent of your creativity
i think not
did you just paint a ****** painting of me
and I ask in the dream
can we be friends
start of something great
you reached for me
the embrace of a hug I remember all to well
it was the quiver that got my attention
never in a dream
something as original
sun or moon
touching my heart
present quiver love
when I wake up
I’m content
profundity is you
haunting question
where do I find unconditional love besides my own
aesthetic little boy in me flipping over every rock in sight
Nov 2018 · 296
Potted Soulmates
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
potted soulmates
delicate orchids
reaching so hard
just short
space given
natures third eye
curious cat
stumbling sliding
cause and effect
they fall in
wrapping up that moment
second turns forever
beauty forever joyous

pay attention
your potted soulmate
just slide and crash
Nov 2018 · 151
Thankful for Mother Earth
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
eternal judge
supporting fruits and flowers
nature and love
rivers running, trees growing, animals supported, all thriving
complexity simplified
strategy for she will survive
stupidity of mankind
evidence in her layers of skin
carbon dating holding her answers
dinosaurs roaming
plankton making crude
earth begs to differ
do you hear her voice faint whisper
that’s my blood running dark
would you believe her if it was red
fire runs through her veins
burning her blood
gets her hot and bothered
once a hurled rock kicked up the dust
buried a longer living period
tricks up her sleeve shown once we
incinerate and consume her last drops
maybe sooner than later
Nov 2018 · 178
Soul of a Flower
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
Soul of a flower
So beautiful
So sweet
Photons rain on you
Dirt is no match
Creatures adore
Spreading your love
Respecting your wild ways
All while it’s just you
Being you
So inspiring
Was that really you?
I hope...
The moment you find the beauty in all the adversity in facing your own thoughts
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
potted soulmates
reaching so hard
but just short
third eye awakening
intertwined nature
waiting for the boot
they fall in
wrapping up
that moment
second turns forever
beauty is forever
unless memories
natures knowledge
pay attention
your potted soulmate
is out there
Idea comes from a drawing of two plants sitting side by side and the moment one is knocked over!
Nov 2018 · 393
The Breath
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
the breath
so beautiful
that moment you don’t even know
how’s that
deep ****
are you proficient
maybe the moment you accept
my heart accepted
what will be
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Happy Friday
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
pub magnolia
Friday night thoughts
remembering the dish
still dreaming of
savory eggs benedict
too many moons to count
the vibe
remains free
spirited bliss
fires raging here there
smoke is ******* **** up
IPA is tasty
sausage is spot on
smiths playing
forgetting the turmoil
air is so fresh now
young goddess
pan out
smart girl
so wonderfully pretty
the Cure love cats
classic moment in time
so fond of your smile
shine on
precious gift
Experimenting while having a drink and bite... the fun part was letting the young goddess read it as I was walking out. Poetry is one Love
Nov 2018 · 141
First Thoughts
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
first thoughts
they’re the easiest to remember
paying attention to the first impression
how about you?
hearts vision & perception
Nov 2018 · 3.6k
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
raining down on me
cleansing my humble soul
writing truth
painful to some
absolute freedom
soaring bird
joyous faces
walk in that direction
liberate your mind
release vitality and vigor
protecting dreams
silly boy
silly girl
walk that wire
thwarting negativity
finding your
sweet spot
Nov 2018 · 262
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
what if you found me
universe providing
dancing in the dark
your presence is felt
like a ghost in a haunted house
heart gripped
enthralling feeling
identify yourself
fluttering with
phenomena throughout space
skipping on a path of certainty
fall into my aura
hook my eyes
inspire to be inspiring
provoke the spark
find me
like a meandering river
finds the ocean abyss
Nov 2018 · 350
Her name was Alex
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
flawless as Mother Nature
your beauty flows out from
within your heart & soul
lucky to all that pay attention
the brilliance that is you
raining down
your magical chant
taking me
your innermost subconscious bliss
your magic hands touching hearts
after moments of this connection
my eyes teared
you’re aware of your powers
using them wisely
representing one Love
my lucid dream
defender of mankind
wishing you into my heart
About a random inspiring lady
Nov 2018 · 560
Floating Heart
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
envisioned painting
man a warrior
walking with intention
where he once had his heart
pinned to his sleeve
sits a deep sea reel
endless incalculable string spun out
heart attached
floating near the edge of the sea
only when it rains
Salar De Uyuni
you can see
hearts flicker
magical mirror
providing the means
like tracking a kid balloon in space
you can see it clearly
unconditional love beacon
call for shield-maiden
significant leader
capable and fearless
two fierce hands
reflecting pursuit
needed fulfillment
dreams become daydreams
turn reality
do you fly there or reel?
Nov 2018 · 290
Hummingbird and Seahorse
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
to this magical action
peculiarly suspended
magic unfolding
life needs a witness
what better
than the brilliance of wings fluttering unseen
hovering in place reflecting
******* up the very existence
god & goddess
emerging energy
drifting in all directions
unchained love
raining like rays from the sun
antipode unconditional love contained
hearts superpowers
revelation of one Love
starting with you
floating gracefully
genius foundation of physics
unfortunate therapeutic consumption
familiar snake oil pitch
hopeful of the Devine powers that be
sort this out dive deep seahorse
entanglement of words like a trolling fishing net
enjoy the creatures depth and wisdom
settling is not an option
believe me
or dip your toes somewhere else
Nov 2018 · 262
Heart on a line
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
envisioned painting
man a warrior
walking with intention
where he once had his heart
pinned to his sleeve
sits a deep sea reel
endless string spun out
heart attached
floating near the edge of space
only when it rains
Salar De Uyuni
you can see
hearts flicker
magical mirror
providing the means
like tracking a kid balloon in space
you can see it clearly
unconditional love beacon
call for shield-maiden
significant leader
capable and fearless
two fierce hands
reflecting pursuit
needed fulfillment
dreams become daydreams
turn reality
do you fly there or reel?
Nov 2018 · 229
Random Tears
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
random tears
you show up like *******
figure this out
that’s her pull out the bowl
drink it up
liquid stellar space dust
breaking through the stupidity
laid down like concrete
wrapped around your soul
everyone’s to blame
but your own thoughts
buck up and believe in you
arrived in this stellar situation
what if
you were a dream in another
you were the old soul you thought you were
Nov 2018 · 193
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
rising from the underworld
cradling the first seahorse
conceived by the unknown
goddess and god
brilliant dream
straight from the abyss
where a flicker of light
ascend out of the darkness
micro creatures frightened
like a sleeping Godzilla
appearing out of nowhere without limbs
magically flying in the currents of the sea
dating back 13 million years
peaceful mission spreading beauty
kind mortal eyes dreaming of your fascinating ways
while others eat you into extinction
with possibly only 20 or 30 years left
aren’t we all floating around?
like frogs in cold water
heat generated in our minds from stupidly and avarice
slowly warming the situation
until we’re all dead
think about the connection we all share
extinction by riding on beautiful creatures coattails
success that should be slapped in the face
Nov 2018 · 516
San Francisco at 75 degrees
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
SF 75
triggers a blast off
low orbit glide
mount Tamalpais
you’re beautiful not an obstacle
hwy1 with your new asphalt
laying rubber to this situation
can you feel the burn
apex views of the great pacific abyss
light haze floating in to provide
dragon fly
you pitch side by side wave
just before you dart
how did you avoid me?
flying at sixty nine mph
you zip out
while other creatures splattered
on my face
butterflies bouncing on flowers
when I Look around
beautiful blue Pacific Ocean
negative ions
cherished situation
but where are you
Oct 2018 · 172
Oxen of the Sun
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
streaking hard
Ἠελίοιο βόες, Ēelíoio bóes
projecting offspring
generational rays of brilliance
Oct 2018 · 124
Translucent Butterfly
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
translucent black and white
coming in for a landing
reflection of complete
purest intimacy
confidence trust
level up excellence
mesmerizing eyes
fascinating enthralling ones senses
waiting for you patiently
you land
reflection fluttering in my eyes
adored delight in the sky
eyes worship your dance
like a modern ballet
winged creature
fascinating magical
serenity provided
gentle flapping
quietude master
hush minds
moments kept in the present
feel the loveliness
wings painted by the truest master
Mother Nature
cloaked with translucent magic
exquisite charm
imperfection perfected
#butterfly #mothernature #love #brilliance #delight
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Zeus and Amphitrite
edge of the sea
reflecting down
looking up
god or goddess
reflecting the same
draped in gold
Hercules Coronal Borealis Great Wall
superstructure feathered on the shoulders
skyward brilliance reflecting
shaking future stars
comets meteors meteoroids asteroids meteorites
rain down around
deafening sound of the greatest thunder bolt
hear me
hear her
**** this
**** that
roll good times
patience is virtue
zero point
generosity kindness affection pleasantness
waiting on the ecliptic plane
sun and heavens
hummingbirds dragonflies soaring creatures
rise out of the abyss
propelled and lifted
seahorse air bubbles octopuses chant
straight ******* propulsion ****** velocity
magic of the darkness
ready set giddy up
Oct 2018 · 138
Nothing is Something
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
what happened
you disappeared
just scribbled you down
hope in your eyes
the strength of your soul
they stay wide in the night
waiting for a special flicker
to and fro sensation
intermittent fusing nuclei binocular
state of mind
pleasant awakening cloaked in fog
like a comfy blanket
veil of elements
sweeping your mind
cluster of stars swirl in dust
fractional components
that make us up
blink of an eye
did you notice where you came from
embedded in your subconscious
eyelids closed
you can see the swirling
patterns that make
universe seem small
although mathematically
to much to comprehend
you bring it to terms
high level of pleasantness
Oct 2018 · 461
Lilly Flower Goddess
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Lilly Flower Goddess
wouldn’t budge
standing strong
loving herself
challenged walkthrough
cat eyes blatantly glaring
situation at hand
like a *******
ruler of her domain
guarded sanctuary
not advised
she’s shielded
unconditional love for herself
barrier of sorts
only the reflection
of the same permitted
drop her drawbridge
path leading to the
kingdom of her heart
surrounded by moat flowing
lava glowing and meandering
like a precious river
inextinguishable beauty
guarding grace
her ideas with love
uncompromising thirst
for her body is her temple
One Love
Oct 2018 · 182
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
split the ears
gentle butterfly
perhaps left behind
slow flap
atop your sanctum
deep spot
your hearts protection
subconsciously hidden
mirrored room
reflecting brilliance
furthest spot
Big Bang
swordplay battling
angled light
deepest beginning
echoing of nothing
significant insignificance
forever remaining
Oct 2018 · 171
For the love of Bees
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
bees and creatures
hooked on pollen
rolling around
gathering ecstasy
floating home in a buzz
see you soon
Oct 2018 · 1.9k
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
luna the goddess
imagining the moment no one is looking
she reaches down to touch the waves
maybe your heart
manipulating the oceans
her will
she shows her magic
like an octopus
unimaginable ways
******* boss
five moon tides ...
Prove me wrong...
Oct 2018 · 304
Your Smile
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
that smile
you come in and out of my view
quantum reflections of our holographic
string theory cosmic energy
radiating through my eyes
simplicity of your action
your presence is felt
heart scribbled on my bill
deja Vu of a past experience
paying attention
picture is drawn
reflection of the impression
you made on me
just a silly boy
with a pen in his hand
drawing you standing next to me
like a thousand words
with rays of your brilliance
filling the room
wondering how bright I shine
in your eyes
thank you for sharing that

it was appreciated
My perspective from last Friday night. I love life ☺️
Oct 2018 · 347
Georgia O’Keeffe
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Georgia O’Keeffe
In her own right
Melting away
In a gas guzzler
Meditative escape pod
Disguised as a thermal barrier
Your mind is out there
You pay attention
Everything is Alien
Luna appears
Radiating Bull horns
Like a crescent moon
Balancing on the horizon
Magically moving along
The plane of the ecliptic
Maybe for a millisecond
Crab Nebula
Sneezed the brilliance
That caused the most beautiful
That is you
Only the very lucky
Get to see
Black feather floating
Like a random propitious sign
From the heavens
I ******* love you
For showing me
Every forever is a
Second to enjoy
One Love

Wrote this to inspire the painting in the back ground.
Oct 2018 · 257
Joyous Tears
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
looking forward
joyous tears
filling up my insides
as if the ocean abyss
isn’t full enough
over running my thoughts
rain from the darkest sky
angled light from
special complete reflection
brightest Luna Goddess in our solar system
reaches with ease
into the darkest part of my soul
warmth provided from a frozen rock
hurling around my celestial body
feeling you in the deepest part of my heart
touching me
magical tentacles
hiding in your puff of smoke
brilliance shining through
potent power
making flowers grow on the sea floor
coral enjoying their view
imaging swimming there
bliss on ecstasy
projection of a lucid dream
mermaids circling under the magic
universe whispering
find her
open arms waiting
like a beacon in the night
I wrote this while I was eating out last night. When the waitress handed me a bill with a heart drawn in the middle I quickly scratched myself sitting there while she was standing. Crescent moon floating above her head while sunshine ☀️ was radiating above mine. While a bold heart floated in between us. Deja vu of a precious smile
Oct 2018 · 206
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
rising out of the sea like sunshine
brilliant blue feathers
airfoils lifting you
your energy stabilizing
holographic universe
with black holes abound
******* up your endless brilliance
they’re no match
eventually you turn them
inside out
just patient galaxies
waiting to unfold
they need you
for your light
vicissitude of seasons
hearts gravitate to you
force of attraction
terrestrial bodies are know for
special reflection
souls need to find their way
kind gentle compassionate pulling


my very existence


without you
I wrote this  today to go with a closeup of a painting I posted ig @sadtra415
Oct 2018 · 159
joie de vivre
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
season yourself
look for something sweet
illusion to some
challenge your love
it was in your eyes
you new it was there
noticing the reflection off my
spherical bodies
where the pupil is the judge
retina is waiting
passing along the thoughts
poetic rhythm
unspoken words
discernment in the subconscious
scrutiny creeping in like salt
added to concrete
will eventually crumble
into a sandy foundation
sinking you into self doubt
for my thoughts remain sweet
searching for unconditional love
for it will only exist
when parallel
universes collide
with belief
for what you think is unimaginable
is imaginable
once you decide
control your own destiny
you’ll rule your kingdom
like tomorrow doesn’t exist
keep it dialed energy doesn’t lie
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