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Martin Boško May 27
I desired you
Eros had stricken my heart
I was mad with lust for you
Every inch of my being, every part

Some say I became mad
That gods deprived me of sanity
But how can love be so bad
I accept no judgement from humanity

When I first saw you
My womb shivered
My mind raced with ideas
Like a wild ferocious river

I ran to Daedalus, to help me with a contraption
So that I can offer myself to you, shape my desire into action

I have disguised myself as one of your kind
You didn't wait a second
Came from my behind
Ecstasy waiting to happen

You entered me and I was maddened by joy
The device worked, I was happy to be your toy
Never felt such pleasure as when I was filled with your seed
I have craved for more, you swept me of my feet

The child of our love now grows inside
It was destiny
Gods blessed our union
It was meant to be
kayzamo May 11
Put me on your shelf -
Your little china cabinet *****.
Sitting pretty behind the glass,
And eagerly waiting to be seen.

The chipped teacup to the right,
The one with the fuchsia floral print...
She said you broke her before making tea;
She had your blood on her rim for proof.

The cracked plate to the left,
The one with the sapphire villa scene...
He said you dropped him on purpose,
Smiling as he clattered to the floor.

Then they went quiet,
And I stared at you as you peered in.
You think you're clever, don't you?
Well - I'll tell you what,
You're a ******* fool
For putting a bull in a china closet.
I gladly welcome critiques. Thank you!
Ken Pepiton Apr 26
This is possible.
Soul possession in owned patience, no mortgage,
no refi,
pieced together idle words,
used and abused, reused
food for thought
gleaned and horded patience.
All redeemed, for full worth in your eye.

What all we know, forms, in patience
for instance,
not long ago, you know, fire
craft, the making of it, was magic
as anything
witnessed, seen and attested to by two
or twelve or twenty, however many

five hundred, okeh, 500 miles walking,
while 2 seemed too far,
patience, life is a test, you are the best at
the gottabe this
my child, my future seed sown, grown wild,
espelliered, oh so, there was a wall
around the garden, which
was there for a reason
in the story,

oh, so many stories in ever are untold.
s'cool, we got contingency mods

we are ready, right? You read a whole lot to be
ready, when now happens

as if the story took a million years to arrive at
now, your page, or chapter, or name, just

your name, after your ears fell off, there
you found it, in the bibliography of the book of life

as listed in the amazon cloud. Chronos order.

First test to ever after now, what is the Gebser handle on it?
The Ever-Present Origin.

-- stop flash 2021 link to the as youwere a mazda, the name,
thing spread-winged thing on a wheel with a stiffened spiral,
****** media image in ever now, that symbol, bird with too wide wings
on a unicycle with spiral spokes in some
iterations, then
leafing branch tree structuring shape
in a wheel in a wheel,
gears and wheels to balance time and worth
the ef- fort if I can okeh
I kan das  sig gefun den
straight center outer way oomphala always starts
in any seed or ideal encompassing all the information needed
the zoroastrian symbol is related… at the avian level of sci-use, lizard brain, where t-cells train,
art instituted entertain ment, tthis is us sorta
see the totem, see the flag, see the fire, see us dance
see the shadows,
those dance too.

to form a piece of every theory of everything with words in it.
We be all that ever matters, at moments like this.
Doncha love the cheesiness,
ripe, , message
it still smells like food.
Stomach rumbles, there is a word for that, bunny trail,
brain bubble,
been there done that and the whole gang from 10-18, the novel,

all of em, Notacrook, the whole cast, on that stage
in this book of my life with you in it.

We can work some wonders with 2014 tec + the connection
Ai ai ai, I say, I love to say I love living now

time is as always, changing, to the beat of my own tin drum.
We won.
We do not study war, we study life, and life is a story all its own.


Pure, mere realm of mind in time
immaterial ever origin fin ginfinginfingin
an engine that starts
but but but you never knew such things were known

as common sensed events, shadows shown on walls
for all the seers, in the shade of this wall
arising in the book of life I am involving in my solution…

FTA… to this day it does mean find the answer,
but you can reinterpret am-big-u-is-us words say
FTA always think first first to attack, sir

it means, first to attack, t' me.

soon's I see the whites of those eyes comin' up my
bunker's hill,
if I have to -- glitch have hold to of -- must say
he's too old to cuss the mustard any more,
let all the seed blowwildwisht away

Peace, in my time. DID I imagine this?
In a way, I did, I think.
I made a way this could happen, and it did,
because I did not do something wrong
at one of the right times to do
something in the former
time-state-stage e re en
volvement in humus re-entropication, getting old
maturing adul-tatifity
this idea of dying, so slow
I can see trees grow, and the crow in the momma pine
musta died, he never came back after that last big ******
in february, I think, around the time
my house ate a tab of acid, 2021.

Tep. Yep. could be we stretch a point and make some
thing be
real enough to feel if there was a 10 wpm to 2 or 3 each
or beat of your heart, as mine
- thinks back to the ori-gin fin gin
- point
- spark
in the stretching, on the rack, you know the image, stretch

Not that. This realm of timeless reason being.

Thinking iferies you must imagine
or not sense, not sense as non
in time to glimpse the if that winks at you and laughs,

you saw, says this other, joy-driven, you can feel it,
feel it, this is
eu-daemonical ha, I knew it, we have a recipe for this,
I wrote it down

---------- but this works if you stir it in with the rest
at the end of your last war, you can make a fine rest
with just this little bit of patience built by reading this, twice.
Possession of one's own soul, patience, all you can muster, that's the price. Or I can sell you seed for one holy cow, in the dna of a bull I rode in on. Piled here.
As within, so without---

As the universe, so the soul.

And so it is.

I'm done.

With my life (path).
I humiliate my self every time I manifest things wrong. The Universe conspires against us all, not working on our behalf.
Sunwriter Apr 1
Life is like fighting a bull
their is going to be curves and bumps

But how you deal with the bull is going to be a
big or small shape of your life

So now matter what do not stay stuck
cause nothing comes closer when you don't move onward
Life is hard but imagen it as a bull the first part is what happens in
life but you just need to choose the smart way to deal with the bumps and curves. So that will most likely make a small or big part of your future
Jordan Gee Oct 2020
The pendulum is a bull shark.
The hour of the savior is a pregnant bride's swan dive into the water.
The mighty mile is a figure 8 in the scoot of
non slop socks across the bare linoleum.
Blood and bright are the redness of the blanket.
divine terror at one hart beat per hour.
Finger nails green and black against a back drop
of the brightest, bluest eyes you've ever seen;
deep pools of liquid light that will shine when least expected.
And the obligation isn't one at all,
for when i breath in,
you breath out.
And when I gave consent 1000 years ago times 10-
you performed the exorcism under the shroud of my amnesia
and the spotted light from a crystal disco ball.
Shards of light moved upon the face of all the space between the stars.
My heart was in the highlands but now its in your hands.
post equinox Sep 2020
nina Jul 2020
angel tears fill rivers full
and pull bulls full/
of broken bones and stones
oh, how Perillos shone
pledged life to the throne
Cruel, merciless Rome/
and fell to his death
with one last shuddering breath
"they'll **** you yet"
frankie Jun 2020
boys are mindless, they're like bulls

they see two flags, one that's being tossed around violently in the air and one that is being fluttered about gently
they are used to the one that flutters, they've seen it being waved violently, that's how it first got their attention. but the violent wave can only last so long, the matador will eventually get tired of violently waving the flag and it will get used to the bull's temper and only wave it violently when it needs to
the bull takes longer to recognise that just because the matador is fluttering the flag, doesn't mean that the violent wave is gone. it's just being kept for when it is needed most. so the bull, only being drawn to what the surface level shows, leaves the fluttering flag and the matador and charges towards the violently flowing flag.

but, little does the bull know that that flag will soon end up fluttering too because no flag waves violently forever and when the bull realises this, they will realise the mistake they made when they left the first matador and run to the flag that has a sword hidden underneath.
Angela Rose Apr 2020
You are a series of red flashing fabrics and I am a Matador thrusting myself into you over and over and over again

I know it is nothing but pain and embarrassment and yet it’s so natural to me to proceed with these actions

You are a red flag I can spot from a mile away glistening your sequins in my face and I cannot stop but ram my face into yours

I know you bring me no satisfaction and I know I will never win against you in these battles and yet it’s so natural for me to hurt myself for you
Matador of heartbreak never stood a chance
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