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Carl D'Souza Jul 24
An uncompassionate crowd of 20,000
are tensely sitting in a stadium
bloodthirstily waiting for a cruel spectacle
they call a ‘bulllfight’
which is actually a ‘bull-harass-and-****’.
This brutal bloodsport
is celebrated as a national artform
in Spain
so the matadors (bullfighters) strut around proudly
in their suits of golden thread
to loud cheers and excited applause.

The bull, frightened suffering,
is harassed and killed in three stages:

The first stage is called ‘tercio de varas’
‘the lancing third’
when armoured-horse mounted lancers
use a long sharp lance
to spear the bull behind his shoulder muscles
to weaken the bull’s neck muscles
and begin the bull’s loss of blood;

The second stage is called ‘tercio de banderillas’
‘the third of banderillas’
when the matador attacks the bleeding-weakening bull
with banderillas (sharp barbed sticks)
stabbing the banderillas above the shoulder blades of the bull
to anger and agitate
the frightened bull fighting for his life.

The third stage is called ‘tercio de muerte’
‘the third of death’
when the matador baits the bull
with a red cape
then stabs the bull with a steel sword
aiming for his heart
but often missing
leaving the bull suffering multiple stab-wounds
bleeding, slowly miserably dying.

I wonder
when will this barbaric bull-harass-and-****
be banned in all nations?
Don Bouchard Jun 13
This, the generation
Of the Trampling Bull,
The trodding of the Crop,
The headlong raging run,
With never any stop.

Having pulled the stakes,
Dragging tethers;
Pawing unchecked,
Throwing clods above his withers;

Fence posts falling,
The corners cave.

Town boys chase him
With sticks,
Unable to check or to drive
His rampant run,
O'er suffering fields.

Where are the men
Who'll come to force him,
Back into civility?

Where are the men?
Make of it what you will. I woke at 2:00 with this vivid dream....
In mind I feel like I have been suffocation all my demons I have trapped in my time goes love just seems to be so deeply  neglected. my many mistakes I made just seem to leave tears that can show your honesty to your heart. the music I'm listening to just seems to leave me feeling emotionally drained just like all the sadended lies you left me with. before you speak just tell me if can handle the emotional pain you cause me. if I could change my ways I would be normal just like the rest of society. everything I give to you day and night just seems like you don't care about me. all you do is stair at me like I'm blind many ways your words have. I told you again and again over and over just speak the truth bc your just hurting your self on the lies you are purseing. pretty soon you will run into your fate when all I asked is for you to tell me the truth. anything is possible. look at your self tell me who you truly see or who you truly are. love only becomes true when you just tell the truth. my heart just cryed when you have lied to me my fear is real but the music that I listen to just wraps around me injecting me with pain relief. this world is so scary when your not around me this world is so toxic society is  so dangeriously toxic everyone around me is toxic. what do we do when times runs out? where do we go where do we run. where will it be safe to play sleep or dream. I'm so tired of your dishonest lies so what me just pack up my stuff walk out the door while you sleep whatch me disappear threw thin air. I thought your voice was just lies. I'm losing my patiants  with everything you do that rips me apart.
sunprincess Jan 8
Somewhere down on main street
A bureaucratic bull is stumbling through
An antique store so fancy
An upscale shop filled with shimmering crystal and lacy *******
And just like those new birds of spring
Ladies suddenly freeze, stop and stare
As he with broad shoulders sniffs the air without a care
Pauper of Prose Dec 2018
Hearts polished like porcelain
Shined so peers perceive no flaw
Then placed upon the shelf
Perfectly perched and priced
And in struts the buyer
Fresh from running with the humans
A mass of muscle, tail swaying slightly
Hooves as shiny as the horns
Brandishing upon its neck
A great ruby scarf
Won in a fierce and frantic fight
This is piece was inspired by the poem Bullfights and Lovers by the good poet BJ Donovan!!
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Georgia O’Keeffe
In her own right
Melting away
In a gas guzzler
Meditative escape pod
Disguised as a thermal barrier
Your mind is out there
You pay attention
Everything is Alien
Luna appears
Radiating Bull horns
Like a crescent moon
Balancing on the horizon
Magically moving along
The plane of the ecliptic
Maybe for a millisecond
Crab Nebula
Sneezed the brilliance
That caused the most beautiful
That is you
Only the very lucky
Get to see
Black feather floating
Like a random propitious sign
From the heavens
I ******* love you
For showing me
Every forever is a
Second to enjoy
One Love

Wrote this to inspire the painting in the back ground.
Arcassin B Oct 2018
by Arcassin Burnham

Sorry if I'm a little hard spoken on this poem,
But the ******* that i put up with for so many years got me
Clinching my fists and releasing my hate on the tree in the
Backyard where all the weights are, no point to recharge,
No point To be on guard,
**** this life and the people that tried to end mine,
Picking on my mental illness,
I can see the end around the corner.
Is it a crime to want to live in peace, no there no peace nowhere,
They say God doesn't put you through something you can not beat,
And while I'm torn between the fake and reality , I can not be.
Brandon Conway Oct 2018

A muleta drapes over my chest
the ripples pass through with the wind
while we dance around this dusty plaza de toros
eyes fixated
thinking you can gore mon coeur
I only give you the illusion of control
but in the end
it will be my estoc tongue that
pierces your flesh
between the shoulders
with crimson words
I am no novillero
cornada's in the past only strengthen the future
a porta gayola posed and ready
awaiting that ferocious charge
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
The devil sits at its zenith
Hell’s warmth embracing
a bead of sweat escapes
both the man and the beast
locked and circling
until one leaves alive
both man and beast
want to show their bravado
one charges
one waves and dodges
both smell death’s breath
a crimson river starts to flow
and the dance is repeated
until one sits on Charon's boat
or is pulled by death’s horses
but in this dance
both have tripped and fallen
death is overjoyed in the afternoon
the bull riders came
from near and far
to try and conquer
Chainsaw's elevated bar

he'd buck them off afore
the eight second crack
none would last upon
his awesomely built back

around the rodeo circuit
this bull had a legendary status
for beating they who'd do
battle with his feisty apparatus

the goading spur of rider
not disconcerting him
he'd show them that he
was ever potent in trim

of an immortal bovine
we'll never see again
so celebrate the elan
of Chainsaw's grain
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