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blackbox Dec 2018
I’m not saying I wasn’t a good person, but YOU bring out the best in me.
I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy alone time, but sharing with YOU is most fulfilling.
I’m not saying I was not expressive, but YOU're the only one to know everything.
I’m not saying we never fought, but YOU're always the first to make amends.
I’m not saying our relationship was perfect, but YOU make it happier with every passing day.
So, how can you think that I don’t love you just cause I’M not saying it everyday?!
Seán Mac Falls Nov 2018

At the end of night she bathes in light,
We tussle in the warmth of morning,
The blankets and she are of sea foam
And found shells, whispering lost ocean
Words.  Our bed is a raft, drifting aloft,
The coffee is brewing with mellow sun,
Her smiles, filling my silly, giddy mug.
Soon, we walk to the pebbled beach,
Her hair is waving at the friendly seas,
Gulls are circling in the moving skies
Reeling with the slow, slipping tides
And I skip stones with her as our feet
Sink in the milk of morning sands—
Must we be off to Dublin town?
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
potted soulmates
delicate orchids
reaching so hard
just short
space given
natures third eye
curious cat
stumbling sliding
cause and effect
they fall in
wrapping up that moment
second turns forever
beauty forever joyous

pay attention
your potted soulmate
just slide and crash
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
raining down on me
cleansing my humble soul
writing truth
painful to some
absolute freedom
soaring bird
joyous faces
walk in that direction
liberate your mind
release vitality and vigor
protecting dreams
silly boy
silly girl
walk that wire
thwarting negativity
finding your
sweet spot
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
looking forward
joyous tears
filling up my insides
as if the ocean abyss
isn’t full enough
over running my thoughts
rain from the darkest sky
angled light from
special complete reflection
brightest Luna Goddess in our solar system
reaches with ease
into the darkest part of my soul
warmth provided from a frozen rock
hurling around my celestial body
feeling you in the deepest part of my heart
touching me
magical tentacles
hiding in your puff of smoke
brilliance shining through
potent power
making flowers grow on the sea floor
coral enjoying their view
imaging swimming there
bliss on ecstasy
projection of a lucid dream
mermaids circling under the magic
universe whispering
find her
open arms waiting
like a beacon in the night
I wrote this while I was eating out last night. When the waitress handed me a bill with a heart drawn in the middle I quickly scratched myself sitting there while she was standing. Crescent moon floating above her head while sunshine ☀️ was radiating above mine. While a bold heart floated in between us. Deja vu of a precious smile
sushii Oct 2018
joy, i’m joyous.

smile, i’m happy.

kiss, love is definitely near.

embrace, clear is my mind.

if you’re reading this right now,

he left me behind.
ChildofGodyay Sep 2018
The boy at the back of the car, with red headphones on, he sat on the ocean and he couldn't see past the pain that overwhelmed him.

The boy at the back of the car, his back aches, the tears were like sleeping pills
and nearly brought him to sleep.

The boy at the back of the car, he took pictures, he couldn't find a way to stay happy at one point in time.

The boy at the back of the car, he wanted the knives and pans, but he knew better then to intercede with God's plan.

The boy at the back of the car,
he fought the fight and he is preparing to take flight.
His friend has problems with shadows and thoughts that seemed to trap her in a seemingly never-ending maze of

The boy at the back of the car has some issues, but...
The boy at the back of the car, happier now. :)
Sorry it's a bit messy...
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
A New Year,a new beginning,
What's in store,awaiting,
365 blank pages,
To be filled with new strategies.
Forget the past,time to move on,
Throw in a handful of resolutions.
Dear God, present us with a perfect New Year's Gift,
From war we must drift,
All bad politicians You sift,
Climate changes we should heed,
Safety from nature's hazard we need.
Away with weapons of mass destruction,
Unity amongst every nation.
Herald in economic equality,
And do away with poverty.
Please remove our aches, bitterness and sorrows,
Instead,fill them with peace and joy for all tomorrows.
Make this year short and sweet,
Everyday, our needs we are able to meet.
Shower us with plentiful blessings,
So we wake up laughing.
Friends and foes,let us leave every thing behind,
Make amends with good things in mind.
Let us start 2018 with a new slate
joyous bliss*
joyous bliss
soon they'll be wed
in joyous bliss

rings exchanged
as a sign of love
circles symbolizing
everlasting love

joyous bliss
joyous bliss
soon they'll be wed
in joyous bliss

two souls connecting
to an elated union
by a love so blessed
of communion

joyous bliss
joyous bliss
soon they'll be wed
in joyous bliss

days of happy promise
they'll behold
on their journey
paved with gold

joyous bliss
joyous bliss
soon they'll be wed
*in joyous bliss
NB: My friends Eva and John will soon be getting married.
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