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the land before history began
land that was not ruled by a man
land that raised me
land with more beauty I had ever seen
a land filled with spirits in trees beautiful and green
land that was untouched
land prosperous and lush
land that I fled to when I was scared
land that helped me with the struggles I bared
land filled with artifacts
land with hidden, ancient tracks
land that I  called my own
land that was my home

the man with a cross in hand
set fires to the land
he spoke in a different tongue
and tried to teach it to our young
my people gave him food and water
he only gave us an alter
he told us we were sinners
made us kneel with interlocked fingers
I saw the flags in the distance
I cried in an instance
more of his men were coming
I knew we had to start running
Maga'håga is a female leader of a tribe, she is the one who is respected among Chiefs. This is an homage to the Maga'håga who did all she could to protect her land, people, and culture.
Vividly pale sunsets,
Houses lined up in a row,
The wind howls on the beach,
The pacific northwest,
My home,
The tide rising and lowering,
The smell of a campfire that once burned so bright,
Smoke still in the air,

Pastel sunrises that I'll never forget.
I miss this.
Rachael Anderson Dec 2019
Cotton candy swirl of sky
In deep waters meets
A force of power enough to destroy
The strong among the weak.
“Pacific” they do call she-
Beauty and peace men’s hearts adore.
These men, the same whose head and feet
Be led asunder by her roar.
Sharon Talbot Nov 2019
There is a bay on the Oregon coast,
Shaped like a scallop shell
And ringed by rounded stones.
And from the darkening sky
Droop billows of blue and gray
Hanging and lit like Chinese lanterns.
Humans in the damp Northwest
Appear to drip from the clouds
In rain-washed colors
Of blue and violet,
Whose tattered clothes
Are softened and soaked
From ragged wool into rich satin.
Still others bask on shores
Of pebbles rolled by the sea,
Bone white and cloud-gray.
Down and up, down again
The light rays vault,
Painting bipeds into the land.
There are no reflections
But rather water in the air,
Looking like rain
Even on cloudless days.
Their world is saturated
Like the scarlet gowns
Of Waterhouse’s Ariadne
And the ponds of Monet,
Green as the British Isles,
Blue as the Aegean
And white as the Pantheon ruins .
Much like an ancient tomb,
The majesty of mortal lives
Commemorated in stone
Is here splashed in the air
And in every forest or cliff.
Hushing people into silence,
So they conduct the most
Serious customs in whispers,
Knowing how voices echo along
Water droplets
And mountain shadows.
Tsunami Sep 2019
The creak of a door,
A sliver of light
Slips and illuminates the evergreen tops.

A sigh of relief echoes between our two walls.
I hear the flick of a lighter.
An orange glow appears.
Floating about an arms length away from a dark shadow mostly hidden
behind the evergreens i always complain of.

We end up mimicking each others actions
Swimmers in a line,
Diving in at the same time.
Synchronizing the timing of raising
our separate cigarettes to
our separate lips,

It’s a small solace,
Two strangers, simultaneously trying to **** themselves just a bit quicker
The only form of intimacy we know at this point in life.

Ash, take a drag, ash, take a drag
Rinse and repeat
The wash cycle is almost over
We puff away together
Until one of us tires or hits the ****.

I once again, hear;
The creak of a door,
A sliver of light illuminates the tight knit needles.
I hear a gentle slam,
In his own way, a goodnight
we have an intimacy no one can mimic
mjad Apr 2019
just as Notre Dame catches fire
does the turtle's situation become dire
as it struggles to get air
because of another plastic snare
one of millions that float aimlessly
Notre Dame will be rebuilt urgently
over one billion dollars raised in days,

but who really needs to be saved?
The amount of money raised for Notre Dame to be rebuilt would be enough to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Just saying.
Mohammed Arafat Feb 2019
While the sun is setting,
I walk by the dazzling ocean,
talking to myself,
to the storms inside me,
to the volcanos and the quakes,
talking to my anger,
to my sorrow,
and to every feeling left in me.

It is the end of a new day,
a long one but very short,
full of drama and lies,
with no smiles from those around me.

I walk by the ocean,
while shedding tears,
trying to hide them from the passers-by.
I do not want kids to see them,
so they don’t think men cry.
I keep my dark glasses on.

I walk by the ocean,
not believing in promises,
suspecting the beautified words,
from the fake people.
I walk not believing in fake smiles,
fake laughs or even jokes.

The twighlight gleams and is gone now.
unsmiling people around me are gone too.
After diving down several times in front of me,
seagulls swirling above go to feed their babies,
They stop singing their daily songs.
Fishermen with dusty boats go homes sweating with joy.
Rich people turn on the lights of the silent yachts to start their night.
The high waves calm down.
The moon is waning crescent,
with a dimmed light.
They left me alone.
I am alone,
all alone,
but my only friend is my heart,
That they hurt.

Mohammed Arafat
I always thank God for making me smile all the time. However, there are a lot of forgotten people whose hearts became in hallows due to the sorrow they suffer from. They sometimes don't want others to hear them because not everyone will get how they feel and honestly, it's better to be engulfed in the feeling and take out their sadness in a poem.
annh Jan 2019
Blind man walking - heals through touch,
Carries coconut oil in an old jam jar,
Trusts in the magic which guides his hands,
To carry his dusty feet home.
Based loosely on my brief acquaintance with a traditional Fijian bobo (massage) practitioner and healer named Rupeni from the village of Vunivesi, Vanua Levu. Vinaka vaka levu, Rupeni! :)
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
SF 75
triggers a blast off
low orbit glide
mount Tamalpais
you’re beautiful not an obstacle
hwy1 with your new asphalt
laying rubber to this situation
can you feel the burn
apex views of the great pacific abyss
light haze floating in to provide
dragon fly
you pitch side by side wave
just before you dart
how did you avoid me?
flying at sixty nine mph
you zip out
while other creatures splattered
on my face
butterflies bouncing on flowers
when I Look around
beautiful blue Pacific Ocean
negative ions
cherished situation
but where are you
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