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Dani Oct 2018
Absolutely beautiful carcinogenic
Debating, echoing, fetching
Gathering handfuls, intoxicating
Jigsaw kindness lacking memory
Nothing operating properly!
Questioning reasons sincerely
Testing universal visions
Why x-ray yesterday's zeal?
26 letters, 26 words...
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
split the ears
gentle butterfly
perhaps left behind
slow flap
atop your sanctum
deep spot
your hearts protection
subconsciously hidden
mirrored room
reflecting brilliance
furthest spot
Big Bang
swordplay battling
angled light
deepest beginning
echoing of nothing
significant insignificance
forever remaining
Amanda Sep 2018
Words are echoing throughout my bones
A steel casing around each one
You stung me with your poison, now I can't breathe on my own
Windpipe broken, damage to lungs done.

Pain through every tissue fiber seeps
Anguish flooding narrow veins
Insults scratch so very deep
Consume thoughts within my brain.

Anger and frustration take over
Recognizing lack of determination
Hurtful attacks make me move slower
Lose any remaining motivation.

To be honest I do not care as much
Present in body, not in mind
It is truly unfair for me to tightly clutch
Fading love I'm unable to leave behind.
Why do I put us through this?
Poetic T Sep 2017
Tome stones of onyx and bleached
moments collect next to another.
Playing the theme of silent screams,
that are out of tune, but never heard.

Rising, scratching to that place that is
never reached. But they climb on broken
keys that scream on the bones that
are so dull and shimmer in failings.

They endeavour to reach a place that
is beyond there influence. The charcoal
keys are the prolonged motions of a place
where they linger in echoing silent screams.
Lynn Greyling Jan 2015
You are the eagle
Lifting my heart into
Unexplored realms
Of azure expanse.

You are the wild wolf
Howling my yearnings
into the crisp frost
Of twilight skies.

A tiger in the shadows
With the flame
Of all my passions
Burning in your eyes.

— The End —