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Hamies Jan 8
what if the angel seeks the demon
what if it's craving the endless freedom
the fearless magic of insanity
without being in clarity
of what's happening next
nervous to fly even tho the wings are spread
the demons power greater than the angel could ever expect
so the angel fell for the demon
something the divine may never regret
uv Apr 2019
With all the troubles around me
There is a pattern that surrounds me
At a point when it all weighed down
I couldnt breathe, it was a mind drown.

Then isnt life about the suffering?
Things that bring happiness also come blustering.
Fullfilments of Expectations are a fantasy
We hold too much on wants that are not thought rationally.

This world is a field of alchemy
Its in your hands to not make your pain into a tragedy
But it is in HIS hands to turn your affliction and give you purity
In ways you cannot concieve, just thank for eternity.
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
to this magical action
peculiarly suspended
magic unfolding
life needs a witness
what better
than the brilliance of wings fluttering unseen
hovering in place reflecting
******* up the very existence
god & goddess
emerging energy
drifting in all directions
unchained love
raining like rays from the sun
antipode unconditional love contained
hearts superpowers
revelation of one Love
starting with you
floating gracefully
genius foundation of physics
unfortunate therapeutic consumption
familiar snake oil pitch
hopeful of the Devine powers that be
sort this out dive deep seahorse
entanglement of words like a trolling fishing net
enjoy the creatures depth and wisdom
settling is not an option
believe me
or dip your toes somewhere else
ajit patel Jun 2018
I sleep walked through life.
Bending to the will and needs of the others.
I concealed my sorrows,
and ****** back the tears
I closed my eyes and
Closed my ears.
To the world inside and out.
Floating in slow motion,
Counting each day as passed.

Till I crashed into you.

You made me sing songs,
which I did not know
My closed eyes see beauty,
where none existed.
My ears ****** with gentle music
Waves of joys fill my heart,
My body vibrates in rapture
at your mere touch.

As I tune into the divine.

Through you.
Thoughts by the other me.
SoZaka Mar 2018
the hardest days
by defenition
do not involve love and affection
yet every time I see you
Cee Cee
my sun sets in a different direction
if it sets at all

wide eyed like a child all your light shines through and wakes me from a never ending dream

one day Cee Cee you will know
I am a part of you and
you are a part of me too
Dreamer Feb 2018
She was like a cigarette. I put my lips on her, and suddenly I was immersed in her devine taste. Like a winston cigarette, I ****** her blueberries. Never in my life I felt that great. However, she vanished like smoke and ashes from my life and I was left with stub. Initial couple of days, I felt so tormented. However, later I understood, it was never love between us, it was only an enslavement, merely an addiction
Deep Sangani Jan 2018
sounds pleasing and
I wouldn't want to die
not just yet
sounds so

sleeping forever underneath
lush beds,
over sound
mermaids all around
Death began at my first cry//
Prajakta Mhadnak Dec 2017
She is the nature
She is the creator
She is the nurturer and the destroyer
consort of Shiva, complete source of power.

She is the breath,
She is the death
An eternal fire and internal desire
She is an infinite energy, in dark attire.

She is in Sudarshan ,
She is in Trishul
The intensity of black hole and awakened soul
Without her everything is powerless, even the hollowness.

She is in you,
She is in me
She is in trinity
She is the 'Shakti'.
G Rog Rogers Oct 2017
I'm winging it on a rainbow
Surely I will find
That place where
the rainbow touches earth
with golden mist Devine

Within the hills
beside the wind-swept
crystal seas divide
I will await you there

Knowing there to find
the missing moments
Once now but not
forever lost in time

Sheltered there from storm
Awakened there from sleep
The part and participle
of a life forever stoic
beyond the oppressive tide.

Wing it on a rainbow
Touch it and you will shine

As the rainbow touches earth
with the golden mist
of the Devine.

I will await you there.


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