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xavier thomas Apr 14
Roses are red
Violet are blue
Let me dive in
And swim through your river stream of sweet juice
Ms. Jasmine
xavier thomas Apr 13
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Close to my roots
But you have to dig deeper for this forbidden fruit
Such a lovely temple
At which to worship
Divine rituals
In sanctified flesh

alexis Feb 7
if my body is a heavenly temple,
i pray that you kneel before me in worship
7. février 2021
05:33 am
William Marr Jan 22
every marble column stands *****
reaching to heaven

day after day tourists
gather in front of the temple
to hear young guides
give the oracle
Death is my *****.
Pardon my French,
But I do insist,
Grim, **** on my fist.
I ditched the list,
No sugar, no cyst.
Aimed for my heart,
you swung and you missed.

This body's a temple,
soul is a gem,
pop you like a pimple,
you're not getting in.

Only the finest,
hemp seed for your highness,
sweet's a disease,
and pleasures are spineless.
Dinesh Padisetti Jul 2020
The stillness feels like death
But movement isn't life either
I'm getting bored again
But moving around isn't the answer

I'd rather move inward
Make a temple in my heart
That only I can build or destroy

For I know why I move.
To feel home in places
Alien to humanity
A temple in my heart..
Maria Mitea Jun 2020
Everyone in the settlement
It is invited to hurry and take
One thousand visits at the temple,
The time for the invocation arrived.
Take care and not stumble or hesitate on your way,
I know you might have plans, errands,
and occupy yourself with mundane delights.

Everyone in the settlement
It is invited to hurry from gate to gate,
and from heart to heart as we all need light, and can’t afford any longer misfortune.

Hurry and see that
there is no supremacy
in terror, in blood, and in sickness.
In me, and in you, and in everyone,
There is only one source of creation.

Hurry and take Sendo-Mairi
One walking and praying a thousand times,
Thousands walking and praying one time,
Hurry and see how
One can be free in the temples of humankind,
Sendo-Mairi a Japanese ritual of praying in a form of one person walking thousand times at the temple and praying thousand times, or
thousand people walking at the temple and praying one time.
Elaine Yu May 2020
How can I save
a beam of light
open it secretly in darkness
throughout haze

You always advance
Light speed
How can I catch
the afterglow of yesterday

I always want to stay
Unwilling to see
petal falling
snow becoming mud

I just want to stay
Under the temple of light
regardless of world vicissitudes

You stand there
Looking back suddenly
The light of setting sun has infused into your smiling face
From then, my every night dream is living in the temple of light
Listening to the music of "Temple of light" by Electus
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