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Betty Oct 11
Alligators hide
Hungry under the surface
Stepping stones with teeth
A metaphor for life-avoid snappy rocks!
Maria Mitea Oct 2
In Between Me and You
I am speechless,
my voice screams alone,
you are not mine,
and I am not yours
This is all a dream,
In between you and me,
we search for each other
on the odd seashores,

Mountains and fields are in between me and you,
Rivers and oceans are in between me and you,
Stars are dying in between me and you,
and Gods are crying in between me and you
when the sky is breaking in two,
the all universe holds back us fade away,
in between me and you, are centuries
of waiting for the two dreamers to fly.

I beg you to live happily,
What’s in between you and me,
will ever stay,
you’ll always be the light in my dream,
come in my dreams when you can,
I will be happy to see you again,
how you live happily every day of your life,
smiling with the sun and flying with the birds in the sky,
come in my dreams when you remember me,
I implore you to live happily.

In between you and me,
You are not mine,
and I am not yours
This is all a dream,
In between you and me,
the all universe is waiting
for us to fall asleep.
Luiz Sep 17
if we sorrow rivers
for the ones who
wanted us bare naked

does our spirit drench an ocean
for the ones who wanted
our bare naked soul?
light veils of mist hung
o'er the river's snaking course
on day break dawning
Maria Mitea Aug 8
Put me under the spell of maur night,
Let me sip from the drinks of celestial gods,
Lighten me on a sky-bed of heavenly stars, When receiving  the offerings of nocturnalight.

Cover my body with holy rays, songs of praise, Adoring dreams dressed in golden sheepskin, Happily grazing on faith’s meadow spreading
The noble fragrance of sweet-bitter laurel.

Let me sleep in nocturnal goodness tonight.
Let me sleep in nocturnal goodness ...
Let me sleep ...
Sleep ...
Sip ...
S ...
Have a sweet sleep baby all your life ...
I want to drink all the juices of it’s light
we can be bigger than this, older than this
the ocean is only here for a while for us
underneath your fingers I can already see
the shaping of the amethyst

we won’t tell the wind
that this one day you will cross the street waiting for me
on the opposite side our umbrellas will touch
a glimpse of a smile and your hand waving apologetically
flying like a bird away from my sight
there you will be, my invisible wife
we won’t tell the winds, we won’t tell the seas
they are only here for a while

that night when I fall asleep
I will see the rivers on your palms leading me through
that night we will leave life, my invisible wife
and we will finally be
Diana May 12
Life is an untamed surprise
An cycle that will never end
On the way we see what lies
Around the riverbend

There’s so much for us to face
Much that we don't comprehend
But let us travel to the place
Around the riverbend

There’s much that we adore
And much we won’t befriend
So don't wait for what’s in store
Around the riverbend

We floating and dancing free
And at the same time we’re penned
But let's see what there might be
Around the riverbend

We don’t know our future plans
But one day you’ll apprehend
So why not soar to the lands
Around the riverbend

We don’t know what we’ll become
But we know it’s not the end
So don’t fear what’s to come
Around the riverbend

— OrcasTogether
“What comes will come, and we’ll just have to meet it when it does.” -J. K. Rowling
Jay M Apr 22
There's something so simple
Yet so utterly complex
In the use of words

They flow out like rivers
Rough and in bursts at first
Then they calm down,
Smooth into fluid speech
With much less fear of being misunderstood
Yet, maybe so
Now more than ever
Fear that our words are misinterpreted
That our rivers have been secretly redirected
Pooling elsewhere in small amounts

- Jay M
April 22nd, 2020
Just thinking about words, and how they can be interpreted in so many different ways with context. Rather interesting, once you get to thinking about it.
Bhill Mar 17
suddenly, and with incredible momentum, times changed
evidence of the past was soon to be forgotten
oceans evolved into landmass
rivers flowed uphill creating waterupfalls
mountains eroded in reverse gaining magnitude and significance
Toilet paper turned into sand
what is the reason
will this paradox ever be solved
it happened, can it reverse back
oh wait, that's what a paradox is

Brian Hill - 2020 # 77
Will it?
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