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Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
perception of beauty
fluttering wings abound
nymphs in the sky
nymphs in the abyss
goddess training grounds
dancing photons
brilliance unfolding
critical ingredient
what would you see
smeared paint
palette knife magic
flowing and dripping
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
You are so beautiful
Fierce in appearance
I can imagine
Stepping on you
With bare feet
Here and there
I can hear my screech
Your thorns
Thwarting an invasion
Imagining with delight
The love of a country
You are Legend
Magic starts
Seeds waiting
For the sun to shine
Floating in the dark of the night
Like a puffy cloud
Brilliant photons
Start raining down
You thistledown
As if it’s just your dream
Blown by the wind
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
Soul of a flower
So beautiful
So sweet
Photons rain on you
Dirt is no match
Creatures adore
Spreading your love
Respecting your wild ways
All while it’s just you
Being you
So inspiring
Was that really you?
I hope...
The moment you find the beauty in all the adversity in facing your own thoughts
Reduction asper daylight hours to worship
will immediately arise after
     2018 North American orbital trip,
viz zits summer solstice (human primal
     solar deification) riding astride spaceship
Earth, albeit 6:07 Ante Meridiem

     Thursday June 21st noticeably slip
ping thru space beginning to harvest
     incremental darkness as Gaia rip
pulls across wrinkle in time
     daylight will undermine a loss,

     and over the next month approximately jip
ping United States kinsfolk, who revere El Sol  
     quotidian solar rays, by one hour
     and eight minutes (i.e. 4080 seconds),
     thence trumpeting seriously
     moonlighting re:

     getting down to brass tacks business - grip
ping a markedly steadfast advancement,
     whence August arrives (watch out),
     cuz cutthroat prime rate (zero APR) doth clip,
and clock about two minutes per diem,
     quite a substantial blip.
prior to this day March 13th, (Friday) 2018,
     the local climate (here in Schwenksville,
     Pennsylvania) did accord
with weather more aligned

more apropos with late winter so summery spike
     of Mercury thermometers
     for those of you old enough to remember
     (Careful NOT to chomp

     on fragile slender tubular glass),
     whence silvery liquid metal would poison...
     like sting of a scorpion, anyway
     (regional forecast by meteorologists)

     attested by the outsize
     outside electronic bulletin board
(situated on the property
     of Perkiomen Valley High School)

     where space doth a ford
to envision a spectacular sight, this gourd
jess scenic tract, nonetheless registered
     over eighty degrees, and hoard

of wives, sans special treasure re: bond
     courtesy viz Mother Nature Spring time bounty
     on the verge to yield ample harvest
     to fill cornucopia horn of plenty

     Omaha lore dee Lord
ah...the picturesque setting found me eyes moored
thus temptation pitched perfect game of LIFE
     where fauna and flora sub woofing audio-
     logically roared, and this **** Sapien

felt his psyche scored
with the golden radiant sear ching,
     transcendent, transparent transient rods,
     whereat thy face turned toward

cerulean vault - a cathartic, electric,
     and fantastic panacea to ward
off lingering late winter moody blues
     as many a lan yard
flush with excited children of a lesser god.
fatima Jan 2018
the lights are dim
the happiness is the sorrow
the stars are the sun
and the absence is longing

for i don't know what's inside
there's a ******* in emptiness
and the emptiness is absence
lights are just illusion

the feelings are tangled
like a myth of red string
and i don't know where should i go
finding you in the compact of photons
last month and i'm free
Even when he walked through that door for the first time
The thought of engaging with him in any sort was a crime
Ultimately my first thought was
Now I understand why we never crossed paths
An aggressive, secluded, sexist male entity
However, preoccupied by my own judgement, he thought me to be pretty
And all of a sudden, that grotesque mortal molded into a handsome beast
Nurturing, loving, controversial but attentive the least
Gracefully and gradually I fell for his mediocre personality, Him
Oblivious and blinded by his own ****** of happiness, I, -
     hypnotized by the fairy tale, did not see the photons of our love go dim.

— The End —