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yawning chasm
space defined by solitude
you show up
for you

eyes searching the sky
for what appears
heart floating in the distance
what your looking for

sometimes ablaze
brilliant illumination
your inner space
turned inside out

other times adrift
floating around
sinking into the unknown gorge
portal to the subconscious

spot in complete harmony
trees swaying love in the air
grounded by earth
water providing the flow

you’re on fire
you being you
souls on fire
fearless pursuit
minute atoms
make me up
positive and negative
energy swirling
churning out dreams
defiantly protecting my perception
space is where i fly
endless freedom
balancing on tension
lucid divide
ionic bond
are we not rare
earth elements
disciples of Mother Nature
drifting in the vast
bestowed powers and abilities
seeking the magic
you have the power
share warmth
share love
share a hug
heart yearning
touch so deeply felt
just show yourself
self love
reflection to follow
first glance
beast out of the darkness
frozen in time
majestic seahorse
carrying Aphrodite
grace rising effortlessly
abysses grip released with ease
wielding her magic over moon goddess
while she imagines the first eclipse
illuminated ring circling
shades of darkness
dominating the sky
goddess Selene rests her motion
etching love in eyes
through lasting heartbeats
reflecting the rings
true brilliance
setting the sky on fire
one in the sameness
silhouette remnants
flash of nova
goddess so super
seed of life
energy unfolding
all directions
brilliance  cast
true warmth of benevolence
nymphs rise
abysses grip released
luminescent fireflies
dancing with blithesome delight
pensive and observant
full moon
calling all into play
sun hiding
only witness
dark side of the moon lit
under a solar eclipse
universe lines up
quasars reflection
soul of goddesses
out of nowhere
flowers dancing
windy night
air crisp chilly
super blood wolf moonlight
offering brilliance
flicker twinkle spark
dreams are flying
mesmerizing eyes in the distance
peddles melting away
imaginary heat radiating
being blasted
mirage of photons
tickle all senses
magical cloak
hiding the source
that is you
day at the museum
passing people
some with intent
who will notice
slight bow
eyes flutter
do you notice?
all while
black locks bounce
blending away
figment of imagination
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
unwavering guarantee
once found
nothing last forever
crash n burn
leather is no match
inevitable skin burn
relentless search
easier finding a creature
trench in the ocean abyss
without a flashlight
if you’re lucky enough
to find someone loyal
cherish the preciousness
hold it tight
grab that hand
don’t let it go
all the same
holding on to hopes
emergency cord
plunging parachute
one love
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