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I sometimes take time to write a few lines of verse.
Quite often to express feelings to prevent them getting worse.
Often I express things that are there as thoughts in my own head.
Sometimes its just things that I feel have needed to be said.
I don't always consider the impact or repercussions of things that I may write.
And I don't seek to make it all rhyme as a way for me to seem all bright.
I find it the best way to express how conflicted I can feel.
Inside my head it helps my thoughts focus on what I see as "real".
You may not understand the emotions or maybe share my train of thought.
But I will write how I think and how I feel even if against things we've all been taught.
Its my way of expressing "truths" that I just need others to try and see.
In part an explanation of why I cant be the way others would like for me to be.
I write these lines as often as I am compelled to want to do.
To give understanding and to express the things my mind perceives as true.
Whether challenge or expression of lies life has forced me to be taught.
I use the writing of these words to patch the walls of my emotional fort.
I write the verse as a glimpse beyond my fragile fortress wall.
I do it so all can see my sanity was dented by its fall.
There is little I can do about the glimpses you may choose to see.
Knowing that what you spy beyond the wall is not every part of me.
The words are how I perceive the world not to influence thoughts in your head.
But have some understanding of me... from these words that now are read.
This is what it does.... why I even bother
Love is so fickle;
it can disintegrate
at a moment’s notice.
I just want to dive right in
and love someone
so badly and so deeply forever.
I could say these things
and declare my intent
but words are just breath.
Actions through my love and movement,
my choices and my heart
are the telepathy of love.
Hold on to what you have,
tomorrow never knows.
Luminescence in the dark

She burnt, slowly but with intent, not so much a flickering flame ticking away at an oil soaked wick, but a continuous stream of energy sourcing from her earthly power. Most of the time she carried a faint glow, gently floating, casting the softest hues on things only moments forgotten, things in which she dreamt whilst spinning in creation, or perhaps things needing to be given to a nights ocean wave

She was born as deep as an ocean and many of her feelings reaching ranges unfathomable. Often troubled and tormented by things past, thoughts that burn and then rain tears like ash, a once dormant volcano breaking through the oceanic floor. Resurfacing, revisiting once more. Opening up to be quickly cooled and building upon her growing foundation, a demonstration for the ones she loves. Let her burn and boil, and when she erupts, be with her at her depths as she cools.
day at the museum
passing people
some with intent
who will notice
slight bow
eyes flutter
do you notice?
all while
black locks bounce
blending away
figment of imagination
Oh how I intend to love
so sweetly and true.

Yet, I struggle to give
to anyone but you.

For all I observe and scrawl
in these pages
are but momentary actions fueled by a lost
and lonely heart.

My wish, my intent
is to continue
to give to you.

Though the ways
they may change

Ne'er shall you be
Nothing is without a goal
Behind every action is a purpose
Will is comprised of
There is no vacuum without purpose
It is ingrained in the fibers of reality
But to see it you need the will
Behind every action is a purpose
Nothing is without a goal
nawke Jul 2018
you carry virus
that will spread and harm others
sorry, mosquitoes
Building good mosquitoes karma
Druzzayne Rika Jul 2018
Colours mixing with each other
there is a new colour born
a new shade
taking the new shape
blinding the landscape

spiralling out of control
not in hold
spilling its content
without intent
ripping over
and under
emptying till it disappears
it is gone now.
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