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toleomato Apr 20
I rehearse conversations
that I will never have
and yet
find myself
unable to say
what I had truly meant.
Past Mar 24
This is tyranny,
this is malicious,
this is undeniably done out of contempt.
The ire of this man cannot be expressed.
This is gluttony,
this is sinful,
take your coins and feed on the poor.
Sleep at night.
In the peaceful hours of dawn,
don’t blink and eye,
for I have ****** of my mind.
old willow Feb 7
Living carefree, unrestrained,
That is my heart dao.
To live so freely, transcend reincarnation,
one must overcome life.
Whom to where my eyes stride,
See trillions upon trillions of mortal heart dao.
The road is endless, so is my heart.
If the heaven wield, then earth pave.
If the world shielded, then my heart pierce.
The ocean is many, the many is one.
The dao is many, the many is one.
The heart is many, many is one,
Greed, Love, Hatred, Jealously,
desires stem from the heart.
The myriad things are dao,
ultimately the many whence one.
Joseph S Fusaro Dec 2020
My Intentions
come straight
from the source

of love.
John McCafferty Dec 2020
Creative minds shine through silent shadows
Freer thoughts run along the edges
Of boundary lines untied
Distracted less distressed
Confinement now a guest
In a safer space to play
Separate states arrange personal traits
To trust the chance of expectations
Enforce the plight of set objectives
Opportunities arise to compliment
Though every aim cannot be met
We suit our direction and intent
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Social media's intent was to spread authentic information among people but a few motivated by their selfish motives used it to generate those flocks which easily form conjectures just on the basis of baseless accusations disseminated from unknown sources and keep on barking with profanities on others.
John McCafferty Jul 2020
Push in and up against the *****
Loosened grip clasps a hold
Repeat intent between each slip
The tricky path teaches quick
Learn from within frustration
Then lean beyond a stationed pose
Hard tasks are masked in broken bits
With no one above to call upon
Possess the will to calm your fears
Retrace the steps that brought you here
Reach out across to peers instead
For each possess a thought process
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Druzzayne Rika Jul 2020
It is not simple
It cannot be given
So simply
Without the intent
The mind won't rest
Till the end
But forgiveness
Gives the freedom
To move on.

Is freeing,
It is the peace,
It is so much more.
It is a step taken
To move ahead,
Leave behind
The history
In the past.

It is the best gift
Given and received,
It can be the beginning,
it is the end of bitterness.
It is just like a necessity
To be a human
Who makes mistakes
live with harmony.

I give to thee free
To free me from the chains
Of the ill thoughts
I conceive in head
time to time, again and again
To not loathe the trust
I placed in you.

It is a process
To forgive myself
As I forgive you,
I give myself another chance
To believe the best
In you and in me.

Let's mend it.
Make your plans with real intent
Don’t let your life play out by chance
Yet plans can still be light and fun
When you do the prosperity dance

Combine your goals in playful ways
Step by step - your life enhance
Consider well what matters most
When you do the prosperity dance

Engage in things that stir your soul
Even when others look askance
Your life is yours to shape and build
When you do the prosperity dance

You know the inner world comes first
Do “Spirit-Creation” in advance
And watch your visions come to pass
When you do the prosperity dance
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My life goes better when I dance. I don't mean literally dancing, but a playful moving between activities rather than grinding through a huge list of "to do" items. The Prosperity Dance is a mindset that improves life and builds prosperity.

The prosperity dance involves choosing what's truly important for the day, which means some things fall out and just don't get done. That's OK! The prosperity dance also involves creatively involving other people in your projects (and doing the same for them).

Yes, it's a lot to fit into a short poem. It also includes spiritually creating events and scenarios ahead of time, which always helps them play out better.
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