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“Your poems are too short,”
Or so I’ve been told

But it’s the few true lines
That really touch the soul
Do you prefer long or short poems?
We never really did ask for you,
Souped up cars and ****** up avenues.
Shivers down your spine, over fined for the damage done.
Pay up. The greater good needs your wallet son.

******* parkour, running in the streets off,
The roundabout where a couple broke each others lease on,
Life. There ain't no harder calmer man who's fighting.
The parents he believed in, smoked out the lighting.

How could there ever live a guy who's fighting for the personal right to call himself his family that's split across the world.
Divided, the house cannot stand.
Invited to the worldwide plan to forget, integrate and live inside a computer world.

Nevermore to care, the raven leaves the planet earth to find a people who can feel for something other than themselves.
Singing little nightingale, posted in a video warns users, but his language of the heart doesn't sell.

Candid, Sanded and machined to a polish.
Words spread like a bacteria.
Your dearly sad.
I couldn't help but notice the monster I created. Monster see, Monster do. Promise you a monster too.

Snowy hills and lonely peaks, to 7 every day of the week.
It's cold to you. It's hard to you.
**** a little animal too relieve yourself.
Believe yourself, it should evolve to defend itself.

Softer hearts grow distant.
My parents wonder where I am?
I'm well enough, without a friend.
Better to observe than pretend. To be anything but what I am.
Confused about where I am.

You couldn't see beyond the brush.
For­get that we ever said I love you.
Little more of a weird poem. Just here for anyone to see and understand.
Fall for me
and I promise
that I'll imprint
my poetry on
you for ever.
Inky smudges
trailing down
your back and
running over
your broad shoulders.
Laura Nov 2018
That look on your face,
the first time our hands
touched each other.

Full of curiosity, full of hope,
watching our fingers
intertwining with each other.

Your look full of promise, full of chance,
that this could be a beginning,
unlikely the others.
Celeste Briefs Nov 2018
what has happened to me?
you are there with me in every mirror
scars that aren't mine cut into my skin
touching where it hurts the most

you place your hand against my face
I cry, your tears birth new pain
I long to free you from this world
of fire and shattered dreams

you call out to me
I speak your name and there you are
no longer lonely in the darkness
I hold out my hand, open my heart
you say, please don't leave
I say, come to me
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
that smile
you come in and out of my view
quantum reflections of our holographic
string theory cosmic energy
radiating through my eyes
simplicity of your action
your presence is felt
heart scribbled on my bill
deja Vu of a past experience
paying attention
picture is drawn
reflection of the impression
you made on me
just a silly boy
with a pen in his hand
drawing you standing next to me
like a thousand words
with rays of your brilliance
filling the room
wondering how bright I shine
in your eyes
thank you for sharing that

it was appreciated
My perspective from last Friday night. I love life ☺️
Diana Botelho Sep 2018
that’s how it feels, then
to love and be loved and lose it-
to experience the highest feeling,

to fall so hard you lose every breath, to be so hurt you feel certain you’ll die

i can’t do this
i can’t bear this
it’s too little and not that long ago it was so... so much more

so much more than hollow eyelids and numbing cello chords

in this moment i know, i believe i’ll never be fine again
in this moment i’m the rawest i’ve ever been
my screams and sobs are the ugliest sounds

i hope you never have to hear desperation leaving your mouth

but I do hope you get to experience the kind of love that has the power to wreck you

just remember to pray it doesn’t
(i’m okay ;)
Daniel H Shulman Sep 2018
I’ve written many words,
Scribbles, there on a page.
Flat and black shapes against
White, or sometimes yellow.

Written so many words,
Without language, just forms.
I put my soul in them,
And yet, I can’t feel them.

All those so many words,
Fingers run across them,
Close my eyes, nothing there.
But read them, just read them!

Each careful choice of word,
Meaningless glyphs to some,
Have no feel to the touch.
But somehow they touch you.

I write all my heart’s words.
I don’t live in a page.
I don’t live in a screen.
But I can still touch you.

I’ve written every word,
To bring you close to me,
Sensation of my lips,
To kiss you with my words.
The miracle that happens when a poet touches someone.
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