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Anmol Mago Jul 10
Peering into
Emptiness opaque
I feel the night
Humming into my ear
A quatrain lost to time
A symphony long dead

Purged in mist
Pale light wafting
Through broken panes
Illuminating a
Bunch of poppies
Growing by the wayside

Under skies pristine
Life halts to breathe
A cosmic sigh of relief
(Etched into stillness
The silhouette of death)
Alex Tiuniaev Oct 2020
Dripping silently from the flaccid branches
With leaves like dying embers
And a solitary crow gazing at the sky
Alex Tiuniaev Oct 2020
Winter heat
A thousand hues
Incandescent crimson tree fingers
Reaching out in the afternoon sun
Alex Tiuniaev Oct 2020
White melting dunes
Sprinkled with acorns and dust
Out and up grow gothic evergreens
Into the blue serenity above
Orakhal May 2020
The Great Storyteller
pens ink to the wind
Pressing pen to its paper skin
shredding its word on the taste of rain
its drip of spirit in deep refrain

A sweet scented memory
echoes and burs
A woe of regret weeping
high in the nest of its underworld

The humid mist of nostalgia
rests its net oer the black veil
Sinking its face to its deep blue belly
Its pale faint ***** in her sleeping beauty
claims its kiss to widen its wake
Colten Sorrells Feb 2019
spark the fire, and with each inhale,
I begin to drift further
in and out
of consciousness

deeper in,
further down
and somewhere between
exists inspiration

coming through
in waves

so I jot down what I can
because I don't remember dreams so well

but other times,

I just enjoy the vibrations
as they pass through every cell of my body
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Georgia O’Keeffe
In her own right
Melting away
In a gas guzzler
Meditative escape pod
Disguised as a thermal barrier
Your mind is out there
You pay attention
Everything is Alien
Luna appears
Radiating Bull horns
Like a crescent moon
Balancing on the horizon
Magically moving along
The plane of the ecliptic
Maybe for a millisecond
Crab Nebula
Sneezed the brilliance
That caused the most beautiful
That is you
Only the very lucky
Get to see
Black feather floating
Like a random propitious sign
From the heavens
I ******* love you
For showing me
Every forever is a
Second to enjoy
One Love

Wrote this to inspire the painting in the back ground.
nawke Jul 2018
She hears beyond ten,
the sound of one hand clapping.
Nothing comes to mind

Business of being
is busybodying self,
needs no false witness

Mental o' pedal
tormenter love to meddle
what a nomenclature  

Left behind, acres
of forest writings. None
the wiser on walls

This life's an empty
breath.  A garden ain't here to
impress or placate.

Dumpty the great fall,
silent while branches grew tall.  
Come hear, creator
To scramble mother's nature is human nature.
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