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camps Jul 22
today i scraped my knee when i fell from my
seahorse look under the scab there’s two
men sitting around a fire they’re discussing the finer
things in life like the more probable causes of the
dinosaurs’ extinction and whether all-white
meat chicken truly does belong in
the stomachs of millions of americans

for them dessert only comes around when a child answers
the question of what they’d like to be when they grow up
i wouldn’t make a good scientist because i didn’t believe
in climate change until your smile melted me in half how rude
now i’ve made a mess at least i have something to believe in

manufactured to perfection i’m at a loss
for words the yellow pages won’t ring
me back while i wait i think of the dust in between my teeth
and of the smell the flowers in your mother’s garden
gave off despite it being slightly nauseating

there’s a man that i see he’s
always sweeping the sidewalk or cleaning the windows
and i’m always dressed in black
meh. not too entirely happy with this, but there are some gems in there.
most importantly, i'm enjoying writing again
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
to this magical action
peculiarly suspended
magic unfolding
life needs a witness
what better
than the brilliance of wings fluttering unseen
hovering in place reflecting
******* up the very existence
god & goddess
emerging energy
drifting in all directions
unchained love
raining like rays from the sun
antipode unconditional love contained
hearts superpowers
revelation of one Love
starting with you
floating gracefully
genius foundation of physics
unfortunate therapeutic consumption
familiar snake oil pitch
hopeful of the Devine powers that be
sort this out dive deep seahorse
entanglement of words like a trolling fishing net
enjoy the creatures depth and wisdom
settling is not an option
believe me
or dip your toes somewhere else
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
rising from the underworld
cradling the first seahorse
conceived by the unknown
goddess and god
brilliant dream
straight from the abyss
where a flicker of light
ascend out of the darkness
micro creatures frightened
like a sleeping Godzilla
appearing out of nowhere without limbs
magically flying in the currents of the sea
dating back 13 million years
peaceful mission spreading beauty
kind mortal eyes dreaming of your fascinating ways
while others eat you into extinction
with possibly only 20 or 30 years left
aren’t we all floating around?
like frogs in cold water
heat generated in our minds from stupidly and avarice
slowly warming the situation
until we’re all dead
think about the connection we all share
extinction by riding on beautiful creatures coattails
success that should be slapped in the face
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
moon landing
without a space suit
swimming on the surface
no atmospheric pressure
nothing held back
hands held
simplicity of the touch
hearts on fire
otherwise windless bleak
we flourish
script the rules
of engagement
on a level
only seahorses
with precision
all while
stacked against the greatest
luna’s wielding tides
forever trying to split
their bond fiercely
battling the elements
with breeze in mind
golden sword
no match
melting away
harmonic accomplishment
Lady Ravenhill Jun 2018
Anchored by coral
His tiny red tail coiled
Mighty ocean pulls
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku 46
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
I don’t want you to go fishing
For salmon, when you can get ray;
If you’re fast enough, you can shoot –
– A hook around a horse’s tail.

If you’re patient,
You could weave through the jelly’s glow,
Glimmering softness through each filament,
Calming your senses from morbid to mellow.

I don’t want you to go fishing
For make-believe, when you know it stings;
If you’re strong enough, hold on –
– Gills and fins are just as brave as wings.

If you’re yearning for more and more,
Boundaries are all you’ll see;
If you’re ready to stop waiting,
Why are you telling me?

— The End —