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Oculi Sep 24
The tárogató yells
About the Spiritus Sanctus
While I conduct
Electric orchestra
In more ways than one

Noxious fumes
Piles of elastic dolls
The forge beckons
The crisis averted
God bless America

The working man
He's down on his luck
He kills his boss
Then waits in his blood
For the police with a smile

The wooden flute
The samurai's hat
The question of allegience
The barbed wire fences
God bless America

The muezzin talks
To the director
Looking for the paper
The Luzerne Zeitung
That is what he cried

Will I live to see daylight?
Will I choke on a cloth,
Doused in gasoline
With the rabbit skinner?
God bless America


Does the Creator ever question the existence of her own self, or does she sit upon her clouds, oblivious to our plight, performing the greatest of rituals with no effect and appointing herself God of This, God of That, God of Whatever-Comes-To-Mind, naming herself after whatever we want her to be, believing in simply just letting us believe, calculating until our inevitable doom makes her simply useless and lonesome? Would her angels then weep for humanity? Are there angels? Who are you?


Inferno is unleashed on the ******* sagging from my chin
The pain burns, but worse is the humiliation
Even worse is the taste
But I endure it, for I must see the yellow brick road once more

The chest grows
The hair grows
The voice grows higher
She stands tall
In her filth
In her rotting lamb's skin
In the armchair
Where bliss once caught her

And a generation dies under the commanding voice of Whoever-The-****
Why would his name matter when all you'll remember is the count of millions?

God bless America
God bless America
God bless America
God bless America
God bless America
God bless America

Can you dig your own grave, America?
My arms are tired.
Oculi Sep 18
A collection of donkeys
Reviewing the depth and girth of light
In a circular channel of platinum white
While the Cold War's puppet master smiles

What is in the creases of the temple?
Built upon the Aztec temptress's armpit
Discovered by the Spanish butcher
And burnt by the pale ghost

Japanese pilots land upon
Upon, upon
A lake of black tar
A lake of black tears
A lake of black tar
A lake of black tears
And question the times.

He asked me why my hair was soft
I severed my ear and lent it
The pianist, unsurprised, played on
With a pyrrhic victory among black and white

Plagiarism runs amok
It is my good friend, the light in the dark
The lightning coiling around my mind
A brilliant idea strikes the gutter

Japanese pilots land upon
Upon, upon
A lake of black tar
A lake of black tears
A lake of black tar
A lake of black tears
And question the times.

What's your answer?
Among the darkened rain clouds?
What's your answer?
Among ****** handles?
What's your answer?
Among the trumpets and horns?
What's your answer?
To the performance of a life?

Sing no more!
This is my noblest music!
The buzzing of nothing!
Oculi Sep 5
Vong, they call me
And call to me they do
The stitch, the incision
The lung of a fish
The bite of a tiger

Vong, they call me
Newer now than ever before
The ship sinking almost
My shoes fill with water
But to drown, never

Vong, they call me
Never knowing what made me so
It was somebody else!
All the holes, the drills
The incisions, the wounds

Vong, they call me
But am I Vong?
Or am I not?
Do I miss it?
My life as before?

Vong, they called me
But Quetzal I am
And bury Vong, I must
For he is filth, heresy
For he hurt me, and himself

And the sky turns blue
And the water blue
And Vong's face blue
But he will not drown
He asks for a space on my ship

His body torn in 17
His eyes curmudgeon
His limbs mismatched
His skin a darkened grey
I won't call him Vong

And sail towards the Sun
Sail towards the Sun
Sail towards the Sun
Sail towards the Sun
Without arms, man the ship, protect your kin

Vong, become my brother
You've been through the sea
You've been through the sky
You've flown through the blood red Sun
But still you strive for the ship

Safety, oh you beautiful safety.
To lead a better life, inside the Sun
And wait for the fire to pass
Wait for the ship to rise
Wait, for your love shall be here

Vong, they call me.
But Quetzal I am.
Starry Aug 30
A business man
Losses is head
But does not die
Three butterfly of increasing sizes
The head
Making him a living piece art.
Starry Aug 26
As the sun sets
The pillars of salt
Really do come to life
With a vengeance
As the women come back
From seeing the destruction of
***** and gamoro
Marla Aug 7
After years of trying to find yourself
You found everyone else instead,
And found out what kind of people they are,
So you took that knowledge
And a silver ***,
And you put the knowledge in the ***,
And you put the *** on a stove,
And you cranked up the heat,
And language boiled away,
And you cranked up the heat,
And eye colour boiled away,
And you cranked up the heat,
And preference boiled away,
And after 9 days of tending to the *** –
A charred smell hit tired nostrils,
Because all that remained in the ***
Was the burnt and brown mess which is human nature,
And in the metal walls: your own reflection.
goddess that fell to earth
spiritual connection
transmission in dance
souls wiggle
out of darkness
subjective conclusion
withering flowers
carbon silhouette
universe in charge
energy moving and swirling
nothing is the same as it was
just a moment before
energy and heart calling
wondering what is pulling me
to do this or that
struck me...
brilliance in front of my eyes
just a tuesday morning
just as as moon dodges our view
from time to time
sun shining showing her brilliance
once again stunned
what passes me
synchronicity of the lesson
what the heart loves
you can feel it
beauty of the ocean
stars in her eyes
by her light speed
love and joy
Cyan Aug 2
The spiders in your head aren’t doing their job. They’ve eaten each others’ legs and have left you with a skull full of spider bodies that rattles when you shake it. My spiders still have their legs but are too busy constructing webs with them to do much else.

Neither of us move.

At least not forward.

You are mostly just pushed around in circles in your chair, and I mostly just spin in circles in my chair and watch the bird on my wall.

It doesn’t have a body, head, or legs, so its wings pull against nothing as it struggles towards me.

I pick it up.

I throw the bird against the wall to see if it will grow legs and walk. I throw my chair against the wall to see if it will sprout wings and fly. I throw my head against the wall to see if I can make the spiders crawl out of my ears and carry my head back to me.

I think that would be interesting.

Instead, the three all land on top of each other, stuck together into a single thing that stares at me. A creature with the wooden legs of a chair, the feathers of a magpie, and the head of my head.

I stare at my head, then back at you, and hope that my eyes don’t look as dead as yours.
Tyler Jun 23
Beautiful garden
Don’t ever change
Water your flowers
And don’t rearrange
Keep your distance
From flowers and fury
From roses and sadness
Sunflowers and grief towers
Don’t stop to smell them
Lie down and dwell
Lie down, cherry plum
Lie down, cherry plum.
Cherry plum sweet as whiskey
Whiskey cold as fire
That’s you, cherry plum sweetheart
That’s you, cherry plum love.
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