Baby Jul 16

this water is blue,
this oyster is albicant
and my hair is long and it waves.
ivory skin and paunchy lips.
i bat my lashes twice, to give you a feel of who i am.
i let the fishes rub my shoulders, to give them a feel of my soul.
i let my voice lick your ears, to give you a taste of my frequencies.
nature's calling, mother nature, and it's bringing me back
to the sea, where i have risen and where i will return.
i couldn't be more thankful for the sand that scrubs my dead
skin cells, and for the sea foam that conditions my hair.

you're so beautiful, as i stare into your eyes i can see your wrath. and the trees are greener with you around, and even though
you make flowers wilt, you make my heart pump more blood,
and you make my cheeks redder than my blood, and you make
my blood rush to my head.
your hair is long and black,
and your skin is tanned, sunkissed.
green eyes and the longest lashes i've ever seen,
a handsome man with a beardless face.
your lips are hot with passion and your hands shake with envy.
nothing can compare to you, my love. to your fire that fills my body
and takes the oxygen from me, choking me.

he moves the hair from my head, that's so long
that it covers my privates. it covers my nude.
so what happens now? i question.
he kisses my neck and adorns me in jewels.
in jewels so rich and fine, that i'm spoiled
like curdled milk, like infected water.
the air is so much cleaner,
i can feel your energy around me.
the wind is so much faster, and the sky is bluer with you around.

idk what this is. probably gonna rewrite it but i just wanted to get productive. idk why
claire Jun 9

        the sweaty, jacked-up summer is approaching quick
        fired from the mouth of april
        like a bullet from a handgun

       we are fast, beautiful
       dirty like gasoline on someone’s palm
       dirty like fences that hold gardens of shredded tires
       dirty like blood dried on the sidewalk in the shape of a
       tightened fist

       dirty sneakers and dirty hair
       with shampoo that never got washed all the way out

       dirty because of how we love


       with our hands on other girls’ knees and thighs
       like birds out of their cage
       or the statue of liberty punching her light
       into a sky that holds as much desire
       as it holds stars


       rough and sweet and fresh from hell
       crawling to emancipation
       just wanting to love
       just wanting to live

       just wanting to move her hair out of her face
       with our thumbs

     asking to be allowed to want
     what we are not supposed to have


       hot and sweaty like little kids under the covers
       with a flashlight reading
       harold and the purple crayon
       but there is no flashlight this time

       and no picture book

I name you Prometheus, for your eyes
And Aphrodite, for your smile
From your fiery sons, great wars shall arise
Your daughters Helens all the while
In love, you bring us the fire of the gods
Your children light it on the earth
Dare we, mortals, fight such terrible odds
As would then be brought by their birth?
Better, then, that your beauty perish
Or better that the world be torn?
Your face is a gift that all should cherish
Your fate, Pandora, cannot be borne

blue Jun 1

the girl's body feels like that of a goddess when he touches her thighs. he says that when he kisses her she tastes like love and something he can't quite put his finger on. it isn't until she pulls him closer that he can. he realizes it's longing that he tastes.

who knew aphrodite longed for anything? for anyone?

the girl is soft her cheeks coloured like redwood, her hair dark and wild, her eyes brown. she's warmer than usual, but her hands are still cold. when he asks to kiss her, she doesn't want to close her eyes, she's afraid that she's too high up. mount olympus doesn't care for mortals, but she doesn't want to forget this one.

yes. aphrodite longs all of the time and as his laughter waterfalls down her spine, she doesn't remember anything but his brightness, that he is what makes her beauty.

goddess of love met her match. a mortal boy that feels like the god of autumn causes the leaves inside of her chest to fall and change colour.

she paints her love in shades of red. her hands on his body are pink-rose at the palms. this goddess of beauty has never seen any of her potential. perhaps it was wasted until he looked at her with disbelief, because she's never felt worth that gaze, but gods does she want it.

he looks at her and he just wants to occupy the same space forever.

she looks at him and holds all the love in the universe in her hands.

Breeze-Mist Mar 17

Stardust and lust
Lie behind her blue eyes
Her lips moist raise a voice
Like songbirds in morn skies
With her grace and her face
She enchants all in her way
She needs no weapon when she's gettin'
All the wishes she'll say

A little bit of morning mythology.

A Bright day,
As some would say,
There she stood,
Waiting in the hallway,
Her hair flowing,
Red with a hint of grey,
The elegance with,
Which her body sways,
And the beauty,
Of her flawless face,
Time has stopped it seems,
For me to admire,
The Aphrodite of my dreams.

Got the title from an amazing book I'm reading

Forgive Her oh gods, she knows not what she does,
Forgive her Aphrodite, she knows not who she shuns,

She knows not how Her glint steals the eye of e'ry man,
And ensnares the heart of all touched by Her hand,
She knows not the deep red your cheeks are brought to,
When She wakes e're morning to be greeted by morning dew,
She knows not the waves of jealously,
Felt by women for their men, and by the men of me,
And warrants the jealous stare of you, a deity,

So while on Her behalf I offer you an apology,
I still do acknowledge Her greater beauty.

andromeda Oct 2016

we walk with faces to the sky
the goddesses on earth
our words from a breathless heartsigh
we appear with old grecian beauty
and not such modern masks
it comes in hand with our ancient virtues
true to our everlasting tasks

hera; dark curls and flaming passion
striking down all who cross her
thin and wary is she

artemis; earthy flesh and midnight coils
gentle to the wild and bow-weilding
athletic and kind is she

demeter; flaxen tresses and tenderness
protecting her wards
mothering and calm is she

athena; thick legs and honey hair
raising blood-soaked war flags
wise and fearless am i

my small company fits perfectly to four goddesses
jamie Sep 2016

you shine bright as the sun
you're as beautiful as the
stars in the night sky

you're more brilliant
than a shooting star
more rare than a comet

i'm red with anger
much like mars
over not being in the
same room as yours

your blue eyes
draw me in and
make me feel safe
and comfortable

much like uranus
and neptune
their beautiful pale blue
color matches your eyes

don't forget the kindhearted
yellow color of venus
named after the goddess
of love aphrodite

that planet can represent
my love for you
because you're my light
in the darkness

of all space
and to end this
know that if you leave
like pluto

i'll miss you dearly
so please stay
another lightyear
and be my moon

together we'll create harmony
within ourselves
and within each other
because we're all stars

KathleenAMaloney Jul 2016

There was a Moment
When the Purest Love
Claimed Me
It Was Joy
I had Seen Him
In a Vision
So True
Its Surprised Me
All of It
Until He came Around
and Reached thru
Tangled Webs
of Light
Again and Again
Love's Invitation
Thru Time and Space
Invisible Impossible

All I had to Do
Was Give My Hand
All I  Knew to Give
Were My Words

I Am Grateful For That Love. It was the Mission. It Is the Mission
Aphrodite, not Apollo.
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