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Alex Jan 2021
Black as a cat, purrs like a cat, acts like a cat. Even a bell hangs from his neck. Every trait of a cat. Emerald eyes and blonde hair. Sweet puns and romantic kisses. Who wouldn’t want a love such as Cat Noir? Try as he may to woo the lady of luck. The ladybug. Soon he’ll show her, soon the Lady of luck and the heart of the cat will become one.

A few more puns and saving should pay off in the end. This kitty just has to wait a little longer. A kitty as black as night. Eyes belonging to those of an emerald. Hair like gold and a heart made of sugar can make you melt the minute you lay your eyes upon him. Cat Noir is his name, and LadyNoir is his ship to sail.
Alex Jan 2021
Icy blue eyes. Frozen white fur. Surrounded by rage and pain. A boy with beautiful emerald eyes and blonde hair. Now became icy and cold. By the touch, you’d feel shivers and chills at the bottom of your spine. Under his control you were. Risking death in a fight to save your friend. Red and black spots were the first things you spotted. Unlike any normal spots, you’d seen before. The spots you recognized quickly, it didn’t even take too long.

Icy cold breath pressed against your cheek as he glared straight at you. The one you called a friend and the one everyone called Hero was staring you down longingly. The surrounding temperature. The surrounding temperature grew in worse freezing pleasure as blue freezing light-filled your vision.

He would freeze you.

You’d known long before he thought to do it.

Dashing out of the way, your head felt icy and cold. Freezing cold… Your fingertips ran past the top of it carefully. Your surprise, the tips of your skull were deep covered with stalling ice flakes. 

Your first thought was to rise and face him again. But now something seemed different. A light-hearted shadow covered your body as the same red and black spots, your eyes traced.

Like a ladybug….

The colors resembled.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
wee coccinella
xanthic petaled pedestal-
penny for your thoughts
10/6/2019 - Poetry form: Haiku - I saw a ladybird/ladybug sitting on a bright yellow sunflower. She sat so still for so long I couldn't help wondering what she might be thinking! Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Arisa Mar 2019
Seven spotted ladybird,
Dancing in my mind.

Its shade a deep burgundy,
with a slight shine that sparkled
under the soft rays of the sun.

It wobbled its way across the hood of car.
And I poked it gently,
Making it clumsily fall on its back in the driveway.

I cupped the tiny thing in my hands,
And eventually, it flew away.
A poem about my experience with a ladybird  during my student exchange to New Zealand. A beautiful country.
Yuki Jan 2019
To the lucky ones
in whose hands
a ladybug has landed
I wish to not
search for a sign
or better a guise
to be great.
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
my open window
looking out with anticipation
cloudy day
waiting for rain drops
precious sounds of life
trickledown into a thunderstorm
crackle of light
reaching from the clouds to the ground
cloud condensation nuclei
magic droplets start to fall
clouds pass
anticipated blue sky
sun raining rays
creatures buzzing
bird wings flapping
luck of the universe
bringing loveliness into my vision
kismet of my ideas
when reaching for the unknown
ladybug lands on me
providing the luck
elytra open like a mechanical contraption in my dreams
protecting precious veined wings
off you go with exquisite elegance
graceful motion
your moves
grand jeté
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
I found a dead ladybug in the sink
after washing a head of lettuce
the red had faded to peach
and the legs no longer reached for life


Standing in the school playground
during a warm fall afternoon
a bright red bug with black spots
lands on my arm

I can feel its little legs trembling
as it shimmies along my forearm
slowly turning my hand over
when it reaches the wrist


I hope that ladybug landed
on as many hands as possible
as a harbinger of joy
simply with its presence
Ophelia May 2018
He flirts with lady bugs

Head full of dirt

Green snot leaks towards lip

He finds her voice in all the right places
those hands that hold rib cage


She says

Shadows dance
On quivering honey locus leaves
Day Lillies
Toss pollen to the wind
Remember this moment
She whispers

And my love will always find you
Leah Apr 2018
There are ladybugs in my room
They've always been there
At first I found them pretty
But it's hard to change with them around

There are ladybugs in my bed
They stay with me when I sleep
Im careful not to crush them
But it's hard to move with them around

There are ladybugs in my mouth
Im sorry
They tickle my tongue
It's hard to breathe with them around

“Ladybugs are good luck.”
“You can't **** ladybugs.”

There are ladybugs in my eyes
I can't stop them from falling
Im sorry
Im sorry
It's hard to love with them around

“Ladybugs are good luck.”
A poem to go along with a pair of illustrations
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