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My heart is
empty again
without you
for you abode
therein my  
heart. Your
voice only,
craves I my
boredom to
cure. You're my happiness,
joy and all
source of
glee. My love
for you is
soft as silk
fresh as lilly,
bright as rose.
It's like
the sunrise
🌅 even when
it sets it
always come
a new everyday
all day.
I'd love you
forever, as
long as  
you love me.
Safana Sep 2020
She is like...
A white lily
on a surface of
powder stone,
growing like a
golden limestone,
standing like a
statue of
of a beautiful
baby doll,
she is a light
that off  my sight,
Having a smile
like sunny day,
She is a star 🌟
like beautiful
Twinkle star,
Her red labial
as a red rose
from Longwood
her eye's beauty
is more than
beautiful eye
of mantis shrimp,
walking more
than a
Taylor Swift
on the ground
of fashion parade,
She breathes
talking nicely,
Lovely she is,
A beautiful
White Amina
Amina, she is a young lady claiming innocency having bright beginning and anticipating beautiful future. She had an expensive character to see her everyday but unexpectedly one time I sensed her dophamine connecting to my cardiac system.
Annie Jun 2020
Lovely Blooms the flower of betrayal
If it's seeded in it's blood
Thus it always needs a victim
Living of it's own to rot

The traitors lilly is not poisonous
Though it spreads unto a touch
But as a flower of betrayal
It´s tainting weapons work as much

It´s seeds can rest and root forever
Or be in fruit within one year
The traitors lilly hides with others
Changing both color and appeal

Yet a single trait reveals her
More than any other mark
The traitors lilly has no feelings
And can´t do anything by heart

Search for the spark of hipocrisy
Inside a face of plastic smile
Until the mask of traitor lilly
Reveals the lilly´s weave of lies
J Hanover Dec 2019
Appearing nightly on a hard wood floor
Pacing, pacing, and pacing
Sometimes forgetting what sleep is for
My worrysome mind is racing

( chorus )
She bloomed like a lily at night
Then she faded by the morning light

Daydreaming after I sit down
Watching colors run
Then the heart ache comes around
Blinded by the morning sun

( chorus )
She bloomed like a lily at night
Then she faded by the morning light

( bridge )
A fertile soil where only weeds grow
When once their was a bouquet
The barren winter
Where stems will splinter
To the harsh light of day
Now I have nothing to show

( chorus )
She bloomed like a lily at night
Then she faded by the morning light
From the ***** Tonk collection some lyrics.
Crystal Apr 2019
Somewhere there is a glass vase,
with white Lilly's wilted at the edges.

A pile of letters, unceasing.
Always arriving.

A candle half its lifespan.

A hair laying between the creases of her sweater.

I suppose we go bit by piece, sometimes having not knowing.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
lilt  and  lily

A  singer  
was   lilting
looking  at  a  

  A  spring    flower
was   in  love
to butterfly
in  rainy day was-lilly

An old  woman's
   lilting   was   funny
for  lilly.
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Lilly Flower Goddess
wouldn’t budge
standing strong
loving herself
challenged walkthrough
cat eyes blatantly glaring
situation at hand
like a *******
ruler of her domain
guarded sanctuary
not advised
she’s shielded
unconditional love for herself
barrier of sorts
only the reflection
of the same permitted
drop her drawbridge
path leading to the
kingdom of her heart
surrounded by moat flowing
lava glowing and meandering
like a precious river
inextinguishable beauty
guarding grace
her ideas with love
uncompromising thirst
for her body is her temple
One Love
Angela K Aug 2017
It must be the prettiest lilies
that grow out of mud
to float above
That spread
In the tender hands
Of Mother Earth

Or is their beauty
only noticed
because of the dirt
that surrounds them
the endless dark waters
the dead that feeds them
the tragedy that attempted to bury them
but they use to carry them

Or maybe, their beauty
Is only noticed
because despite their strength
they're touch is still soft
amongst the sweet reeds.

Or maybe their beauty comes from lack of definition
Just simply yet in so much complexity
Breathing, quietly
Letter to my ex's ex
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
Oh lilly pop you
Taste so good
Lilly pop
Lilly pop
Oh Lilly pop you
have a lot of colors
In a circle Lilly pop
I enjoy eating you
Lilly pop
©  Amanda Kay Hill
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