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Where is your,
Dream destination?

It's simple
To travel through her eyes

I saw her, I wonder
How does she gracefully
Inspires me
Without a clue
Balancing elements of

She is, she
None, can be
The one
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Where dream meets reality
When I am introduced
With the new one
They tell
Their name
Their profession
Their status

For a kind information
I have nothing to do
With it

Their reflection
Either Temporary/Permanent
What matters
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Instinct matters
That day
When he/she
Read definations of
He/She imagined
What love, could be like?

In no time
With a magical strike
He/She realized
Bond is divine
Felt a need to redefine
What love is.........
Genre: Observational
Theme: Something needs to be redefined
you were on your break when i walked into the bar
scrolling on your phone
to fill the void of boredom;
i presume.
didn't figure out your name by the time i left
does it even matter?

what does matter
is what i noticed about you
in that short amount of time:
a cold aura that surrounded you
a neatly trimmed beard to hide your acne scars
and a shy, yet assertive look that you shot my way a couple times
it was nice seeing you
till next time
the bartender was cute, and his stoic demeanor made him so much more enchanting
Daniel H Shulman Dec 2018
Floating away with stardust in my hand,
Pieces of sunshine with nowhere to land,
Basking in lightness I don’t understand,
Holding stardust is like love in my hand.

Carrying stardust wherever I go,
To hold with me a bit of cosmic glow,
How it shines so bright I will never know,
Sprinkling stardust is letting my love show.

Kissing the stardust around my head,
Sleeping with starlight beside me in bed,
Into the darkness it’s lit where I’ve led,
Following stardust to true love ahead.

Needing the stardust as much as I do,
Alive with glow of energy new,
Its glorious aura in all that’s true,
Loving stardust, my star, that stardust is you.
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Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Raise slow
Raise fast
Raise step by step
Reach to love
I'm here
The Moon said
In her shyness

Too fast can be I
Too slow can be you
Let's get together as
Synchronize soul
The Sun replied
In his boldness

Believe me
You were the witness
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Reciprocation
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
what if you found me
universe providing
dancing in the dark
your presence is felt
like a ghost in a haunted house
heart gripped
enthralling feeling
identify yourself
fluttering with
phenomena throughout space
skipping on a path of certainty
fall into my aura
hook my eyes
inspire to be inspiring
provoke the spark
find me
like a meandering river
finds the ocean abyss
Daniel H Shulman Oct 2018
When the clouds part just a sliver
And the sun is like an echo,
O’er the Earth with light to give her,
To make a ray of sunlight glow.

Angels pass upon the sunbeam,
They carry light from God above,
Our so one ray of light would seem.
With sky awash in aural love.

A point of light from overhead
Expands around us from the gray,
Like a halo upon our head
Adorning us on our dark day.

To see Heaven illuminate,
When all the light has been obscured,
Reminds us that it’s not too late.
The world is sick but can be cured.
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Udit Vashishth Oct 2018
Staring at your divine face,
Looking at those shy eyes which
couldn't even behold towards
me in my presence,
I have promised myself already
that I'm not gonna defile the
empyrean aura of yours.
So, forget about perceiving any touch.

I am so enthralled by this aura that,
to me, you look no less than a
pristine soul, a deity which shouldn't
be touched but should be worshipped.
Words should be expressive.. They'll automatically become impressive...
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