Seema 9h

Forgotten was I,
Unnoticed in everyone's eye,
Everything I did for anyone;
They only seem to say goodbye,
I wonder why people tend to lie,
Am I the only one with this feel,
Trying to let this torment heal,
Of why people are good only from outside,
And so reckless rusted from inside,
No one to walk by my side,
Left alone for me to decide,
Of how I should let myself go,
But no one surely understands me, so
I have made myself a deal,
To be positive and work for my meal,
Diverting my negative vibes,
So it doesn't affect others lives,
With positivity I feel a glow of aura surround me,
That's all to everything I probably just want to be...


mint Dec 2017

She was light
Light that colored and filled the room
Her black skin glowed where ever she went
She was the sweetness in people's mouths
Her braids in the sun made an aura around her
Almost like she was an angel
Maybe she was

poetry from a year ago
Xaviera Allan Nov 2017

You cannot hide
   Behind crystal smiles
Under a false identity
   Not when the hues of personality
Are so vibrant in their vision

In their omnipotence
   Your reality shines through
There is no concealing veracity
   Even from behind their masks
Your aura is in full view

You didn't really think you could
   Fool the gods with those waxy eyes
So today you can be
   The censored aberration
They'd never believe the truth

Seema Oct 2017

The aura around me burns red
As your touch quivers my bone
It ignites into flames, driving me mad
From within my soul, comes a moan

The leaping fire engulfs the feeling
As the flames reach the sun
The aura color changes revealing
Both souls merging into one...


Art Sep 2017

Within the sanctity
of my middle eye,
I watched red turn blue,
touching the hue of someone I knew.
A glimpse of the past,
somehow tainted along the never ending journey
of self-discovery,
spiraling into charred shades
of colors that couldn’t be dreamt,
watching everything it knew
catch fire and burn away;
a soul withering and warping
like a suffering leaf
against the red heat of insanity.
Presently dowsing itself in icy teal auras,
steaming amongst the grey mental balance,
Is this who I was?
Someone I left behind?

Star BG May 2017

All my life I was breathing in the poison air of self-judgement.
The kind that sticks to heart and aura,
bringing heartache in my journey.

Within my intake breath,
judgment of being stupid lodged, causing others to agree.

Within my out take breath,
judgement of not being pretty lodged, as others agreed.

In childhood insecurities plagued, as many teased and touched.
In adolescence fears plagued, as others kept their distance.
In adulthood, I gave my power away, and others took it.

Until light came into self to awake inside heart.

Until heart showed  my true divine self.

Now I breathe in clean air celebrating
connected to source energy.

Now I love myself to feel free at last.

inspired by EM Mackenzie
Yusof Asnan May 2017

Forgive me that I stare,
Tis something I couldn't resist.
Tis not just for your beauty,
But for how you hold your smile.

A smile to you seems so precious;
That you only give to those you trust.
The face you so much hid away;
To avoid any eye contact.

Tis not just the beauty I see in you,
Whether its innocence or a deep concealed darkness;
That I do not know.
Oh how I wish I can know.

You let out a low vibe around you,
Whether shy or sad;
That is your aura.
But confidence was always kept within.

You turned your head down,
I can tell those you judge,
With you;
I sense fear.


Daisy Vallely Dec 2016

I roam from here to there
Until i’m everywhere
And everything
Dancing in the graveyard of my past,
cracking the bones of our memories
Beneath my nimble feet.

I dance until my soul is dust in the wind
And travels across bodies of blues,
And greens,
As purple women swim nude
Before my eyes.

Their energy morphs into beams of light,
Until all that’s left is a fantastical flame
That allows me to feel the beauty
Of places,
Purple faces,
Blue auras,
Green eyes,
Red flames
That burn beneath me
As I dance into an infinite evening,
Draining my body,
Falling to my knees and praying for Death…
We are familiar friends.

Boney fingers grasp the curves of my waist
As the silence is our music;
We waltz for centuries in this one moment
And I watch history unfold
before the purest lense of perception;
A kaleidoscope of fear and love,
Like two opposing warriors holding hands
And sharing secrets.

I wake up in a cold sweat
Covered in the salivation of my dream,
Spat out by the portal of mystical entrance.

I’ve never been the same.
So I always dance;
Swiftly, smoothly
Celebrating nirvana
And thanking Death, swimming in his dark nebulous,
The only thing that shades me from the blinding sun,
And I await the universe to kiss my eyes
And release me from this endless wander

Saurabh Tak Aug 2016

Clutched her hand, in mine
Brushed her index, with my thumb
and finally the stupidity became words
I asked

Have been in this world for long,
I want a world of my own
Would you be that?
Would you be that?

The answer,
quite sure,
I knew before

The question still lingers,
in the aura of the silence
in the beauty of the moment
in the warmth of her touch

Sheepishly she snapped,
what if, I accept
Our story 'll be,
just another one of thousands

it 'll be one of the thousands
it 'll be the only one in my world.

Entangled in herself,
Beaming in her past,
the one glaze she passed
made the answer quite clear, yet

The question still lingers,
in the aura of her silence
in the beauty of the moment
in the warmth of her touch.


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