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Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020

Papers on my desk
Pondering on past mistakes
White dreams turn into dust

Based on a lucid dream I had of being in a cottage somewhere.
I'm alone and in my writing room just lost in thought.
I have a few more heavy poems coming out today!
I hope y'all will enjoy them!
Be back soon with more
Much love,
Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
dream within a dream
me just stomping around in my subconscious lucid dream
corner turned
it’s us just short
passionate embrace
spiritual kiss
eyes ardent as before
combination solved to this complex situation
can we start with a friendship
just a freak in your mind
is that the extent of your creativity
i think not
did you just paint a ****** painting of me
and I ask in the dream
can we be friends
start of something great
you reached for me
the embrace of a hug I remember all to well
it was the quiver that got my attention
never in a dream
something as original
sun or moon
touching my heart
present quiver love
when I wake up
I’m content
profundity is you
haunting question
where do I find unconditional love besides my own
aesthetic little boy in me flipping over every rock in sight
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
I lost faith, hope and sleep.
My soul has awakened my REM (RAPID EYE MOVEMENT),
Where everything becomes a lucid dream
This is where the terror begins.
Inhuman visions begin,
The shadows come close to me
Whispering my name,
I see a figure,
He tries to steal my soul,
My body unable to move,
Panic begins to set in,
Unable to breathe,
I try focusing in my getaway.
"Wake up"
I try to wriggle my toes.
In last despair,
I try to use the trump to my only salvation.
The phrase that kills all evil presences.
"Jesus blood has power"
That's when he screamed like there was no tomorrow,
A scary loud shout,
I've never heard anything like it.
It seemed like it was falling apart.
I just woke up.
Since that day I began to believe in Jesus and his power.
One of many episodes of sleep paralysis
Alonely Ghost Nov 2018
It was a crystal clear night in the winter months.
Though for some reason, the lake wasn't frozen over.
I could see the moon's reflection, and was standing at the shore
when two pairs of footsteps approached me.
A pier manifested over the lake,
leading to a white house on the other side.
"Hey," he said.
I was so shocked that I became a statue.
"It's okay. I'm not angry at you anymore."
He looked at me with a genuine smile. I missed being his friend,
even in light of what happened between us.
I was silent. I didn't say a word.
I don't think I needed to.
He accepted my silent apology.
"Grab my hand and don't let go."
I took his hand, paler than the moonlight,
but warmer than fire.
We walked across the pier, just me, him, and Hunter;
Hand in hand, almost skipping.
The stars were endless, and the temperature was surprisingly warm for the middle of the night in the winter.
We got inside the house and the three of us sat down on the couch.
He gave me a Gameboy and we started to play Pokémon.
Just the three of us.
Like nothing had ever happened.
And I think I miss him more than the anger that I held for him.
More than words can say.
Jason, I know you know this, but I'm so so sorry. I wish I could have talked to you about it. I'm so sorry.
JS CARIE Oct 2018
The left of center
are in north bound throes of a dupe
and can't begin to forecast this wonder of polluted marvel,
in the morrow
my optics discharged in a catastrophic traversal

While whimsy and accidental feels like I've taken pills
a power rain this sobbing has spilled
No longer to be contained based on sheer will

Attacked by neurotic transcending
While sifting through files and photo stacks
Came across multiples of your smiling face
From when I shot you, a couple hundred miles back
No one would dare debase the abundance of your emitted grace

Bloodshot mist eyed and blind from tears
control lost during transport steer
Drips off my cheek pouring down my chest
Could make great sense to don a life vest
Filling up floorboards like a spraying firehose
Shattering cascades diamondize the windows
A single glance at an image turns farmland into rural seaquake
If they interview my lifeless corpse what a headline this will make,
turning tragedy into a foolish mistake
people will curse and laugh
Paved over roads now films unseen
when dusk fuse night from the weep my eyes dispensed
Elements effected by incidents
Rising waves climb over to decimate interstate 65
All over a tiny tear drop and her sweet smiling photograph
Mario Cervantes Jun 2018
Like a dream this story is very unclear where it begins but what is clear is The feeling of weightlessness. An endless  exploration of your mind and soul. A place that can't be described with words you would have to experience it for yourself. Today's a night unlike any other night today I woke up in a different body in a different world in a different time in space.

Yesterday I woke up running for my life. A chase that went on land and water. The thing that was chasing me was so much slower than I was but way stronger than me. The rush of adrenaline seemed to slow down time. As I got away he seem to get closer and closer. But luckily the future had advanced my biology enabling me to swing across buildings almost by second nature.

It seems I woke up to a future in which humans had evolved to hybrid. Our DNA took the best traits of any combinations of animals and , planets. There were no average humans left on earth and that's assuming this is still earth.
Why am I running for my life and who is this beast trying to **** me. I guess I have more questions than answers.

I guess I should wake up soon right, wrong. Why should I wake up I've never felt more alive in my life. I am being chased by a 12 foot giant that can move just as fast as me. And I felt invincible mentally and incredibly fast. I had no weakness no fears just confidence.

I've never felt this way in my reality. See In my old life I knew exactly what I was going to do every day and every night was exactly the same I was trapped. The only thing different is the mind control devices that surrounded me when I went to sleep when I woke up. Viral videos, social media that made me antisocial,political, virtual games it was the same every day over and over again. Prehaps the best thing to happen to me in two years was when my dog died.

The day he died I cried like a little kid of joy because I knew he didn't have to suffer anymore going through the same thing every day every time. The same food, water and backyard trapped forever.  Am I talking about the dog or me. I've never dug a hole who knew the roots of a tree could grow that far and deep. Was that experience foreshadowing my life somehow. Well I end up at the bottom of a hole knowing that there was the whole world out there for me to discover for me to live, love, and laugh.
In life we are given choices. I admit I've made a lot of bad decisions. Decisions that could have meant the difference between where I am now and where I could have been. Imagine walking on a tight rope and knowing every step could be your last. If life was the rope and the steps were choices. I’d probably be plummeting to my death right now. Our decisions whether you know it or not slowly shift reality and propel us on to different time lines. Different timelines means different versions of ourselves some more successful than others.

Everyone knows that if you go back in time you shouldn't touch anything because it could affect the future it's called the butterfly effect. So if the present is the past of the future could we cost A butterfly effect. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that the some impact we have today is the same impact we've always had in the past. The power to change the outcome of the future is now. We all dream of changing the world but change begins within ourselves.
✌️ If you read it and Like it  can you figure out how I wrote it?  Or where I wrote it either or?
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
She came to me
within a dream
Somewhere there
betwixt and between
Where all you see
cannot always be believed

And all is more
beautiful than
can ever be
known or seen

My eyes were amazed
by the wondrous sight
She standing before me
as though devine

Crying Her tears
of golden light

Her words were sure
Her grief then true
I could not begin
to comprehend
what I saw
and what I knew

In this moment
She was
perfect and pure

She wept as She spoke
of a great disgrace
The destruction of
an Holy Place
where We once
there were wed

A sacred chapel
where solemn vows
were said

Gone it's gone
it has been destroyed
Her cries of anguish
tore at my heart

I could not believe
such tragedy occurred
My words were
They couldn't
They never would

This is just a rumor
that you have heard

The chapel is protected
by law and truth
and by the powers
from all above

She was there
but just a little while
My eyes then opened
and I recognized
She had been with me
She had appeared

This was the moment
I knew it all was
so very real

I then heard
the blast of horns
from the great ship's
on the LA Bay

And knew I must find out
I must go back
and see someday

I traveled far
I journeyed high
But still I wondered
if the chapel stood
Knowing I must
go back there

To know what must
and should be seen
to be understood

Time then went on
as several years
they came and then went
I remembered and decided
I must go back to see
if this Holy place
might still exist

As though on
a mission sent

My travels went beyond
and then I returned
to that city where
my life there once was

I went there to see
If the chapel remained
But when I arrived
the chapel was gone

Real and a fact
The evidence seen
A vision of an Angel
who seemingly Devine
therein descended within
a lucid dream

The purest
of knowledge
The absolute Truth.

Mystery or Mysticism
It is all just what it seems.




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