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Andrew Rueter Mar 19
A strand of your hair borders
my ocean of tears.
Grains of sand mold together
forming mud.
You stand nonchalantly on the berm
staring over the vast nothingness
of the waterway nether.
Ocean floor follicles utilize
microscopic cilia.
Tiny motile tendrils propel me
along rock bottom.
Octopi submerged in sand banks
wait, coiled callously.
Ambush tentacles envelope me while
pulling me into the bell.
My depths always seem
darker than yours.
Caverns and coves collapse, caving
in before I ever find them.
I'm tied to tumultuous tentacles tangling,
blocking my butterfly stroke to the beach
where your hair washes upon the shore
like seastruck flotsam building barricades.
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
the raised lakes of Beijing
are fitted with the finest glass walls
parents go there to unload their unwanted children
the squids of the lakes grab hold of the children,
          hug them
                    adopt them
                          teach them to breathe
people walk by, pay no attention
but the glass walls are built tall
            wiped clear
to the point where i can’t help but to notice.
the orange plumed tentacles
grown straight from the children’s backs
          pulsing like a flame
                  like a phoenix
                         like a poppy’s bloom
smeared by the color of the water’s haze
or the tourist’s awe-shot eyes.
from "hush" 2017
available @:
Star BG Apr 2019
A minds tentacles
filled with words
travel aimed to catch my pen.
My hand squirms
trying to loosen its grip
to no avail.

The ink expands within
leaving its ***** membrane
inside hand until a poem is birthed.  

Once finished,
the creature floats away
until it rears its head again
and another tentacle
long to spark emotions attack.
Just playing with word tentacles
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
looking forward
joyous tears
filling up my insides
as if the ocean abyss
isn’t full enough
over running my thoughts
rain from the darkest sky
angled light from
special complete reflection
brightest Luna Goddess in our solar system
reaches with ease
into the darkest part of my soul
warmth provided from a frozen rock
hurling around my celestial body
feeling you in the deepest part of my heart
touching me
magical tentacles
hiding in your puff of smoke
brilliance shining through
potent power
making flowers grow on the sea floor
coral enjoying their view
imaging swimming there
bliss on ecstasy
projection of a lucid dream
mermaids circling under the magic
universe whispering
find her
open arms waiting
like a beacon in the night
I wrote this while I was eating out last night. When the waitress handed me a bill with a heart drawn in the middle I quickly scratched myself sitting there while she was standing. Crescent moon floating above her head while sunshine ☀️ was radiating above mine. While a bold heart floated in between us. Deja vu of a precious smile
William Robinson Feb 2016
I really truly wish I had
A Jellyfish tank in my living room
And no colleagues and friends I ain't mad
because imagine people that peaceful gloom
Of a little mindless pudding swimming in the water
But when I think about it I might rather have an otter
T                     T                   T            T    
E                      E                    E           E
N                  N                     N            N  
T                T                          T            T  
    ­ A                  A                    A             A
           C                    C                    C              C
      ­       L                L                      L                L
           E                      E                       E               E
         S                         S                       S                  S
I wrote tentacles wrong the first time....I almost strangled my pet rock...
JayceeJellies Nov 2015
Late at night when I'm trying to sleep
I often picture myself curled up; and
being cradled inside of a Chrysaora's
bell.. From time to time I'd glance out
at its tentacles drifting along with the
oceans waters as it carries me along
I eventually fall asleep, it holds me in
my dreams. I'm dependent on Jellies
they help me forget the bad things.
Your brown eyes have such depth.
I wonder if I dove into them
how far I'd have to swim
before I didn't know
which way was up.

The abyss of your curls
surround me
pulling me under,
and I hardly struggle;
Just a few ripples,
and nothing like that lady in Jaws
with her ******* screams.

I'll take the proffered tentacle
- allowing you to lead me away
from this place.

— The End —