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Jackie G Mar 2022
Relentless are those dark forces that have no intentions on stopping the attacks.

Constantly Reminding one of the inflictions from the past.
A mindset of decision making is a powerful thing. Wavering is a fools game.
Be sure those decisions don't Jam you up.
One wrong move and those forces are on you like white on rice.
Battling self and its lustful desires to assume control over self is a must.
Remembering the flesh desires what is contrary.
We may think our motives are right, but in the end we must remain well aware of the deception around us.
Sorting through life to find what's true or what's false. A replica may be in the midst of it all.

Hope, Love, or FAITH should never leave you.
Keeping these close; Massive Knowledge can be gained.
Endure!!! Be shrewd, all while being as innocent as a dove.
Idk i just starting writing. Maybe this is to someone. Be strong yall. Its hard!!!
Cozyflowz Dec 2020
I have a friend I call my brother,
His always there when I needed him,
His smart and huge looking individual.

I call him my best pal not because his generous,
But because his understanding, knows when you're hurt, knows when something goes wrong,
Good sensitive mind.

Best pal I can never let go,
We started a long year together, and we graduated from high school, we still on going further for something bigger ahead of us,
Stars shine bright inside of us.

God knows what's best for us, we pray for one another,
We understand each other's heart,
Nothing can come between the strong bond we share.

We fought and we speak again,
Friendship is the best things every human wants, without a friend you will probably die lonely,
I love the fact that his talented with different skills.

If you put in the effort, you’ll see the rewards of positive friends who will make your life extraordinary.

You are my best pal; you belong in my heart.
We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart.
I know you as a brother, and I will always care.
Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.
Written to my best friend he deserves this.
Dave Robertson Sep 2020
Sing me a song of now
to hear what it sounds like

Broken rhythms and discords
or a bitter battled harmony?

I have my feet to stomp
and will whistle and holler free

To reach ears, hidden and open
all shaped the same
Eric Michael Sep 2020
What if the doctrines were all wrong?
Like god gave us pieces of a puzzle,
and scattered them across the world.
What if we’re supposed to get along.
So we can piece them all together.
In peace as one.
What language is this?
Who do I need to love?
That voice inside says
“There’s nothing to be scared of.”
“It’s only love.”
I'm not black, but I see you
I'm not black, but I hear you
I'm not black, but I’m near you
I'm not black, but I stand with you

you are all a blessing
so let’s stop messing

let’s cut the silence
and cut the violence

our organs are the same
the blood types won’t change
but still, this is no fair game

I see too many privilege
depending on your village

we make huge difference
let’s prove your innocence,
cut the ignorance

we are all the same,
only different names

guided by authorities,
but let’s set priorities

of humanity?
I see 0 percent
we need to stand up,
be a movement

we are hating and killing
this is not okay,
this is not fulfilling

your worth is defined by a colour,
it’s worth only some dollars?

what the **** are they thinking?
these racists are winning

where are human rights?
they only count, if you’re white?

this only causes damage
in different ages,
on different pages

people get hurt
we should be concerned

the future is equal? ha! *******

how should today’s children,
be tomorrow’s change,
if we teach them rage

how to hate one another,
not to value your brother,
how to be violent,
how to be silent,
how to watch,
follow the system,
how to be a victim

but now for real,

it affects anybody
in America,
the cops have their hands ******

A.C.A.B. but not all are *******
there are some,
with really good standards

we should all be
on the same team,
make love our religion
that would be supreme

why fight each other
when we share a mother?

mother earth wouldn’t like all this hatred,
that we created

I don’t understand,
how can you be so mean?
how can we heal?
is there a vaccine?

I know life can be joyless,
so let’s raise our voices

let’s stay strong,
and be clever

let’s learn how to care,
how to love,
how to share

let’s be a game changer,
cut out the danger

make it safe for everyone
no need to use a gun

less violence, decrease
let’s be good, find peace

we come in different shapes, colours, sizes
now this problem finally arises

we need to find a cure
it’s urgent, I’m sure

bring some clarity,
embrace the difference,
cherish similarity

we are all human
let’s find a solution
create a revolution

more or less melanin?
doesn’t matter,
'cause we all need
the same medicine.

- gio 31.05.2020
with everything that's going on in America right now, I couldn't stay quiet. Let's not repeat our mistakes over and over again. We are all the same.

I understand, that I will never understand, however, I stand.

If you have a voice, then raise it.

Zan Apr 2020
So many things confusing to me,
we live in a world where no one can fully agree.
I want to get along with everyone,
and just go out and have some fun.
I want to be united with every person,
I want to feel that connection.
I hate being hated and judged,
but similar people end up being smudged.
So I always end up not caring,
cause I don't like sharing.


Why is everyhthing so confusing? How did everything get so diverse?
We try so hard to be like other people, but why don't we try being ourselves.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
Love is love,
it’s not that complicated,
Love does not care what color or *** you or your love is,
because Love is all inclusive it doesn’t discriminate,

Love is colorblind,
Love Sees No Color Love wears Cross Colours jumpers,
Love is abundant, just ask Russell Simmons or Gloria Carter,
or her baby Jay Z or anyone else who is an authentic Lover,

Love is unconditional & it’s available to everyone,
regardless of class social status religion region or color,

it’s okay to feel good, smile you deserve it,
dedicate yourself to love, believe me it’s worth it,

you get what you give so give 100%,

remember to forget & forgive them, even if they’re not perfect,
because no person walking this earth’s surface is,
but you can still find yourself a good girlfriend or boyfriend,
as long as you’re willing to work with them,
& you two can still be your own version of Bonnie & Clyde,
can still be in love & serve them with services,

there’s wisdom in these verses here,
modern day scriptures for gangstas & hipsters,
they don’t call him LaLux or J-Hova for nothing,
no fronting true strength requires no crutches or addictions,

just enough Dedication as Lil Wayne to get to 10,000 hours,
as laid out well by Macklemore or Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers,

a Master of Self a ******* from Hell,
***** as hell but he cleans up well
I own all my Master,
you should probably own yours as well,

the floods are coming, there’s some prophecy for you,
either ride the Tidal wave or get washed straight away,
washing the straight leg green jeans clean so there’s no proof,

only proof is us see our success & ourselves are Self Evident,
only witness God won’t testify against our business interest,
the evidence is obvious see we are all sovereign entities,
you are your own country so you are your own president,
a one person army a one person president,
who roams the whole globe everywhere’s their residence,
channelling these visions into verses of the present tense,
told you before I’m not a business man I’m a business, man...

Smile is continued in THHT3...

∆ LaLux ∆

an excerpt from poem #24 of
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
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be-no-one Mar 2019
Spread your hand
Look at your fingers
Are they the same
Yet you want someone
That looks exactly like you
Embrace differences
Not similarities.
We all born to stand out, not to blend in.
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