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Aaron LaLux Sep 24
Love is love,
it’s not that complicated,
Love does not care what color or *** you or your love is,
because Love is all inclusive it doesn’t discriminate,

Love is colorblind,
Love Sees No Color Love wears Cross Colours jumpers,
Love is abundant, just ask Russell Simmons or Gloria Carter,
or her baby Jay Z or anyone else who is an authentic Lover,

Love is unconditional & it’s available to everyone,
regardless of class social status religion region or color,

it’s okay to feel good, smile you deserve it,
dedicate yourself to love, believe me it’s worth it,

you get what you give so give 100%,

remember to forget & forgive them, even if they’re not perfect,
because no person walking this earth’s surface is,
but you can still find yourself a good girlfriend or boyfriend,
as long as you’re willing to work with them,
& you two can still be your own version of Bonnie & Clyde,
can still be in love & serve them with services,

there’s wisdom in these verses here,
modern day scriptures for gangstas & hipsters,
they don’t call him LaLux or J-Hova for nothing,
no fronting true strength requires no crutches or addictions,

just enough Dedication as Lil Wayne to get to 10,000 hours,
as laid out well by Macklemore or Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers,

a Master of Self a ******* from Hell,
***** as hell but he cleans up well
I own all my Master,
you should probably own yours as well,

the floods are coming, there’s some prophecy for you,
either ride the Tidal wave or get washed straight away,
washing the straight leg green jeans clean so there’s no proof,

only proof is us see our success & ourselves are Self Evident,
only witness God won’t testify against our business interest,
the evidence is obvious see we are all sovereign entities,
you are your own country so you are your own president,
a one person army a one person president,
who roams the whole globe everywhere’s their residence,
channelling these visions into verses of the present tense,
told you before I’m not a business man I’m a business, man...

Smile is continued in THHT3...

∆ LaLux ∆

an excerpt from poem #24 of
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available on Amazon here:

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be-no-one Mar 3
Spread your hand
Look at your fingers
Are they the same
Yet you want someone
That looks exactly like you
Embrace differences
Not similarities.
We all born to stand out, not to blend in.
blackbiird Feb 3

I am no longer
afraid to be a human being
to feel the sunshine
beat down on my skin
to feel the rain
soak me

to feel the pain
of stubbing my toe
against the railings

to walk barefoot
on the cold concrete
while dressing my wounds

I am afraid of
living a life
without purpose
a life filled only
with the selfish desires
of my flesh.

I am afraid
of my soul dying
knowing You.

Sobbingsoul Jan 29
Floating in
The ocean of light
And love Within
Every cell gets sparkled
Ignited in heavenly fire
In the whole Cosmos
I am one with Me

Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Lilly Flower Goddess
wouldn’t budge
standing strong
loving herself
challenged walkthrough
cat eyes blatantly glaring
situation at hand
like a *******
ruler of her domain
guarded sanctuary
not advised
she’s shielded
unconditional love for herself
barrier of sorts
only the reflection
of the same permitted
drop her drawbridge
path leading to the
kingdom of her heart
surrounded by moat flowing
lava glowing and meandering
like a precious river
inextinguishable beauty
guarding grace
her ideas with love
uncompromising thirst
for her body is her temple
One Love
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Georgia O’Keeffe
In her own right
Melting away
In a gas guzzler
Meditative escape pod
Disguised as a thermal barrier
Your mind is out there
You pay attention
Everything is Alien
Luna appears
Radiating Bull horns
Like a crescent moon
Balancing on the horizon
Magically moving along
The plane of the ecliptic
Maybe for a millisecond
Crab Nebula
Sneezed the brilliance
That caused the most beautiful
That is you
Only the very lucky
Get to see
Black feather floating
Like a random propitious sign
From the heavens
I ******* love you
For showing me
Every forever is a
Second to enjoy
One Love

Wrote this to inspire the painting in the back ground.
Grace Spellman Jun 2018
lost in the music
lost in the sky
lost in the ocean
that lives in your eyes
//for my lovely e. although we’ve fallen apart- your name is still tattooed on my heart, my one love.\\
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
We are the lovers

We are the lovers; we are a dying breed.
We trust in love and we truly believe.
We are the lovers and we know what we need;
We need romance to be real, so we can set our hearts free.

Go have your affairs; we will stick to one love.
One heart for one heart, ‘til death do us part.
You are the parasites with poisoned tongues;
Leave love to the lovers, because worthless is all the love you have
And we pity what you are.

Leave the cheaters to be cheated out of an honest kind of love;
Their love is empty of feeling and they deserve nothing less.
We want true love and a relationship that is forward;
They want *** with anyone that they can get.

Their bitter love has a sour taste;
The idea of love has been left disgraced.
Love is pure and adultery is infected,
When wrapped around a ring-finger…

What a waste.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey May 2018
One, two, three.

It takes two people to find love.
One can’t find love alone and three is too many.
Two girlfriends would be nice, if they knew about and loved,
Me and each other;
But I can’t even find one lover,
So I cannot think about another
And as Bob Marley said,
There is only one love.
That is all I want.
I’m only looking for one.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Love is my nicotine

In a world of material girls, I don’t need a thing.
There is no possession I could not live without,
As long as I could still write and hear people sing.
Music is everywhere, so I know that people care,
But as for my things?  Money is not needed there.

Cigarettes, no alcohol.  My addiction is to you.  
Well, well, I am not well.
I need love and the stories that I tell.
I could happily walk in broken shoes if you were at my journey’s end.
If you were there until the end, I would walk until the end.

In a world so shallow and where Sponge Bob is so self-absorbed,
I only need one love, to be adored,
To drive me forward,
To inspire my need to write new words, or clarity thoughts.

Love is my nicotine; love is my sunscreen.
You protect me from me and my apathy.
If you love me always, then I will be happy in all ways.
If you hold me next to you this day,
I will drift away
And when I awake beside your smile,
I will begin again.
One step towards this endless mile.
This adventure together,
United by love forever and ever and ever.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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