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M Salinger Jul 4
Something happens for you
something changes,
a part of your power
a part of your abilities
a part of you

when you’re faced with truth,
and choice,
when moving from known
into uncertainty

and in the face of this
you lose a part of

The smoke
it hangs low,
a weight in my lungs
like the feeling in my soul

the forests
burn themselves,
and out of destruction,
the new growth is born,
like us

be born again,
let my love
nourish & caress you
scars and all

rise to the
when fear beckons

lay your heavy head
and tired mind
in my lap
and let your tears
of sadness,
and longing
flow in the space between my legs

let go.

and like that,
I will hold you
& show you the
promises I won’t

let me reveal
my inner corners
as you show me yours,
and prove to you
how tender I will be
with your delicate

resist the temptation
& give into me

make love to me.

lay your lips
on mine
& slip yourself
into the space
between my hips

let me show you
true ecstasy,
let the arch of
my back
show you what
words can’t

let our bated breaths
& escaping moans
be our solemn vow
that fear
rule here

let your fingers
get tangled in my hair
as your heart beats
against mine,
as a reminder of what
is ours

have courage
& fervour
to hold on,
when fear
taunts you to let go,
when it smirks
because the intensity
almost burns,
& your soul bleeds
and your bones ache
& your
will is

in these dark moments,
find strength in me

because something happens for you
something changes,
a part of your power
a part of your abilities
a part of you

when you’re faced with truth,
and choice,
when moving from known
into uncertainty,
when you’re
Graceful is her stride as she treads through the journey of life,
Peace lies within as she harbors solace among the mayhem,
Organic affection towards the world unbound she travels through the myriad of phases,
Embracing the unknown and entrusting the sovereign she persists fearlessly,
Effortless charisma engulfs her trance,
She is a woman warrior,
Defying the odds and living her ancestors dreams,
A raw glory to be seen.
See full collab on IG @solaceamongsolitude
D CoLe Apr 24
Tame me with the gaze of your eyes
       Shield me from the cold world with the
warmth of your smile.
Siyana Apr 21
Dirt Roads
Drunk Nights
Fast Cars
Mixed Feelings
I'm In Love...
Zack Ripley Apr 14
I miss how you used to laugh
And inspired everyone else to do the same.
I miss your fearlessness.  Your curiosity.
I miss how much you loved
to run and play games.
I miss a lot of things.
But what I miss the most is how pure you were.
Like the light from the midnight moon.
You were gone too soon, Innocence.
Prince Rin Apr 9
We seek out a new world
explore what we can
Find to creatures in the land
whether you be a woman or man
You dive headfirst into the challenge
Not prepared for what might happen

To find what was lost
and bring back home
just to study the unknown

Suppiles is limited so use it wisely
Time is percious
but don't rush

Be aware of what lurks in the dark
animals like we've never seen before
hidden deep with the ground

Some may hide out of fear
of what could be there
But in your mind
you say

"You never know until you get there"
living by your words

Even if it means
travelling to the darkess city
or a lost forest
even a cave no one has ever seen.

You do it for the fun
and for the rush
It's like a new adventure every day

"What's next?"
is what you'd say
AbdullaJabr Apr 9
You will always be to me,
Surrounded by a dark, black, flowing sea –
Its waves and textures enticing me.

For I, a sailor so obsessed,
My fascination with your ocean in unrest,
Has me completely possessed.
In a beauty so limitless,
From its roots to its depths.

I drown in it fearless –
Twalib Mushi Apr 2
I was on my zone
with weapon
My heart
hard like stone
stands like mountain
fighting alone
Being guided
with my inner
My body
never want to frozen

My story shall be told
When i am gone
A story of a very brave
and courageous son
Fight with  those left us to starve.
Aŧül Mar 27
Unread. I am a poem,
Read me. I deserve your time,
Heartless. Drop-in your heart for me.

Thirsty. Rain your love,
Feed me. I love your reviews,
Artless. All my words are so truthful.

Story. I am an unforgettable saga,
Narrate me. Retell me to your family,
Fearless. I become proud forevermore.
My HP Poem #1918
©Atul Kaushal
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