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could it really be
that all that was needed
was to hear a little
no doubt

to make me
remember who the *******
i was
all of this?

f e a r l e s s
Palms cupped in gratitude
Graced by the Guru my,
Heart runneth over
Aum tastin' like devotion to me
Adorned upon Shakti
Like a sari, sway fluid
I Deer Park it, dharmabomb,
Narayan, God Zeus it
Thunderbolts expressed through this vishuddha
Creative flow I weild like a sword
And touch samadhi like the largest *****,
Datz da 'skin' if you ain't knew it
I get nerdy like a student
And will spiritual Warrior ll it,
In the face of foolishness
Fearless the Path
I protect, and vow dat
Like a buddhist
Amanda Hawk Oct 1
As a little girl

The world was so large

Within my tiny hands

I spent my childhood

Under the table

Peeking out

From my fort of tablecloths and blankets

The world transformed

Into fantasy worlds and bustling cities

Within my eyes

So young and so innocent

That I wanted to grow up

Now, I am standing

In the middle of this vast world

It grows exponentially with your expectations

Now, I just want to make sure I make it to bed

Before the first alarm hits

Some days I want to crawl back

Under the table

Peek out from my fortress

See those fantasy worlds

Filled with so much possibility

Before reality consumed me

To feel so small, but so fearless

To no longer be limited by the sky
Aa Harvey Sep 25

Take a second to enjoy the moment.
Slow right down to find fulfilment.
Wait a while to see the change.
You could become spiritual and fly away,
Or remain lost, living life head on,
Accepting all comers, bring it on,
Show me what you got.
If you have anything at all.

Are you a wolf howling at the door?
Or are you Bambi?  Is that all you want to be?
Write a book on how to love.
Snap a paint brush when your work is done.
You are not all you have to entertain,
Relax your brain and find a new way,
Float on waves over the pain,
Then draw a line through the fear and win again.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aparna Aug 23
atop the jagged precipice
she fights;adorned with battle scars
slaying her demons
you know what I mean')
hybridstorm Jul 6
My heart tenses,
I look down,
the blackness is pouring out of me.
I am dying,
like I have many times before,
I wonder what I will be born at this time.
My face flinches,
this hurts.
I look up at fleeting stars,
I breathe in the light cold breeze,
I bid adieu to the black trees
and smile at the curios cat peering at me.
I leave,
not knowing much,
just knowing the fact that I will surely meet the ever-encompassing,
Life is full of challenges, you will make a fool of yourself regularly, learn to roll with it. Do not worry and waste your time, take action. Never give up.
Life is too short to focus on the negatives, accept and move on.
K E Cummins Jun 26
Be fearless.
Your voice was not made to be silenced,
And neither was your thought.
Give it tongue, give it volume, give it song.
Give it your lips and your teeth.
This is what you are to the world.
This is your truth, and your way.
There is nothing more precious than this.
Bite hard, never let go.
Published a few years ago as part of poetry collection for my university Womyns Centre. Thought it became relevant again.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 13
Don't let fears of the yonder
wreck your
Keep moving forward to the best of your ability. You may not be moving as fast as you want but give yourself the credit that you're still moving regardless...
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Brckworld Jun 12
Everything you wish you said
Could be everything she wanted to hear
Everything you were afraid to ask
Become the things you want to know
Everything you were afraid to do
Could be what you wish you tried
All that time you spent in your head
Wasn’t with her

When you’re worried about losing what you have, you miss out on what could be.
Live fearlessly. Without risk there is no growth, just a painful drift.
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