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Nupur Sep 10
Have no fear
When we are here
Have no fear
When we are so near

Dont get scared
Dont be afraid
Its just the situation
dont let that smile to be fade

Have no Fear
Its alright my dear
We are living in a world of change
Where you cant gauge who is going to leave or who s going to stay

Bloomy days are just around the corner
We celebrate with joy and laughter
have some patience and dont loose hope
there is no room for a deadly fear

Fear is in the head
let it be covered
step out speak loud
go out and discovered

Have no fear
do not shed tears
you will get what you deserve
There is a purpose out there
which you have to serve

Reach the mountains
touch the sky
broaden your horizon
and the limits are high
Fear is no where close to you
close your eyes and
take a leap of faith
which is inside calling you
Shining light was burning in burst
Shattered into dark colors
Made those stars such a liar
Shooting light through the darkness
Looking for forgiveness
Too reaching fantasy in fearless
It gave me nerves
To think about someone that never loves
I would like to be as brave and fearless as you.
I would like to be as open as you.
I would like to be as confident and calm as you.
Amira Aug 31
The 21st generation,
A generation of rebels and fools they say

Because we are,
A generation that crackle at the face of the odds,
A generation with emotions etched on their skin,
A generation that jeopardizes oneself to meet society’s standards ,
A generation that hardly express emotions veraciously,
A generation that depend on narcotics to filter the pain,
A generation of fabricated souls in grave need to fit in,
A generation willing to risk it all for the intense feelings of love,

Perhaps there’s hope for us
this unfathomable generation
because every cloud has a silver lining.

Bongani Aug 31
Strong and Fearless
You care
You are not careless
Always on point
You are not pointless
I guess
You were made to impress not to depress
Its a blessing that you are here to tear
Wrong leangerd i dea's
In love with your dressing coat
You look like Madea
So strict you strike fear
Always on top
If you were a cloth
You were going to be my top gear
I will never leave synaptic cleft cause I want you near
If i lose you
I will be broken and i will broke in tears
Peter B Aug 14
bloom without a fear
of turning into dust.

aren't scared to fly,
they don't know that their first day
is the last.

Dead man
is not scared to die,
the only future he's got
is his past.
Noor Khan Jul 10
She was fast, reckless
A state of fearlessness

She had it under control,
She had it all under control

There wasn’t anything that would stop her,
There wasn’t anything that scared her

She was, fearless

Oh, it’s a world of change,
Fast and pure,

Everything evolves,
So did she

She was stubborn,
But she was slow

She couldn’t wait for another tragedy,
She wondered if it was her destiny,

Was the world against her?
Or was her soul against her?

She wasn’t fearless,
She wasn’t fearless.
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