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Star BG Feb 20
Today I shall etch as sculptor
upon marble vellum tablet,
scribing with tool of pen.

Carving process moves within breath.
With sitting position of arched back.

Then, I shall  exhibit landscape in HP Museum.
Hanging its colorful masterpiece
in hopes it will be in front room.
Inspired by Kristy Thanks
Marianna Feb 18
I want to fall in love in an art museum,
and gaze at paintings,
and see myself through them;

                 dancing between the lines

       singing among the colours
CL McEachern Feb 13
From agony fell I, to listless dreams,
Forsaken moments, bleeding memories,
A forgotten web, pulling at the seams,
The burnt out star from Heaven’s treasuries.
Remembering the span of wings in flight,
The depth and breadth of oceans underneath,
Awakens sickly thoughts of human might,
With pins and glass to keep me from the heath.
The glittering of stars, I’ll never see,
I’m blinded, shackled, prisoner for life,
Impaled to wood, “This butterfly was free!”
The epitaph to nature’s bitter strife.
        And yet, by heaven, I think my charms rare.
        My beauty encased, nothing can compare.
I think a lot about pinned butterflies.
Maryee Jan 30
you were the artist
you needed a canvas
so I will let you use my body
only if you make a museum out of it
day at the museum
passing people
some with intent
who will notice
slight bow
eyes flutter
do you notice?
all while
black locks bounce
blending away
figment of imagination
Edith Leal Jan 20
You see
Former me
Would have done it all
For some company
And honestly
Even then
there was no guarantee.

I could never paint the perfect picture.
Our colors were breathtakingly beautiful
but they just weren’t the perfect mixture.
Our names didn’t roll off the tongue
They didn’t sound quite right in scripture.

But then there’s you
And our exotic hues were versatile
Let’s get lost in each other
Let’s stay here a while.
If there is no guarantee,
I hope you choose  to make memories with me.
I decided to take a trip on my day off
Rediscovering all the things that make me smile.
My place of work no longer work.
A small fee to a different world.
A world filled with all sorts of abstract color.
My favorite art museum, living & breathing.
A corridor of wide wall.
Different perspective of how eyes greet grin.
These marble floor emotions of how small I felt
Staring at these giant frames.
Perfectly sculpted lips
Each frame a memory captured for all time.
Me traveling down the corridor of your smile.
Our childlike sensibility
The truth of every display.
A hop and a skip away
Lost in liquid color.
How I've traveled The hue of your eye.
Displayed big and bright,
Decorated in frame and gloss.
The many times I've splashed around as you brought each color to life
as vivid as displayed.
For each glance a different story told
The tragedy of how we preserve time.
How soon we outgrow our former selves.
The moments that make the loudest sound.
Clay molds of your face
Smooth and round.
Every truth captured
Presented in constant space.
The burden of velvet rope
In restriction of how close we see ourselves.
Photo flash ban signs,
Dimmed lights to help preserve sensitivity
No running
All noise kept to a minimum.
This trip a reminder of how precious the simple things are.
Stepping back into reality
A long walk into how we use to be
What a shame
It is
To be beautiful
But bold;
Making you
Exquisite art
Too unique
And foreign
To understand,
And discarded

Do not settle
For a storage bin
When you deserve
An exhibit
In the National gallery
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
हामी चिडीयाघर बनाएर
स्वतन्त्रता कैद गर्छौ
संग्रहालय बनाएर युद्धका
बिजय, पराजय कैद गर्छौ
पहिलोमा जिवित
दोस्रोमा निर्जिव
यि दुइ बीचका हामी
कति जिवित र कति निर्जिब छौ  

संग्रहालयलाई चिडीयाघरमा राखेर
चिडीयाघरलाइ संग्रहालमा राखेर
रचिरहनु भन्दा
सबैले शान्ति निर्माण गर्न लागे
धर्तीमा बिजयका कथाहरुमात्र हुनेछन् ।
शैली : प्रेरणात्मक
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