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Trusting you
was the worst thing I could have done to myself.
Listening to you
was the worst thing I've ever heard.
Thinking of you
was the worst thing I've ever thought of.
Looking at you
was the ugliest thing I've ever seen.
Feeling you
was the worst thing I've ever felt.
Loving you
was the worst thing I've ever loved.
Leaving you
was the best thing I could have done.
At least at the moment.
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
the one
precious thought
unfounded possibilities
unimaginable imagined
unassuming figure
crushed perception
beauty hearts desire
with just a glance
deep stare etching
hearts scarred tattoo
touch so gentle
gentleman’s dream
turned upside down
heart falling echoing words
manipulative skill lonely girl
picture left behind
presentation of facts
keeping your secrets
trust yourself
trusting no ******* possess me
till out of sight
among my mind
pirouette effect
leaving me flat footed
starring at the same moon
you gaze upon
******* plots of love
alex Dec 2018
i am stuck in a glass box.
No I'm not a mime
and no I'm not Houdini
Though my legs are tied with chains I cannot seem to find the key to
Pulling me down behind metal doors and locks snapped shut
By my own doing, I am my own victim
The walls I’ve built above myself are now a sarcophagus I find comfort in
My grave dug deeper than the 6 feet recommendation,
The breathing space I have seems only to fill with water
The more I push away the help I crave,
The more I doubt I will get it.
With grave robbers visiting my tomb often
I am now use to the feeling of losing parts of myself I will not see again
Always being told from a young age to not give my whole heart away
But never fully listening
The iron gates I’ve built around myself
, impenetrable to those wanting to see in.
After the numerous moments I’ve wished id kept them shut
For those only wanting to take,
only give more reason to keep them locked.
Nathalie Nov 2018
You know if an experience is of your soul by the way it feels. There is a soothing awareness that calms any doubts and fears. You do not deny yourself the opportunities because you know it is presented to achieve a new level of mindfulness. You surrender to the offering by trusting the guidance of your heart. You open up and hear the inner voice that leads and discerns between the wants of your ego and the call of your spirit.

You realize that everything you attract is being granted in trust to the evolving and revealing of who you truly are. There are no mistakes only judgements and apprehensions hardened by lower frequencies and fear spiked beliefs. You are led by grace and when you tune in to its love and devotion for you, you relinquish the obsessive need to know everything before taking a leap of faith.

Karisa Brown Oct 2018
We connected...
I trusted her to see me today
It felt like I gave a piece
of my soul away
She's friendly and kind
I really like her style
I think she'll do just fine
I will work on trusting me
More now
FlipThePoet Sep 2018
I'm beginning to like this Sport.
Hockey girl.

I'm getting comfortable around you hockey girl
I'm getting use to the cold tryin' not to fold hockey girl
I'm learning how to skate, 'em chairs far away hockey girl
I'm not gonna lie, I do fall and fall again as I try to stand hockey girl

Oh what a game hockey girl
I'm a summer boy, l love grass and the cleats hockey girl  
I'm a gym boy, I rather do weights and do the jumpman hockey girl
I like to think I'm a sport guy but hockey wasn't mine hockey girl

Where I was born hockey wasn’t a sport hockey girl
Sometimes I would think "how can I learn a new sport at one and twenty" hockey girl
Back in the day I used to think hockey was white and not black hockey girl
Now I'm beginning to realize that hockey is black and white hockey girl

Sometimes the pads and apparel gets heavy and uncomfortable hockey girl
Learning a new sport can be tough hockey girl
I play to not get in the box hockey girl
I sincerely hope I don’t disappoint you hockey girl.
FYI: This poem goes to a good friend of mine
I just wanna say thank you as I share my mind
Amanda Jul 2018
Know I should be looking forward
Excited for what future will bring
I just can't get over you
Still jump when I hear my phone ring

I am sure you're walking straight ahead
Don't have time to turn around
I call your name, you don't look back
Hesitate, you don't make a sound

I have never felt so vulnerable
Or insecure, shaking with fear
In my eyes you are still a hero
Too trusting and naive to see clear

Doesn't matter how much you hurt me
I do not care what you say or do
Can't imagine being happy
With any other person but you
Written 1-26-13
Amanda Jun 2018
I hate myself for blindly believing
Every word you said
For following you unquestionably
Eagerly going where I was led

I hate myself for my naivete
Thinking that you would stay
Never saw your true intentions
Now they're as clear as day

I hate myself for foolishly trusting you
Giving you all of my heart
Never should have depended on you
When I was breaking apart

I hate the way I easily let you in
Watched you rip me in two
Most of all I hate myself for
Falling in love with you
Written 3-27-13

This is one about my first serious boyfriend but I feel the same way today about my second haha, except I left instead of the other way around. I am angry at myself because I did know the kind of person he was, to some degree, and instead of staying away like i knew i should we became close and i was head over heels before you know it. Four years later i see that people rarely change
Christopher May 2018
I'm questioning  me
To my understanding
To listen
To hear.
To comprehend.
The morality
Of reality.
Am I slipping through or am I phasing past?
Am I the first or just one of the last.
Together we fall, around sun and past the moon to our silence we withstand.

We aren't alone we stand United.
A force unbreakable
A veil inseparable
As you see
Broken we are
Stupid is we
No one said we were straight
We just contemplate
At our weight
At our fate
At out faith
Can we be
Can they change
From the error
Of our ways?

It's just us
No its them
They're the reason we can't think
You're the reason we can't trust
So who's to blame ?
Who's to claim?
The Shame
From their ways
That they claim
Was right
I can't change
Neither can they
Cause humans we are
We have all the flaws
No one was said to be the perfect
Not even in the eyes of God.
Sidetracked as this goes
This all goes with into one flow
The dead hideous
All hurendous , of course you can see
Are the out cast of this world
God I might hurl.
But the living is pure
They're as perfect as me
But why
Cause no ones as sane as the guy next to me
Cause they aren't as Holy as they seem to be
So dead as living and living as dead
Everyone's them
But the same in the end
This is where I (We) began and where I wrote.
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