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Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
pub magnolia
Friday night thoughts
remembering the dish
still dreaming of
savory eggs benedict
too many moons to count
the vibe
remains free
spirited bliss
fires raging here there
smoke is ******* **** up
IPA is tasty
sausage is spot on
smiths playing
forgetting the turmoil
air is so fresh now
young goddess
pan out
smart girl
so wonderfully pretty
the Cure love cats
classic moment in time
so fond of your smile
shine on
precious gift
Experimenting while having a drink and bite... the fun part was letting the young goddess read it as I was walking out. Poetry is one Love
Braxton Reid Sep 2017
Have I forgotten Autumn in a name?
Did I forget the warm blood in these icy veins?
Last year had I sung my last song on a floating memory?

Red leaves, red leaves
Falling trees, soon likened to me
Cool air on the breeze
Soothe voices that smoothly ease

Downed by the crack in the concrete
"I know its over" Morrissey sings
Oh mother,  I can hear my happiness coming back to me
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
Far and gone, how could it ever change?
And the songs played on and on.
This is what they are for.
Get you through life's gold and down pour.

Upon a nice day
the songs are a blur.
But when you need them
right from your heart where
they were stored they'll
caress, caress, caress you so.

And a pleasant voice so human
and genuine
guides you, lulls you, holds you, saves you.

In your room
now pacing and dancing
exactly where you were once crying.

Oh the hope
Oh the sound
Oh the words
Oh the music
How could you ever repay or thank or say
how much the songs, songs from a soul,
renewed you so.

Oh it's all a mystery,
but not the source, no.
The songs were your friends
when you didn't know where to go.
Mari Carrasco Apr 2015
Strange kids,
Even stranger circumstances.
Let's give this another go.
Let's finish this race and pray we don't collapse.
Take a shot in the dark,
Throw a dart at a blank bull's eye.

         ­                                       Please.
Let me get what I want.

AD Mullin Sep 2014
I stand before you, not as an expert, but as a concerned citizen.

One of the four hundred thousand people who marched in the streets of New York on Sunday and the billions of others around the world who want to solve our climate crisis.

As a poet, I pretend for a living. I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems. I believe that mankind has looked at climate change in that same way; as if it were a fiction. As if pretending that climate change wasn’t real would somehow make it go away.

But I think we all know better than that now. Every week we’re seeing new and undeniable climate events, evidence that accelerated climate change is here, right now.

Droughts are intensifying, our ocean’s are acidifying, with methane plumes rising up from the ocean floor. We are seeing extreme weather events and the west Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melting at unprecedented rates decades ahead of scientific projections. The scientific community knows it. Industry knows it. Governments know it. Even the United States military knows it.

The chief of the US navy’s Pacific command, Admiral Samuel Locklear recently said that climate change is our single greatest security threat.

My friends, this body, perhaps more than any other gathering in human history now faces this difficult but achievable task.

You can make history or you will be vilified by it.

To be clear, this is not about just telling people to change lightbulbs or to buy a hybrid car. This disaster has grown beyond the choices that individuals make. This is now about our industries and our governments around the world taking decisive large-scale action. We need to put a price tag on carbon emissions and eliminate government subsidies for all oil, coal, and gas companies. We need to end the free ride that industrial polluters have been given in the name of a free market economy. They do not deserve our tax dollars, they deserve our scrutiny. For the economy itself will die if our ecosystems collapse. This is not a partisan debate, it is a human one. Clean air and a livable climate area inalienable human rights and solving this crisis is not just a question of politics. It is a question of our own survival. But now it is your turn.

The time to answer humankind’s greatest challenge, is now. We beg of you to face it with courage and honesty.

Thank you
This is a slightly paraphrased speech given at the UN Climate Summit by Leonardo DiCaprio on 23 September 2014 in New York
AD Mullin Sep 2014
"Don't tell me the poets ... "

I write poetry that is both incorporated
And incorporeal ... and un and un and un
It is done

On the pad : and off

Hop - Lily

On the tailgate
In the truck
Boots on the ground
In the muck

Put on your Carhartt's
It's time to get *****
Even better

Grab your Old Man's work clothes
Finish the job
That He didn't want to start

Don't tell me the poets are ******* crying

We're living
And we're dying

Careful though
The warlords have come into the jungle and slaughtered before

But we live again
A little more angry
A little less wise

--> **** **** up, juveniles

Shoplifters of the world ...
Unite the left cause it's right and make sure you know how to use a compass cause we all have **** for brains
Eleanor Rigby Sep 2014
If I made a list of things
I would like to own
It would have
A garden on the roof,
Maybe a pipe that I wouldn't even use,
A collection of every Smiths' record,
A yellow bird that I would call Jules,
I'm not sure,
I could do with a bottle of Perrier right now,
Oh and my own house
Right by the sea.
I don't care about the order
I just know
That right on the top
It would have

Invocation May 2014
But I haven't got a stitch to wear
Oh music you're my love
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