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Faith 2d
Maybe all those closed doors

Maybe all those broken hearts

Maybe all those questioning why's

Are what lead me straight to you
I've written a lot of love poems, but this is the first one I have hope in.
Nov 10 · 74
I Lost You
Faith Nov 10
I had to vacuum up your spot today
And clean up the mess you made
But I didnt care because I loved you
And now I'll never get to see you
I should have petted you one last time
I wish this morning I had said goodbye
I wasnt ready for this much heartbreak
Who knows how long this healing will take
Rest in peace Boo <3
Faith Nov 7
When I take off my makeup
When I wash out my hair
When I change my clothes
Am I still beautiful?
Oct 19 · 201
Post-Game Lunch
Faith Oct 19
I fell in love with you
From across the table
Oct 4 · 241
The Problem
Faith Oct 4
I like a boy

His name is Zach

But the problem is

He doesn't like me back
Just something small and silly to hide my actual disappointment!
Sep 20 · 1.4k
He's Out There Somewhere
Faith Sep 20
Lips that have never been kissed
Hair that's never been brushed back
Cheeks that have never been caressed
Hands that have never been held

Yes, I know I dont need a boy
But it gets kind of lonely
These days I spend my time in wistful dreams
Sep 8 · 148
Sometimes Life Is Like
Sep 2 · 1.4k
I Taught Myself
Faith Sep 2
I taught myself to believe
That you were better than that
That you were not the guy everyone told me you were

I taught myself to believe
That you're mistakes were not the usual you
That you were actually really nice

I taught myself to believe
That you were a genuine boy
And when push came to shove, you cared about me

I taught myself to believe
That you were perfect
And that everything would be wonderful if I could call you mine

But after all that teaching
I learned that I was wrong
Now I'm stuck crying alone...
Faith Aug 29
I'm done lying to myself
Aug 24 · 317
It Makes Me Smile
Faith Aug 24
I love that song
Not because of the beat
But the day we found it together
Just trying to hide from the heat
Faith Aug 6
I'm falling for you
But you only see me as
Your sisters best friend
How do you deal with a guy that's way out of your league?
Jul 20 · 524
Faith Jul 20
i used your love letter to spit out my gum
Jul 4 · 193
American Honey
Faith Jul 4
Blonde hair
Green eyes
Fireworks shooting
On a humid July night

She was raised this way
Doesn't need all that money
She'll shine the brightest tonight
She's an American honey
Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!
Jul 2 · 141
Charged Slumber
Faith Jul 2
I find
A rhythmic beat
To the pounding
Upon my rooftop
And as the thunder shakes my walls
My thoughts fade
Into the darkness
Of the clouds outside
To see the other part of this poem, check out Antonyme's profile.
Jun 10 · 397
I Think Of You
Faith Jun 10
Every time I drink from that bottle you gave me,
I think of you
Every time I meet someone with your name,
I think of you
Every time I look at yearbooks,
I think of you

Every time I talk with my friends,
I think of you
Every time your best friend texts me,
I think of you
Every time I try to move on,
I still think of you
He's addicting.
And a clarification!! The best friend line sounds really weird, but it's not. His best friend is a mutual friend of mine who's phone number I have. It's just they were so close that when his best friend texts me I think of him. Hope that clears any confusion/suspicions!
May 19 · 410
Faith May 19
I'm good at making
Friends, but I'm even better
At losing them all
Faith May 18
Thank you
You might not realize it
But you mean so much to me
I only go because I know you're smiling face will greet me
Even though no one else likes me
Or talks to me
(Those people don't know my name after a year)
You never fail to be there for me
It might just be your small act of kindness
But it means the world to me
There's this one girl at my youth group who always asks me how I am and makes sure I'm okay. I only see her once a week but she is an incredible person. Thank you, Natalie!
May 4 · 276
Picture Perfect
Faith May 4
When I saw that pic
Of us, all I wanted to
Do was shred the thing
May 3 · 303
Faith May 3
Torn out
Tightly yet intricately woven
Pulled up high
Excessively washed, cleaned, and dried
Surprised it hasn't all fallen out yet
Apr 20 · 177
Crying Out
Faith Apr 20
I've lost who I really am
These chains that I've put on myself
The ones I thought would help
Have changed to powerful ocean waves

They're choking me out
So that no one else can hear my desperate screams
I put on mask after mask
Each one a poor imitation of that girl

The girl that would laugh
And enjoyed having fun
Not this one who cries in the bathroom stall all alone
So if you find her, let me know
I know this isn't my usual style of writing, but I couldn't keep it in, it just all flowed out. Thank you <3
Apr 19 · 197
Faith Apr 19
Doesn't it sting
Just watching them do anything
And oh how it hurts
Just to watch them flirt
He's the only thing I wanted
And by his ghost I'm haunted
The worst part is
One of my best friends is now his
I should be the one he loves
I want to be the one he hugs
Why does she get to have him
Tears are filling at the brim
My eyes are green
Is it me or him or her that's mean
I don't want to hate them
But I feel trapped in this pen
I hate myself for feeling this way
But it's not something I can just wish away
It's burrowed deep into my soul
Leaving a
Empty Hole
I hate jealousy
Apr 19 · 278
Odd, Huh?
Faith Apr 19
Isn't it just odd
That no one cares about me
Until I'm crying
Apr 4 · 179
Faith Apr 4
You say you want us to still be friends
But it doesn't seem like you mean it
After getting over the pain
I decided I'd believe it
But perhaps you only said that to spare my feelings
Looking at you I know I should have seen it
Watch, you'll start acting like you like me again
And then we'll both repeat it
I keep falling for his stupid game over and over again.
Apr 3 · 269
Ups and Downs
Faith Apr 3
How do we know love
If we've never seen pain
Or how can we enjoy sunshine
If we've never been caught in the rain
And how do we see beauty
If we've never seen bad
How can you have the best day ever
When that's all you've ever had
So when you're in the darkest place
Soon joy is what you'll face
Apr 3 · 417
Finding My Voice
Faith Apr 3
You pulled your gun
But I'll pull the trigger
You thought I weak
I guess that's what you figured
You were big
But now I'm bigger
Slowly, I'm standing up for who I am.
And fun fact, this is written about the same person that my poem "She Is" was written about. Obviously, things have changed
Mar 26 · 202
Faith Mar 26
Broken Heart
Broken Mind
Worthless Girl
Worthless Find
Waste of Space
Waste of Time
I don't know if I can live
Just one more time
Mar 20 · 544
I'm Not Okay
Faith Mar 20
"I'm fine,"
Is a lie
Because you left me
Dying inside
Feb 24 · 1.6k
I'm a Rock
Faith Feb 24
He's a fire
A burning flame of passion
But I'm a rock
I'm sorry, but I'll never catch
Feb 15 · 1.6k
Faith Feb 15
Ah, February
It is the month of love, and
Total rejection
Jan 30 · 1.2k
Faith Jan 30
Beating my head like a pounding drum
Not stupid, not dumb
Just numb
Nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs
I'm so done
It's grown to an awful hum
All I am is Numb
So much is going on right now that have worn out my emotions so much I almost can't feel them anymore
Jan 23 · 680
If Only
Faith Jan 23
Even though he hates her
She'll always love him
Jan 9 · 1.1k
Faith Jan 9
They see a girl, who
Is confident in herself
But really, she's scared
Jan 4 · 865
Faith Jan 4
In front of my eyes
My greatest fears arise
Everything I thought I knew
Has got up and flew

To far away lands
It's all slipping through my hands
Plans I had made
Are now beginning to fade

My already broken life
Continues to tear me up inside
This news has left me trembling
And now my life is crumbling
Lately I've received some pieces of big news after big news and I'm caught in the middle of a war between everything. The plans from a few years ago have been thrown out the window. Can I get some encouragement maybe?
Jan 3 · 824
The Cool Girls
Faith Jan 3
The cool girls curl their hair
The cool girls wear makeup
The cool girls wear tight clothes
The cool girls have boyfriends
The cool girls swear
The cool girls are thin
Why can't I be a cool girl?
Are you one of the "cool kids?"
Jan 1 · 478
Three Lines
Faith Jan 1
Making New Years Resolutions
Only seems to make me
Feel like I was terrible all year
Hopefully 2019 will be sooo much better.
God bless you, and happy new year!
Stay safe y'all.
Dec 2018 · 3.3k
Faith Dec 2018
Torn between two
Does he love me too?
I want to say all I want is you
As the day passes my struggles anew

My thoughts aside from them are few
My heart is not being true
I admit, it leaves me feeling blue
Yet they both make me feel brand new

Thinking about who to choose is all I ever do
Being near either of them sends my mind askew
They stick to me like glue
Unfortunately, nothing can help me choose…
Doesn't really apply to me, but I thought it sounded good and I liked it so... yeah :)
Faith Dec 2018
A girl with beautiful, golden hair                  
Waking up early and roasting my hair for days so they think it's pretty
Stylish clothes from designer brands
Saving up money for months to buy some stupid pants I don't like
A beautiful face
Using masks, scrubs, rinses, and lotions to look like this
Do you want me to go on?
Because trust me
This girl has so much pressure
That's not the real her
Dec 2018 · 901
Me and You
Faith Dec 2018
Hoping you will look at me
The way I look at you
Wishing you think of me
As much as I think of you
Praying you want me
As much as I want you
Dec 2018 · 259
A Stupid Poem
Faith Dec 2018
Sometimes all I want
Is to go home
Sorry this is so random. I'm sitting here crying like a baby about wanting to go home with my parents instead of stuck at my Grandma's.
Dec 2018 · 158
Faith Dec 2018
We fill up our lives
We can’t stand the thought of emptiness
We look at others who seem satisfied
So we fill up our lives
With our screens
We spend our days mesmerized by that vibrant glow
With money
Working days on end to be richer, bigger, fancier
With clothes
Walking around so we can receive shallow attention
And when we realize this is how we get rid of the emptiness
How full are you really?
Dec 2018 · 546
Faith Dec 2018
The feeling of not knowing what you’re writing
Because all of your feelings simply pour out the words
Dec 2018 · 391
Faith Dec 2018
I’m tired
Tired of the lies
Tired of the pretending
Tired of the acting
And the show that you put on
You try to cover up your darkness
When I already know what’s inside
You tell me of all the good things
And then you turn yourself around
I’m tired of the teasing
Tired of the persona’s
Tired of the hiding
Tired of secrets
I tired of being tired
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
Faith Dec 2018
I wish silence was a sound
Then my thoughts could finally be drowned
Dec 2018 · 880
Faith Dec 2018
If everyone wants me to be perfect
Why don’t they show me how?
Faith Dec 2018
If I want to plug in my headphones, I guess I'm rude
That doesn't make any sense
If I leak a tear, I'm being over-dramatic
Can I not have emotions?
If I'd rather read a book than hang out with everyone, I'm "emotional"
I don't know if I can deal with this anymore.
Sometimes I wish I was quiet all the time
So I wasn't expected to be loud
Dec 2018 · 492
She Is
Faith Dec 2018
She’s my sunshine
She’s my love
She’s my fighter
My inner peace, my dove

She’s my supporter
She’s my answer
She’s my listener
I couldn’t live without her

She’s my protector
She’s my inspiration
She’s my forgiver
Yeah, she’s a sensation

She’s my healer
She’s my new day
Without her
I wouldn’t be who I am today
This is dedicated to my best friend Mackenzie. I appreciate her so much so I wrote something for her
Dec 2018 · 134
Letting Go
Faith Dec 2018
I just want to tell you, I might be falling in love with you
I lay down and think of you, wake up and think of you
You are the person that is always on my mind.
I’m sorry, I can’t help it. You probably don’t feel the same way anyways.
I might leave you, but I can’t bear to lose you when you’re so close.
You’re a beautiful nuisance to say the least.
It’s truly disappointing we won’t be together
I’ve dreamed of being yours, but I just know it won’t happen
How can I let go when I’ve come so far?
But maybe it’s a good thing
Because my friends don’t always approve
There are so many fish in the sea, but do I dare throw you back in?
I spent so much time working for your liking
Your smile can bring me out of sadness and I yearn to hear your laugh
Why am I so obsessed? I’ve moved on before
Because you’re special; to me at least
Now you know it all
It probably won’t make a difference to you
You’ll just think I’m some kind of ******
You might cast me aside as nothing
But honestly
I need to let go anyways
Wow. That was pretty personal. I wasn't sure if I should post it or not, I was kinda nervous. I would appreciate some kind words cause I was very unsure of this spur-of-the-moment poem. Thanks!
Dec 2018 · 276
My Thoughts...
Faith Dec 2018
If I’m the girl that everyone likes
Why do I have hardly any real friends?
Nov 2018 · 863
An Explanation?
Faith Nov 2018
I don't understand
Because it's just not fair
I work so hard all the time
And there is so much stress for me
Constantly studying
Staying up late to do homework
That high schoolers do
And yet they seem upset when I get a B
And brush off all my A+
My sister get's a C and a pat on the head
Now can someone explain that to me?
Don't take this the wrong way; my parents love me and are proud of me, but I wish my work would really be appreciated...
Nov 2018 · 617
A Love Haiku
Faith Nov 2018
Like a new flower
Love might go unnoticed, but
It's bloom is gorgeous
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